Some Valentines Day wisdom from the Romantic Fool

Valentines Day_self loveHappy Valentines Day friends!🌷

While you’re out reminding your loved ones just how much you care for and cherish them today, don’t forget to remind yourself!

There is no deeper love than the love we hold within us.

Welcome the Romantic Fool into your heart today, and enjoy the delirious intoxication that he brings to your senses, allow him to transform the grey of life into brilliant colours! 🎨When love is in your heart, you will see the goodness in everything.

Remember that no matter where the Romantic Fools arrow strikes, this is not the true source of your happiness, rather it is a mirror for the igniting of deep self-love in YOU! And that’s where genuine contentment lies.

Fall in love with yourself today, and you just may fall in love with life!!
Kerry. Xx
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