Trust your intuition, you know what to do!

img_4023Good morning Lovelies!! 🌟 I took some time this morning to breathe and reconnect outside in my beautiful garden. 🌿🌺 It has been go, go, go for me, and as much as I love every minute, I NEED to take some time out and care for myself! 👌

Our message this morning, and for this week, ties in beautifully again with our crystal energy on Monday (passion). You’ve been asking for, looking for and praying for more happiness, more direction, confirmation of your thoughts and ideas..! Uriel comes to us this morning to remind us that we ALL already hold the inner wisdom that we so desperately seek, we just need to TRUST our gut, our intuition, our INNER TRUTH! 💫💙🙏🏼

Need a push to get you out of your head and stop overthinking things?? Ask Archangel Uriel to guide you in making decisions and taking action. Remember to be willing to work with him, after all, we make the decisions and take the actions to create the lives we live! ✨💙✨

Affirmation ~ “I am motivated to accomplish all that needs to be done. I am courageous and shine my light brightly for all to see. I am confident in my abilities”. 🙌🌟
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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