Love Languages for Kids – Words of Affirmation

Each child has their own way to feel loved, and to give love back to others.

Identify the love language of your Little’s and strengthen the bond with them by ‘speaking’ their language. Helping to understand how your child speaks love will encourage a healthy relationship within the five different areas, which will come in useful in their own relationships as adults.


If Words of Affirmation is your child’s primary (or even secondary love language) they thrive off written and/or spoken encouragement. They will often tell you that they love you, compliment you, and/or write you little love notes.

Does your child speak the language of ‘Words of Affirmation’?

What are some of the ways they display this?

Things to encourage:

– praise

– awareness of tone (when speaking), as they will be sensitive of this

– active listening

Things to avoid:

– use of harsh words (stupid, disappointed, brat, etc)

– over-complimenting

– assume they know that you love them without telling them

Ways to ‘speak’ their language:

– Say “I love you”

– write them little notes for their lunch box

– reinforce positive encouragement with sayings like, “You’re doing a great job” and “don’t give up, I believe you can do it!”

– Smile and laugh together

– Sing together

– Write a secret note on the bathroom mirror

– draw a family portrait together and hang it proudly somewhere visible

– speak in a kind tone

– if they upset you or do something wrong, take a breath and communicate with them that it’s okay and that you need a minute to cool down

– create a secret love signal, word, or song between you and your child

– make a thank you card when they do something special for you

Next, I’ll share some tips on Acts of Service, so don’t forget to follow along and share with a Mommy friend who’d also like to follow along and discover their child’s love language.

Kerry. Xx

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