An introduction to the Law of Vibration

“I’ve tried manifesting. It doesn’t work.” Sound familiar?

law of vibration and attraction

We live in a time where the teaching of the LOA (Law of Attraction) is no longer a subject of the occult, but rather something that is pretty commonly followed, and widely available, for those who are looking to understand how to create success in their life, looking to understand how they play a role the life that they have created, as well as the role that they play in their own wellbeing. A lot of the information out there can either be completely overwhelming or not particularly useful in how to practically apply this Universal Law into one’s own life.

And there is a very simple reason for this.

The LOA, a fundamental law that is paramount to bringing into your physical reality all that you desire, whether this be a more balanced and healthy version of yourself, overcoming a mental illness, a new love, a new career, a car, more money, pregnancy, a holiday, or even a best friend – is the SECOND Universal Law. The Law of VIBRATION precedes the LOA, and in order to fully understand how to be in perfect harmony with the LOA, we first need to understand the Law of Vibration.

Another idea to be confused about? Don’t worry – I got your back!

You already know that you are so much more than your physical body. You already know that you are made up of energy, you are an energy being, just as everything within your environment (internal and external) is also energy – trees, water, thoughts, emotions, actions, houses, money. Everything is energy, and all energy has a specific frequency (or level) that it is vibrating at. Whether it is moving so fast, vibrating at a frequency too high for your physical eyes to see (air, light, and sound come to mind) or vibrating at a frequency so slow that it becomes dense and physical in form (hello body!). Now, your emotions are energy too – the more elated and joyous you feel, the higher the vibration of that emotion, and visa versa. And your emotions influence the overall vibration that you are operating at, every single day. The more positive and elevated you feel, the more you focus on uplifting and exciting projects, the better you feel about yourself, the higher your overall vibration becomes. And this is what the popular term, ‘raise your vibration’, is based around – doing things, thinking things, feeling things and talking in a way that will heighten, or amplify, your vibration.

If you are still a little unsure about this idea – here is an older post I wrote on the Energetic Body

The Law of Vibration says that everything that you want, desire, dream of having, creating, doing, and achieving is vibrating (much like yourself) at a specific frequency (or a vibrational level). In other words, in order to attract and receive what you desire (the LOA), you must first put yourselves into that vibrational frequency of that thing you desire.

Now, your body is the tool with which you use to take action towards attracting, but your body also only responds according to the vibration that you are in. If you are in a low vibration, you are going to attract more low vibration things, situations, and energies into your life, whether or not you are putting in place actions to change your current situation. For example, say you are working to pay off your debt and every day you are doing things to change your circumstances. As part of this, you may be saying affirmations that go something like, “I am free from DEBT”, “I am so grateful that I am paying off my DEBT”, or “I am so grateful that I no longer have to worry about DEBT”. DEBT in itself is a low-vibration energy, so by you continuing to focus on debt, whether to be in it or free from it, your energy is still focused on the DEBT, so your body and the LOA will work to bring more of that into your reality. If you had to turn this example around and focus on say increasing your finances, or getting a better job that earns more money, or being open to multiple sources of income which will improve your situation – you begin to align your vibration, and actions, with the very thing that you desire. Make sense?

So remember, when trying to understand why you aren’t getting what you want, manifesting works in two steps:

The Law of Vibration – understanding the frequency that your desires are vibrating at, as well as your own vibrational frequency, and the gap between the two.

The Law of Attraction – are the actions that you take to bridge that gap and produce results, i.e. what are you doing to move into that frequency to become aligned with the frequency of that which you desire, and then receiving it.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction is a topic that is explored in depth in my 4-day Self-Mastery workshop, specifically focusing on using these two Universal Laws to break through limiting beliefs and reprogram the mind and how to implement them into your everyday life. If you would like to learn more about this, and how you can use it to truly re-write the rules of everything you have ever been taught to think, feel, and do… then check out my new program – BLOOM: A 4-day Self-Mastery Workshop.

You are constantly given the opportunity to change what you don’t like or want, and get your vibration into that same frequency of whatever it is that you do desire. All you have to do is take action! Are you committed to yourself?

Kerry. xx

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