Trusting your Intuition

In preparing for the arrival of my little boy, I’ve been thinking about which essential oils I want to be part of our birthing experience – and for some time now I’ve been strongly drawn to 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli. If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that I work very intuitively when it comes to essential oils, but not having worked intimately with Neroli, I began doubting the intuitive pull I was having towards it and wondering why it was wanting to work with me (and my baby) at this pinnacle point in our journey. 🤔

On Tuesday evening, my hubby came home from his supporters antenatal class and woke me up to smell an oil blend that our midwife had given him for us to use from 38 weeks through labour. He was almost excited about it, and when he told me that it was a blend of 🌹Rose and 🍊Neroli, I couldn’t believe it. 🙌 Absolute beautiful validation of what I’d been feeling these last few weeks!!

It’s easy to doubt our intuition when it comes to making important decisions, especially when it involves others – but if you allow yourself to be open to the guidance that surrounds you, you’ll receive the validation you need. Be willing to trust yourself, being a parent will teach you this.

Rose and Neroli for late pregnancy and birth:

  • 🌹Rose – the oil of Divine Love, holds a higher frequency than any other oil on Earth. Opens the heart to let go and receive unconditional love. Rose is relaxing and soothing through times of intense emotions, and connects the mind, body, and spirit to the heart space.💗
  • 🍊Neroli – sometimes called the ‘anti-panic’ oil, it’s calming and relaxing properties encourage one to stay present in the moment and release emotions of powerless and self imposed restriction. Neroli also balances yin yang energies, allow both male and female energies to work beautiful together bringing forth transition and providing protection.🧡

What beautiful validations have you been given in moments of doubt?

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