Intuitive Crystal Grief and Life Coaching

img_3991Crystals are such an incredible holistic healing tool and often bring us the much-needed support and comfort that we need during difficult times, but knowing what crystal you need can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

There are so many different shapes, sizes, colours, qualities and properties to choose from, so how do you know which ones to get? It can also become overwhelming when you pick a handful of crystals to take home, look up their healing properties but don’t understand how the properties relate to you.

How a crystal reading works:

As with tarot and oracle card readings, I use the divine messages and information received from your guides and spiritual support system, the Angels and the crystal Guardians to assess your current situation, your current energetic state and identify crystals that will aid you through your healing. I may use an oracle deck to acquire further clarity into the reading.
So whether you have a specific situation that you are currently having a hard time dealing with and would like spiritual guidance, or are interested in a general reading to assess your current energetic state and become more familiar with crystals and how they work for you, this kind of reading will offer you physical, emotional, and spiritual support and guidance.

This type of reading is useful for those who:
~ do not have easy access to crystals and crystal shops.
~ are interested in crystals but feel overwhelmed by the vast choices.
~ are seeking spiritual support and guidance through a difficult or traumatic time.
~ are suffering or recovering from illness, trauma or post surgery.
~ have purchased crystals but do not feel that they are ‘working’.
~ has questions related to the connection between their physical, emotional and energetic body.
~ are feeling uncomfortable in them self, but are not sure what the problem is or where the problem lies.
~ want to know more about the health and balance of their “whole-istic” bodies. ie. the state of their physical, emotional, mental and energetic body.

From the reading, you will receive a report including;
~ the list of recommended crystals (this may range depending on the information I receive) with images
~ an overview of the crystal properties and how they relate to you and your situation
~ recommendations on how to use your crystals
~ additional information and messages received during the reading (the findings, guidance, action plans, etc) so that you have this to look back on and use the information long after our sessions
~ Affirmations to assist you with healing and long-term positive mindset.

Cost: R440 / $44
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*NOTE: If you are in an area where crystal shops are limited, or feel overwhelmed purchasing the crystals I recommend, I am happy to arrange the purchase and shipping of the crystals recommended in the reading. Should you be interested in this service, please mention this when making your booking. 🙂 These costs are not included in the reading cost. **Please note: a 5% handling fee will be charged when paying via Paypal.**