Sacred Space: What is it & why it’s so important to have.

Happy Monday, Lovelies!
Today I want to chat to you about Sacred Space ~ what is it and why it’s so important to have.
precious-1432335_1920You deserve something special, dedicated to YOU and your self-healing during this journey! Having a sacred space not only transforms part of your environment into a sanctuary for you, but it gives you a place to visit every day, where you can turn off the noise of the World, and focus inward, on YOU, and what you need.

Now, a sacred space doesn’t have to be crazy! (Yes, I have an entire room dedicated to this now, but I started with just an incense burner and a chunk of rose quartz at my entrance table. I made a point of burning a stick of incense every day, quietly watching the smoke rise and feeling my stresses melt away, even if it was only for those 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes were a symbol of the importance of taking the time I need daily to feed my spirit and acknowledge my self-worth – little did I know at the time about how significant those incense sticks would become later! 😉

Your sacred space can be as simple as a chair in a quiet corner of the house. It could be a notebook or journal if you are someone who likes to document your progress and channel your thoughts through writing. It could be the top of a dresser where you display different house plants and perhaps a few special things from nature that make you feel grounded and at peace. It could be a small sewing box that you keep your small collection of healing crystals in. It could be a drawer in your desk that is dedicated to your essential oils or personal development books. It could even be the bath, or your bed…

The key with this is to dedicate some type of quiet space, object(s) or area (away from your computer, phone and the TV), solely to your emotional and spiritual wellness and self-healing. Visit your sacred space for at least a few minutes, each and every day.

Take these few minutes to quiet your mind and check in with your Spirit…How are you feeling in this moment? What do you need in this moment? What are your grateful for in this moment? This gives you a safe, loving, non-judgmental space where you can find your centre, connect to your Spirit (or Higher Self), and release the stress, tension and negative energy that you have accumulated throughout the day. I also often take these moments to say thank you to the people in my life, my guides and spirit family, nature and the Universe for its love and support.

By visiting this area daily, you are acknowledging that your wellness is WORTH YOUR TIME, which is a necessary part of having a successful self-healing practice. Over time, your sacred spaces will change, and morph with your practice. Have FUN with this!! 🙂 🙂
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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