Self-Love Sauna Combo: Release negativity and feel energised.

essential oils to release negativity Happy Saturday Beauties!!🍉If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know that I regularly like do a total MBS (mind/body/soul) detox and cleanse in the sauna at my local gym!

💦Getting rid of excess and negative energy is so essential for whole health.💦The last few times I’ve gone, I’ve taken these three beauties to assist me with the flushing and removal of unwanted energy gunk, and I’m absolutely loving how energised I’m feeling afterwards (usually I get a little sleepy with a mild headache).🌿

💧Breathe opens my passage ways and assists the releasing process,
💧Balance keeps me grounded and connected to Earth, directing the flow of energy toxins out of my body,
💧and Clary Sage helps me release any self-limiting beliefs and opens me up to new ideas and possibilities! 💗

While I’m cooling down, I use Grapefruit eo which reminds me to appreciate, love and accept my physical body ensuring that my relationship with myself stays positive!
💗So how do I use these in the sauna?? I simply take a facial tissue, fold it in half and then in half again, dab a little oil from the dropper of the bottle onto the tissue – Breathe, Balance and Clary Sage together (next to eachother on the tissue) and simply place it next to you in the sauna. The heat from the sauna will disperse the scent into the air around you.

🌿Want to know more about my MBS Detox and Cleanse?? Check the original post here.
🌿Do you have a self-love ritual that you take time for? 🌿
🌷Love & Light, Kerry. Xx

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