Treatments and Coaching

Holistic health (and well being) is based on the foundation that our whole (being) is comprised of inter-reliant parts, and that when one of these parts does not function at optimum levels, it has an impact on all of the other parts. As complex beings, us humans are composed of layer upon layer of interconnected energy and consciousness.consciousness wherehumrestsIt is my belief that a healthy system reflects balance on all levels, and healing on one level will automatically create stability in the surrounding layers. Similarly, illness, dis-comfort and dis-ease create the imbalances.

Here you will find a brief overview of the holistic healing therapies and services that I offer. Everything that I share with you is based on balancing the mind, body and soul, and aim to assist you in feeling more integrated, balanced, lighter, relieved, relaxed and grounded after a session. Everything that I offer can be used in isolation but are often most effective when used in conjunction with each other and supplemented with self-work at home. The work you do is the most important treatment ~ I am only a tool to guide and assist you. Holistic healing therapies work by facilitating our self-healing power, rather than being an external source of healing.

My treatments, coaching and courses are available both on- and offline, whether you are in South Africa or in another beautiful part of our world. In most cases, I use a combination of treatments in a session but this is usually designed with you at the time of inquiry ~ whatever calls to you, I am here to listen.

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