Why does the word spirituality scare you?

spirituality-wherehumrestsWhat is it about the word “spirituality” that scares people??

I grew up with a very religious grandfather an atheist grandmother, but I never resonated with either of their beliefs. On the other side of my family, my Nan was religious but also very spiritual and taught me about Numerology!

I always called myself agnostic, despite not really understanding what the word meant but in this world it seems that we need to be able to label our beliefs in order to be accepted as having an opinion. I always knew that I was spiritual, open to the idea that there was a dimension other than ours where our souls existed, visited with us and communicated with us through our intuitive and sensitive abilities. I’ve always been spiritual, clairsentient, claircognizant and highly intuitive – this was labeled as impulsive when I was younger. The truth is that we ALL, every single one of us has the ability and access to different clairs (here’s a simple explanation of what these are), but for whatever reason there are MANY people still frightened, put off or even just have a misunderstanding about these words, whether because of inherited prejudice, bad experiences, societal pressures, misunderstanding or simple ignorance.

Before I get into what spirituality IS, I want to be clear on what it is NOT. It is not a religion. It is not a cult nor is it a conformist movement. It is not dark; it is not dangerous and it certainly is not an institution that brainwashes people (yes, someone has actually said that to me). It’s not woo-woo, voodoo, or whatever other silly names people give it. I’m okay with whatever people say about it because I know that the name calling mostly comes from a place of fear and my intention for writing this post is to educate! Educate every single person who reads this and to remind them that, whether you believe it or not, we are all connected, we are all etheric beings living this life together.

Spirituality and Religion.

I am still not religious but I understand and respect the theory of God. My personal belief is that God is whatever or whoever you want it to be. To me, God is Source, aka. Source energy, the Universe. The core of most all religions are built on a spiritual foundation, but religions are essentially man-made and so is, in my opinion, based on the opinions and experiences of man. I believe that Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi, the Torah, Mother Theresa, Buddha are all great ascended masters (spiritual masters), enlightened beings whose purpose on this Earth were to share their teachings of love, compassion, and gratitude.

So, what is Spirituality?

There are several ways, and more popular ways nowadays, to describe what spirituality is. Enlightened, Conscious, Esoteric, Transcended, Psychic, etc. You can get lost in the online black hole of search results around this topic.

To me, spirituality means;
~ moving out of a space of material concerns and living in the experience, being present in my life instead of just witnessing it.
~ living a life where I am conscious of my mental, physical, emotional, and energetic interactions and making sure that my thoughts, actions, emotions, and energy are authentic.
~ creating a space where my intentions are manifested.
~ living an intuitive life that comes from a space of love, compassion and gratitude
~ choosing a holistic lifestyle and being energetically connected to my spiritual support family (my higher self, the Angels, Archangels, Great Ascended Masters, Earth energies), and attune myself to the guidance and support provided by them.
~ knowing that I create my reality, I attract energies (things, people, situations) that are a match with the energy that I am putting out.

This is a very simple summary of my beliefs, and I know that this philosophy of mine may not resonate with everyone. But that is the beauty of this topic – everyone has their own beliefs, their own opinions, and their own truths. My truth may not necessarily be your truth!

I encourage you to be open enough with yourself to identify what it is about spirituality that scares you, to explore this topic and to develop your own truth about it. Who knows, you may be surprised.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. xx
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  1. Nicely said!

  2. Love love love, nicely put, very relatable

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