I have worked with Kerry for a number of years, first starting as a Life Coaching client, and then completing training in Reiki and Shamanic Practice. Even though it has been (hands down) the most rewarding and life changing work I have ever done, it is not a straightforward or easy path, making Kerry’s role as guide, facilitator and trainer all the more vital. She holds you with the utmost love and integrity, whilst never allowing you to feel too sorry for yourself (haha). She adds fun and light and joy to some of your darkest moments and helps ground you in those times you need a bit of focus. Her vast experience in the field of energy work is an amazing asset to her school and her students – and I hope that she never stops adding more rays of sunshine and lightworkers to the world. May you one day be blessed by her work. Haux Haux.” – Tanya, South Africa.

“Kerry helped me heal and process my trauma at such a deep level. I worked on my darkest and deepest fears that were being held in my body, and began to uncover memories that had long been suppressed – but had been dictating the way I lived my life and behaved in relationships. I experienced a depth of stillness within me that I call true freedom – the sense of peace that I had been searching for my whole life! I learned how to love myself and how to forgive! ​I discovered how to unite my divine feminine and masculine energies, and I was shown the value of my true potential – my heart. I’ve never met anyone who works so specifically with the body, the emotions and the nervous system, and with such a huge open heart as Kerry. Her power to heal and transform people is unique.” – Charlotte, Namibia.

I can’t begin to express what this experience encompassed and meant for me. It was one of the most heartfelt, eye-opening, soul-soothing, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I felt totally safe, welcomed and appreciated in the group. I felt a deep connection with all of the women and very related with many of their stories. I was extremely moved and touched throughout the circle as well as totally uninhibited and free during the ceremony. I witnessed first hand that vulnerability is not weakness and that it is the most courageous thing we can do and best means of connections with others.

Kerry, I can’t express enough how grateful I am with you for facilitating this incredible, amazing retreat! I can’t honestly imagine anyone leading this as well as you did, as at home as I felt and as relaxed as I was. You are kind, caring, approachable, relatable, aware of everything and everyone. I could go on and on, but what I want to express is that a great part of this amazing, life-changing experience we all lived during the retreat was because of you. I left the retreat with a feeling of pure wonder for the world around me which is more than I could of ever asked for. I also found a deep love and acceptance of my inner self. – Mellory, Durban.