Reiki and Energetic Treatments

Reiki is a hands-on energetic healing modality. It was founded on the principle that every living being (person, animal, plant) has a life force, or energy / ki / chi / prana. It is through the harnessing and channeling of this energy that healing on many levels is possible ~ psychologically, spiritually, sexually, physically and mentally.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, including many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace, balance and well being. The actual act of Reiki, and most energy healing modalities, involves accessing this energy, holding and protecting it and channeling it through the practitioner. These energies flow from practitioners into the auras and chakras of clients, reaching the client on all levels of their being.

To learn more about Reiki, Auras, Chakras, and additional energetic healing therapies, head on over to my BLOG or check out my self-healing course, Elevate your Life, for a practical introduction to these topics (and more!).

Reiki – First session

Your initial consultation and treatment will include a full body (head to toe) energetic scan prior to your Reiki treatment to identify any areas of the body that may be off balance or blocked up, thereby causing any physical or emotional discomfort in the body.

Treatments can also include Chakra clearing and balancing, Aura cleansing, Hara balancing and Crystal healing, in supplement to Reiki This will be determined by the client and practitioner at the time. An in-depth discussion of any related issues and guidance to assist with the client’s sessions is also included.

You will receive a detailed follow-up email covering the discussion points, treatment findings and additional information and action plans to assist with balance and healing, and so that you can continue self-work.

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Cost: R650 / $75 (90 minutes)


Reiki – Follow up sessions

Follow up treatments will include a check-in and progress update since your last visit and treatments.

Treatments can also include Chakra clearing and balancing, Aura cleansing, Hara balancing and Crystal healing, in supplement to Reiki. This will be determined by the client and practitioner at the time. You will continue to receive detailed follow-up emails covering the discussion points, further findings anBook now buttond progress and additional information or action plans so that you can continue self-work at home.

Cost: R450 / $60 (45 to 60 minutes)


Reiki for Babies and Children

Reiki is both effective and safe for babies and children of all ages. The effects of Reiki on your baby will help your child to sleep better, have more energy when they are awake and reduces their stress levels resulting in a calmer baby.
Reiki benefits children of all ages improving their concentration, self-esteem, anxiety and assist with sleep issues and night terrors, and many more benefits. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any emotional or behavioural issues that your child may be struggling with and would like to know if Reiki can assist.

Cost and Duration:
Reiki treatments for babies and children under 7 years are 20-30 minutes long and cost R250 / $35 per session. Children 7 – 15 years, treatments are 30-45 minutes long and cost R350 / $60 per session. Adolescent (16yrs+) treatments are the same duration as an adult session and charged the same.Book now button



Reiki during Pregnancy

Reiki during pregnancy is very effective and benefits both mother and her unborn baby. It calms the nervous system of the mother allowing the foetus to be equally calm, keeping both the foetus and mom happy and relaxed. Reiki can help pregnant moms with exhaustion and fatigue, rejuvenating the body with energy where it is needed, easing physical discomfort, providing emotional support, aids the spiritual relationship between mom and foetus and can have benefits that support and ease delivery. Session cost is the same as an adult session. Book now button


Energetic House / Office clearings & blessings

As a qualified Reiki Master, I am able to clear the negative energy room by room inside and outside your home or office, removing the bad ki and replacing it with positive, spiritual energy filled with blessings to fill your home and a private safe space to create new lasting memories.

Spiritual energy comes from higher vibrational frequencies or guides and angels that watch over us all the time. Reiki practitioners connect with this good positive spiritual energy and bring it into the home during a spiritual house cleansing. When you ignore the negative energy it allows more negative energy to build up and this can impact all other areas of your life.

Through Reiki, I move positive healing energy through me into the space using Reiki tools, Reiki symbols and other energy healing techniques to get rid of the bad energy and replace it with positive energy bringing about balance in your house. By removing the unfavourable energy, the feelings of being unsettled in your home are removed.

Cost: Energetic house clearings are R1200 for up to 400Sq M (inside) per clearing. Office clearings start from R2200 depending on the size of the office space required. The cost includes my travel, materials necessary for the clearing and I cleanse the Aura’s of those living in the house (so both your friend and his house would be cleansed). 😊The reason I cleanse the individual as well as the house, is to ensure that negative energies are not brought back into the cleansed house, and to remove any energetic chords that may be causing the individual stress. I use a combination of Reiki, sound and sage smoke to clear the house. I spray throughout the house with an infused essential oil spray after the clearing to remove the smell of the sage (as it can be rather intense) and leave the house light and positive.

Energetic house and office clearings are offered in Sandton and surrounding areas. Clearings can be booked during the week, mornings only. Only available in Johannesburg, South Africa. Book now button



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