~Holistic Parenting: Hunting silkworms.~

When I’m not working, I’m a momma. Teaching my girl how to stay grounded and connected, to herself and her world, is as important to me as the wellness of any of my clients. 🌿💕

Part of being a momma (to me) means hunting down something that brought me pleasure from my childhood so that she can experience and learn from it as I did ~ finding different (holistic) ways for her to connect with her home and Earth. silkwormsThis past weekend, that meant hunting down silkworms 🐛😆
These little specks on the leaf are going to grow big and fat, build cocoons around themselves, emerge as pretty white moths, lay eggs and hatch as more little specks… and so the cycle of life continues.

My girl can be far too wise beyond her years, very profound and deeply philosophical, but she’s equally as much a nature baby and loves nurturing (people and animals alike).
She loves to understand HOW things work, she doesn’t want to just be told – so for her to watch this life cycle happen means more to her than simply keeping a pet, and better than any classroom can teach her.
The sheer excitement on her face made it so with it!! 😍💫

In today’s tech-heavy world, too much screen time can leave littlies with a little sensory overload. This is far too over perceived as irritability, hyperactivity, and lower attention spans. Allowing our treasures to make mud pies, climb trees, watching the ants (or worms) crawl about and collect treasures from the garden, beach, park will keep them grounded and balanced. 🌳🙌💕

Happy children = happy momma!!! Happy momma = happy home 🙏🏼💜 what things from your childhood do you love doing with your kiddies?
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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