Transpersonal Crystal Healing Certification Course


Transpersonal Crystal Healing CertificationIn Holistic Healing, the tool is not the focus, it is, rather, how we use it to promote balance and wellness in ourselves, and in our daily lives. Transpersonal Crystal Healing is so much more than traditional crystal healing. In Transpersonal Crystal Healing, we focus on using crystals as the natural healing “tool”, or “instrument”, that you will be using to assess and understand the state of your mind, body, and spirit.

Essentially, you will learn how to work with the whole person (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) on a vibrational level, and discover how to explore any energetic imbalances within the body and energy field, and take the right action to correct the energy in a natural, positive and healthy way, restoring balance and harmony. By working with the body in this way, on an energetic and emotional level, we are able to prevent illness from manifesting within the physical body.

Healing crystals for anxiety and worryWhat are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are simply gemstones that are found in nature, taken from the earth and used for their unique metaphysical and vibrational properties during crystal healing sessions, meditation, or as pieces to have within your environment, worn as jewellery, or used as a tool to improve the energy of your space.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing and the way this course is designed combines traditional crystal healing layouts along with the subtle bodies, chromotherapy, sound therapy, intuitive healing, emotional and vibrational aromatherapy, and Transpersonal client coaching.

Broad overview of the Course Curriculum:

~ What is Transpersonal Crystal Healing
~ An introduction to Crystals – the science and the metaphysics
~ Crystal Glossary – Emotional, Physical and Metaphysical properties
~ Crystal Care – Tuning, Charging and Programming your crystals
~ Crystals and Sacred Geometry
~ The Subtle Bodies; The Aura, The Basic & Advanced Chakra System
~ Healing with Crystals
~ Powerful Crystal Combinations
~ Crystals and Children
~ Crystal Safety
Crystal Grid~ Pendulum work
~ Crystal Body Grids and Body Layouts
~ Crystals and Chromotherapy
~ Crystals and Sound Healing
~ Crystals and Essential Oils
~ Crystal Grids; Basic and Advanced
~ Crystal Water and Elixirs
~ The nature of Holistic Coaching
~ Preparing for, and giving, a professional healing session
~ Distance Healing
PLUS: The course includes an 80-page Crystal Glossary to get you started!

Course is now available with or without certification options. See below for more. 

These are just some of the basic topics that you will learn about. You will gain a deeper understanding about both Healing Crystals and vibrational healing, and how to use them as a wellness tool for both yourself and your clients, and you will learn how to incorporate other wellness tools into your daily life! With this new-found knowledge, you will become a valuable resource for personal development and self-healing!

Full Crystal Chakra healing set

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to practice as a professional Crystal Healer and Transpersonal Coach, in the field of Holistic Arts. This 12 Week Online Transpersonal Crystal Healing Course is;

  • Self-Paced Online Course, with printable PDF option
  • Personalised printable certificate of completion stating that you are a Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healer
  • The ability to use the suffix ‘CCH’ at the end of your name
    Tons of online support during your studies, from your Instructor, Kerry Jeromin, as well as a private Facebook Student Group Forum!

Recommended Course materials (not included):
~A Quartz Crystal Pendulum
~A full Crystal Chakra Set


I can not begin to describe how much I loved working through the Transpersonal Crystal Healing course. To be honest when I started the course I thought it would just be about me finishing the course and getting a certificate. It’s been something I wanted to do for so long that I never even put any thought into what I would feel emotionally going through this course and what I would get out of it spiritually, emotionally and mentally. This journey has been so inspiring and awakening, I learnt so much about myself. I know I am not the same person I was when I started this course and that I have changed for the better. This course taught me to be more confident, to look inside myself first and to always put myself first. I’ve learnt emotionally that I cannot pour from an empty cup and that the journey for myself is not based on anyone else’s opinion of me. I loved that this course is not only about the learning material but about the individual as well. Kerry has really outdone herself putting this course together.

Kerry has been an amazing mentor, from the time I met her over social media I instantly felt a connection. Watching her on social media has been inspiring, she was my motivation to complete this course not only for myself but also to help others on their journeys. Kerry is by far the best teacher and mentor, she was always willing to help no matter what time or day. This course covered everything and more one needs to be a successful crystal healer. The tools and knowledge I will take away from this course is priceless. Mellory Pillay Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healer.

“I have absolutely loved the Transpersonal Crystal Healing Course offered by Kerry. It was in depth, informative and very easy to understand.

What I truly loved was the depth of the work covered. The course included everything one would need from a beginner level to someone who has more advanced experience. I enjoyed learning the diverse ways crystals could be used (from grids, to body layouts and to my current favorite- gem water!) and how I could incorporate it into my daily life. I also love how each section is broken down into very easy to understand aspects. Kerry explains things both on a “bigger picture” level as well as goes into the finer details. I am loving, not only the option to now practice as a certified crystal healer, but also to have made crystals a part of my lifestyle.

Kerry as a teacher is fantastic. She is always ready and eager to answer any questions. And in my case, I always have tons of questions. She happily answers each one with a smile and will still encourage you to ask more! I found her to be very open minded with her thinking and not at all rigid. Whilst she teaches you the theory and helps you through the work, she also one hundred percent encourages you to make it your own. She doesn’t want to churn out more “Kerry’s” but instead sees each student as an individual on their own learning path. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher and this fabulous course. I am looking forward to doing another course with her as soon as I can!” Varsha Chettier, Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healer.

The last two years have been transformational for me. I had seen, done and experienced things I have never been exposed to before, it hit my core. I had experienced many hardships and losses. During this time I felt alone, isolated, confused, scared and” lost”. I felt a big change and shift in my life. Slowly I starting putting some practices in place to help me understand everything and help me cope. Along the way the way I started connecting with different types of spiritual modalities. This was a blessing…but I felt that I needed to make sense of it all. Like all the pieces were there, and I needed to put a puzzle together. I always felt I needed a mentor or a teacher help me put things into perspective and help me put “my puzzle” together. Shortly after wards I came across the “School of Energy” on Instagram. My Angels had answered my prayers! A school that could help me understand my Energy and how to work with it.

I started my first course with Kerry and did “Elevate your Life”. This was just mind blowing. We worked through the Chakra System this was the core teachings of me being able to understand everything in my life and put things into perspective. This was truly life changing. This brought about a radical change in me… for this I am very grateful. There is no greater power than being able to connect to yourself and understand yourself. I highly recommend this course it’s simply magic! Shortly after completing my course I embarked on my Crystal Healing Certification. During my journey I had been highly attracted to crystals which led me to my second course with Kerry. I was able to complete my course during the Covid19 pandemic. This has such a tremendous impact on me dealing with the current state
the world at this time. I also saw what a positive impact it had had on me and my family and my home. It has been a truly phenomenal experience. I have acquired so much knowledge and have been equipped with so
many healing tools it’s amazing. It has awakened in me another amazing side I never knew existed. It has been a beautifully blissful journey.
Thank you Kerry at the School of Energy for empowering me and teaching me to be my own healer. I am so grateful that I can go out and now help others self-heal! Your knowledge and teachings are phenomenal and
are highly commendable thank you for sharing this gift with us.
I look forward to continue my studies with you! Michelle Louro, CTCH.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing has been a pivotal part of my life for 3 years and I have been learning on my own and from peers during that time. I found WhereHumrests on Instagram and was drawn to the posts descriptions about Reiki, Crystals and other Holistic modalities, and at the time I was working through my own Reiki Certification and the basics of Crystals and the Chakra system. I took Kerry’s ‘Elevate your Life’ Course and loved the content, as I had with so many of her Instagram posts. I knew it was time to expand my knowledge and make my hobby my passion!

I learned so much about myself and the many different ways to use Crystals to help ease the discomforts of life, promote wellness, and how they can assist in day-to-day life. The course affirmed what I was doing was right for me as a Healer and Lightworker. I learned how to charge crystals properly to make their properties more effective, along with what crystals work best with each Chakra, or ease more specific ailments or areas of the body, and so much more. My favorite part of this course was how much I learned about myself. I built self confidence in what I am capable of as a Transpersonal Coach, Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner. Every time I practiced I knew I was learning more and more, and refining my craft in the process. Finally, Kerry was always just an email away to answer any questions or concerns that I had, and went above and beyond to make sure I got all that was needed from a teacher and mentor. (Even being across the ocean!) I will be exploring more of what she has to offer in the future since she is supportive, open-minded, kind, honest and direct with how she teaches. Many Thanks! Rachel, CTCH. 

When I originally started the Crystal Healing Course with Kerry it was to enhance my own personal awareness and apply the knowledge I would learn to my own life. However, Kerry made me realise over the duration of the course that I am called to use this knowledge to assist others. I had no idea how profound the experience would be! It was an absolutely beautiful and fulfilling experience – beyond a written description. I truly connected with my own energetic light force and I connected with each and every crystal I worked with. I came into a better understanding of how to channel the powerful energy for my own healing and how to be at peace with all that surrounds me. I cannot say enough good things about this experience and how incredibly blessed I feel to have been taught by such an amazing mentor, teacher, and now close friend. Blessings to Kerry for nurturing my mind-body-spirit connection. If you are considering embarking on this journey, I would say don’t walk… but Run. Maggie, CTCH.

Course Enrollment options;


  • Once off payment of R2700 / US$190
  • Two payments of R1350/ $95 over two (2) months

To sign up without certification please click here. If you are wanting to pay over two months, please mail me directly at


  • Once off payment of R4500 / US$350
  • Two payments of R2250 / US$175 over two (2) months
  • *Please note: a 5% handling fee will be charged when paying via Paypal.**

Disclaimer: This is a self-paced course designed to be completed within 12 weeks and you have up to 6 months from date of enrollment to complete your course and achieve your certification. However, should the 6 months lapse or a period of inactivity of 4 months or more, you will be required to pay the course fee in full in order to continue with your course.