Meet your Guide – Day 5

Ready to take the leap and dive deep into the Tarot, really explore your spiritual path with this powerful tool for self-healing and personal development, and become certified?

so hope you’ve enjoyed this workshop! I look forward to seeing you very soon! 🙂 Here are your last two prompts:

Day 5, Prompt 1 – How can I continue this connection with you? 

Day 5, Prompt 2 – What final message do you have for me?

Remember to use your intuition and the quick keyword reference guide provided in your Guidebook to help you understand what your Guide is trying to communicate with you. If at any time you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or frustrated, take a step back, take a few deep breaths, ask your Guide (and Spiritual Support system) to help you interpret and understand the message coming through, and try again. Use your Pendulum for clarity by asking yes/no questions to gain further understanding.

And most of all… HAVE FUN!! 

Having trouble interpreting your reveals? I encourage you to persist, take breaks in between if necessary, but really try flexing your own intuitive muscles! It’s GREAT practice for your Tarot Reading skills! However, if you find that you are really stuck, tag me in your posts and I’ll be happy to help you understand what your Guide is saying to you.

I’d love to hear how you LOVED (or hated) this workshop, found it super valuable and couldn’t believe the communication channels that opened between you and your Guide! If you’d love to send me a few words of feedback, click here! All feedback is SUPER appreciated and allows me to continue sharing my passions and educating the world!

Kerry. xx

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