My services are offered as part of my practice as a Medicine Woman, Shamanic Medicine Teacher and Mentor, Energy Worker, Holistic and Transformational Coach, Teacher and Healing Practitioner are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual guidance. My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves, to commune with their Higher Spirit directly and to assist with grounded self-healing, balance and improved whole (holistic) health.

If you, or someone else, have a serious physical or psychological health concern, please visit your doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed medical practitioner, and make complementary alternative medicine part of a complete health care program. I do not diagnose conditions and never guarantee any healing in any case. I do not subscribe drugs and will not interfere with medical/psychological or pharmaceutical issues. 

The healing methods, guidance and workshops that I offer are practical, pleasant, natural and totally safe for anyone, and can be given along with any conventional or alternative treatment. In order for my services to be effective in your life there may be a certain amount of personal development and self-healing that is required. My healing methods work with the chosen tools (crystals, essential oils, singing bowls, tarot, etc.) and with other methods to assist you, and others, in facilitating your own healing.

My Principles for Teaching, Coaching, Mentorship and Healing Work

“True healing can only come if you are prepared to do the work!”

In order for true healing to take place, the spiritual or life lessons attached to the dis-ease, dis-comfort or illness need to be processed. This could mean childhood trauma, beliefs, and values that have been passed down to us from our parents (inherited judgment), events or situations that keep us stuck and, ultimately, neglecting to take responsibility for life and our actions. This may result in the inability for physical healing to take place.


Illness should not be resisted, but seen at the necessary pathway towards self-growth and empowerment. If we resist it, and only treat the physical symptoms, they will come back! Illness marks the end of a cycle; the old, yucky energy moving away, giving space to new loving, happy energy to move in. And why would you want to miss out on that?? So welcome it, breathe it in to your heart space, allow it, feel it, thank it for taking place and allowing you to learn, surrender to it and then… Let it go!

Code of Ethics

Do No Harm; Do Right
I strive to work for the highest good and empowerment of all concerned; to do no harm.

I will never advocate or express hatred or discrimination towards other people or classes for any reason.

Disclosure and Informed Consent
I strive to represent myself, my qualifications, fees, and advertising truthfully and authentically, and always gain informed consent before working with clients and students.

Client Confidentiality
I preserve client confidentiality under all circumstances unless otherwise required by law.

Professional Integrity
I strive to maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct in the metaphysical field, and never exploit, control, manipulate, or mistreat clients, colleagues, or anyone else; nor misrepresent data.

Professional Discretion
I strive to practice with full presence of mind, never practice beyond the scope of my training, qualifications, and abilities; uphold the right to refuse or refer a client if necessary; and never diagnose or prescribe unless legally licensed.

Professional Presentation
I strive to maintain a professional and orderly appearance of both my person and my practice.

Professional Boundaries
I strive to maintain professional boundaries with clients; and avoid conflicts of interest, over-familiarity, and sexual harassment.

Legal Conformity and Insurance
I strive to comply with all state and federal laws, and maintain Professional Liability Insurance where available for my practice, where applicable and appropriate.

Record Keeping
I strive to maintain clear, honest, and factual client records for a minimum of seven (7) years (or the time required by your specific state, where applicable and appropriate).

Continuing Education and Contributions to the Field
I strive to maintain a continued positive attitude toward life-long learning, and continued contribution to the field and to humanity, each in their own unique way.

Metaphysical Teachers, Trained Professionals and Educational Organisations
Any person who teaches according to my Principles, Philosophies, Methods and Courses, must teach with professionalism, integrity, insight, and respect for the higher good and benefit of their students.

Rights of Admission and Terms of Service

To maintain a high level of integrity and authenticity of my teachings and my work, I reserve the right of admission of any one person into my courses, mentorship programmes and individual-based work.

On the same note, as a lot of the work that we will do together is based on energy, personal development and vibrational expansion, you will be required to hold yourself accountable for your hourney. I will hold space for you and guide you through any healing that is required, but I cannot and will not do the work for you.

If I believe that our principles, ideals or personal/ professional philosophies are not aligned, or that our relationship is forming an unhealthy energy exchange, I reserve the right to discontinue our work together.

My teachings and course content are scared and valuable, and working with scared teachings one is required to respect the process of acquiring the skills and theories therin. As a practitioner and educator, a level of morality and ethics should always be upheld.

If you are enrolled in one of my courses, programs, or mentorships, and I believe that you are not;

– upholding a moral and ethical practice in your own learnings and/or teachings,
– being honest or authentic in your learnings
– not aligned with my own code of ethics, i.e. your own practices or behaviours go against my philosophies for safe and authentic practice,
– able to verbally or physically demonstrate a comprehension of the techniques and principles of the training, and reflect on the required knowledge of one’s own personal growth during our time together,

I reserve the right to refuse issuing a certificate and the title “practitioner” or “master/teacher”, where appropriate.

If I believe that your actions and/or behaviours in a physical (in-person), interactional (one-on-one), teaching, public and online (social media platforms) or community environments;
– violate my own Code of Ethics,
– misrepresent yourself and your practices,
– have to potential to be damaging to the integrity of The School of Energy and myself, Kerry Campbell,
– have the potential to be damaging to the reputation of The School of Energy, or myself, Kerry Campbell,
– put my work/ course content and programmes in a negative or in-authentic light,

I reserve the right to discontinue our work together with immediate effect. 

Additional Information

None of the methods that I use require tissue manipulation or massage, and does not ever involve undressing (with the exception of shoe removal), or sexual contact of any kind under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse this practice under the pretext of spiritual, holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported to authorities promptly.

Any information and personal details that are discussed during a session with myself is private and is respected with the utmost confidentiality. If any news of child or elder abuse is brought my attention at any time, this information will be reported in full to the authorities, immediately, without exception.

Please note that these sessions are for intuitive guidance only. I ask that you use common sense above all else in your decision-making processes. Do not make any legal or medical decisions based on information received. I am not responsible for decisions made based on these sessions.

Professional Services offered to clients
– Shamanic Facilitation, Mentorship and Energy Work
– Integrated Shamanic Couples Coaching
– Divine Feminine/ Sacred Masculine work
– Spiritual Counselling
– Transformational Coaching for Teens and Adults
– Shamanic and Metaphysical Healing Programs and Certifications

If you are unsure of any of the above outlined philosophies or services, please feel free to get in touch with me. I encourage and embrace questions about what I do and what I teach.

**The views and opinions expressed on my website, and all blog/ social media content, are my own. I am not affiliated with any one person or organisation. All views and opinions are expressed without prejudice.**