Meet Your Guide – Day 1

Hello Gorgeous Soul!!
Welcome to Day 1 of your Tarot Workshop. Are you excited to get stuck in and discover who your Guide is working with you in your life right now?!?

To kick things off, there is quite a bit of content to get through today, however, it will all be in bite-size chunks for you to process bit by bit! Using the Tarot for the first time can seem overwhelming and I really want these next 5 days to be as fun and exciting as possible, and an easy introduction to the Tarot for you!!

Today, I am going to walk you through:
– How to Cleanse, Shuffle, and Draw a card
– Working with two Guides
– Identifying your Guide and starting the conversation
BONUS TIP – Taming your Monkey Mind: how to know when you’re actually receiving an intuitive hit.

Are you ready to jump in, Gorgeous? Let’s Go!

Today is about exploring an introduction between you and your Guide – identifying who they are, getting to know them a little, and what kind of work they do as a Guide in the spiritual realm.

Prompt 1 – What Kind of Guide are you?

For the first prompt, you are very simply and confidently going to ask your Guide, “What kind of Guide are you?”

Then, match the card you pulled against the Prompt 1 Resource (below) to identify what kind of Guide you have! It’s that simple 🙂 Remember, if you pulled two cards here, you would repeat this process for each Guide.

Instructions to kick off the first prompt;
– prepare yourself as you would for a normal card reading
– shuffle your deck and state your intention for the card you wish to reveal, e.g. “I ask to learn what kind of guide you are” OR “What kind of Guide are you?”
– when you feel inclined and ready, pull one card to reveal the message received.
– Use the resource below to understand what kind of guide has come through.
– Use your other decks/pendulum/intuition for further clarity if needed.

Remember to keep a journal/notebook with your results each day so that you can look back on the conversations and intuitive hits you receive, and post your discoveries on social media so that I can share your journey with you and offer assistance along the way (if you need it)!! Remember to use the hashtag – #MYG2018 so that I can find you and give your post some love! <3

Prompt 1 Resource – Identifying your Guide:

Once you have established what kind of Guide you have and are comfortable with who they are, then move on to the next two prompts for today which will give you further insight into understanding your Guide.

Prompt 2 – Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

This particular prompt will come in handy if you have discovered that you are working with a Professional, Personal, or Ancestral Guide. By asking them to tell you a little more about themselves it may help you more easily understand them and make the connection, i.e. a grandfather who has passed, a best friend from childhood who passed when you were younger, etc. Look for cues and keep it simple – once you have a few keywords, you’ll be able to look and the complete story.

Prompt 3 – Can you tell me a little about the work that you do on the other side?

Understanding what kind of work your Guide does in their dimension will offer you some insight into why they are working with you now at this stage in your life, or why, for example, they are a life-long Guide. Tomorrow, we’ll start exploring the reason for them being your Guide – but for now, enjoy getting to know your Guide and who they are! This will offer valuable insight into your journey, especially if they are only work with you periodically!

Remember to use your intuition and the quick keyword reference guide provided in your Guidebook to help you understand what your Guide is trying to communicate with you. If at any time you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or frustrated, take a step back, take a few deep breaths, ask your Guide (and Spiritual Support system) to help you interpret and understand the message coming through, and try again. Use your Pendulum for clarity by asking yes/no questions to gain further understanding.

And most of all… HAVE FUN!! 

Having trouble interpreting your reveals? I encourage you to persist, take breaks in between if necessary, but really try flexing your own intuitive muscles! It’s GREAT practice for your Tarot Reading skills! However, if you find that you are really stuck, tag me in your posts and I’ll be happy to help you understand what your Guide is saying to you.

Kerry. xx


BONUS TIP: Taming your Monkey Mind

Hey Gorgeous! Just a quick note on a question that I often receive about how to know when you are actually having an intuitive hit (understanding what a card means or understanding the message) and when it’s just your mind ‘making noise’.

Our brain is almost always occupied by busy thoughts. Sometimes we can misread our busy thoughts and perceive them as physic or intuitive information. This is called “The Monkey Mind”, and The Monkey Mind can often pop up during intuitive work, and during meditation, and when reading your Tarot – especially if you are a beginner!

Spending time with your cards and quietening your mind is one of the best ways to grow your intuition and Clair Centres. Many people refer to Clairs as ‘gifts’ and ‘psychic centers’ – I prefer to refer to them as intuitive centers, as we all have the ability to tap into these difference centres via our intuition. It is also my opinion that they are abilities that we can all develop and become in tune with, as we ALL have the ability to tap into these energies.

If you’re not familiar with the different Clair centres, or which area you are more dominant in, sit with your cards, ask your guides a question, pull a card and be aware of any responses/feelings/sensations in your body/emotions/thoughts/images that come up in response.

The more you practice this, the stronger and more prominent your dominant centres will become.  Personally, I receive hits in different centres for different purposes (personal/with clients/biz related, etc.), but often a repetitive message/thought/image/emotion is a sure sign that it’s an intuitive hit.

Here is a simple explanation of the different ‘Clairs’:
Clairvoyance (sight) – an intuitive ability to see clearly
Clairgustance (taste) – an intuitive ability to taste clearly
Clairaudience (hearing) – an intuitive ability to hear clearly
Clairorfaction (smell) – an intuitive ability to smell clearly
Clairsentience (feelings/emotions & physical sensations) – an intuitive ability to feel clearly
Claircognizance (knowing) – an intuitive ability to know clearly.

Here is a great video also explaining how you can practice calming and quieting The Monkey Mind, so that real intuitive information can be received, perceived and interpreted.

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