Meet your Guide – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2, Babe!

How did you get on yesterday? Did you discover who your Guide is and what kind of guide they are? How did you feel initiating this conversation with them? Be sure to journal or keep a note of all these experiences that you have over the next few days, they may not seem very big or mind-blowing right now but I guarantee you that when you look back, you won’t believe how much progress you have made and how much more enhanced your intuitive senses have become! It’s only when we look back at our journey can we truly notice our progress – so write EVERYTHING down!! You don’t want to forget anything. 🙂

Have you been sharing your reveals on Insta or Facebook? I’m doing this workshop with you, Gorgeous, and I’d love to see your story unfold! So don’t forget to tag me @wherehumrests, so that I can come and show you some love.

Now, you might be asking, “well, if you created this workshop and have connected with your Guides before, why are you doing it too?” The answer is simple! Our Guides are always changing – yes, we may have Guides who stay with us our whole lives, but we always have a Guide, sometimes more than one, working with us through every aspect of our life! So I LOVE finding out who is working with me and how I can work WITH them to better my life, and, indirectly, continue to enrich the lives of others! (And, in case you hadn’t noticed – I’m kind of a nut about personal development and self-mastery!!)

Working with your Guides in this way will also help you develop and enhance how you work with and interpret the Tarot. When working to understand your cards, think about how the cards make you feel, what does the card ‘say’ to you, what is it trying to tell you? What is your Guide trying to tell you? Does your Guide have a sense of humour? Are they serious?

Your Tarot journey is a very personal experience, and there really is no better way to get a head start on it than by developing your own interpretations before seeking ‘traditional’ interpretations. Granted, the simple interpretations that I have provided for you in the Guidebook are more holistic in nature, but they offer a good foundation from which to build your practice… and with the Tarot, practice really is the objective here! The more you work with your Tarot, the more comfortable you will feel with it.

Okay, back to the workshop 😉

Today is not going to be as content heavy as the previous two days. You can breathe a sigh of relief! Yesterday was a LOT to take in, but I want to give you as much info that you can work with to make this exercise both FUN and VALUABLE!!

From today, you’re going to start exploring the more in-depth details of the relationship that you have with your Guide, and you are going to focus purely on the conversation with them – understanding both why they are working with you, the nature of your relationship, and gaining some insight into your own Life Purpose – how exciting!!

Don’t forget to check out the bonus content below your prompts.

>>BONUS TIP – Understanding “Dark Cards” from your Tarot Deck <<

Let’s dive in!

Day 2, Prompt 1 – Why have you chosen to be my Guide?

Understanding WHY your Guide is working with you will give you valuable insight, not only into the relationship between you and your Guide but will also give you valuable insight into your life – perhaps you have been working through a particularly difficult time and your Guide is there to offer you support and love and reassurance. Or, perhaps you have embarked on a new career, one that you don’t yet feel particularly comfortable in as you have a whole new skill set that you need to learn and apply – your Guide may be working beside you, showing you the way and helping you master those skills so that you can achieve all of the success you desire!

Day 2, Prompt 2 – What is the nature of our Relationship?


Finding out the nature of your relationship with your Guide can deliver some truly special ‘a-ha’ moments! You may find that your deceased mother has sent them to stay beside you and keep you safe. You may find that your relationship is a karmic one, someone you’ve worked with in lifetimes before, or it may even be someone who used to visit you as a child and they have become your spiritual advisor!

Day 2, Prompt 3 – What do I need to know about my Life Purpose?

Understanding your Life Purpose/Path can answer many questions about yourself that you may have been wondering or even asking. You have in the past asked in prayer to be shown your Life Purpose/Path, or asked if you were on the right path – well, today is your day of gaining some clarity on this subject. Be open, and be open-minded, when asking this questions – and try not let your ego get in the way of the interpretation. Sometimes we receive guidance that we don’t particularly want, or we get something we weren’t expecting. If this happens to you, remember that your Guides are here to help and make sure that you are loved and supported along your journey, so if you find the guidance to this prompt a little disappointing or completely different to what you are currently doing in your life, or you thought you were on the right path but your Guide has something else in mind – take it as a little nudge from your Guide to move onto the right path. It’s normal throughout life for you to sometimes stray from your path, distractions can teach valuable lessons, so long as you don’t get too distracted and find your way back (but then, that’s where your Guides come in! ;))

Remember to use your intuition and the quick keyword reference guide provided in your Guidebook to help you understand what your Guide is trying to communicate with you. If at any time you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or frustrated, take a step back, take a few deep breaths, ask your Guide (and Spiritual Support system) to help you interpret and understand the message coming through, and try again. Use your Pendulum for clarity by asking yes/no questions to gain further understanding.

And most of all… HAVE FUN!! 

Having trouble interpreting your reveals? I encourage you to persist, take breaks in between if necessary, but really try flexing your own intuitive muscles! It’s GREAT practice for your Tarot Reading skills! However, if you find that you are really stuck, tag me in your posts and I’ll be happy to help you understand what your Guide is saying to you.

Kerry. xx

BONUS TIP: Understanding “Dark Cards” from your Tarot Deck

Now that you’re diving deeper into interpreting the messages that your Guide is sending via your Tarot cards, I wanted to share a quick article that I wrote on some of the cards that can seem ‘dark’ or intimidating in your deck, like Death, The Tower, The Devil, the Hanged Man, the Three of Swords, and so on. At first glance, also depending on the illustrations, these cards can seem a little frightening, but I promise you that they are in fact the complete opposite – they simple offer you a lesson that relates to a project, situation, or period (cycle) in your life.

Click here to read the full post that I refer to above, and feel free to reach out to me if you still have any doubts about these cards. Remember, if you feel triggered by something – have a look inside yourself and understand what triggered you, and why it’s trying to get your attention.


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