How Healing Crystals Work

How do Healing Crystals Work?

healing-crystals-wherehumrestsSo here is MY thought on this subject, but I would encourage you to have your own experiences and honour your own theories. With everything I talk about and teach, I encourage you to have an open-mind, to take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

There are many different opinions regarding how and why Crystal Healing works. It can be a frustrating topic to decode, and confusing to distinguish between what information is real and what is not. Crystal Healing is an energetic and spiritual practice (in my view), not an exact science, but the possible science behind crystal healing is a heck of a lot of fun to explore as well, and you can easily spend hours going down the rabbit hole!! Welcome to the realm of the Metaphysical (beyond science) 😉

My Theory of How and Why Crystal Healing works is actually pretty practical.

As I’ve mentioned previously, crystal healing is an energetic and spiritual practice. In my view, it is a cooperative effort between the practitioner or self-healer, the crystals, the body’s energetic and spiritual anatomy (the aura & chakras), meditation and the power of our intention to heal. I know that’s a whole LOT of contributing factors included there to take in, but I believe that they each play a very important part. So stay with me!

Crystal Healing (at least how I use the term), is all about bringing your chakras into balance, and the body into its natural state of harmony (or homeostasis). Vibrational Crystal Healing through the chakras is a basic and simple practice that each of us uniquely develops and practices, as a way to check in with your own mental, emotion, physical, and spiritual health. When we notice that something feels “off”, we then use our knowledge of our energetic body and our holistic tools to gently bring health back to the area that is lacking.

My Personal Philosophy when it comes to using Healing Crystals for Holistic Health and Balance:
~ Everything is energy, and everything is connected.
~ Each area of our life is connected to all others of our life, and the Universe.
~ When you feel happy and balanced, that is because you have consciously worked on each area and feel generally healthy and fulfilled in each. High fives!
~ When we feel unbalanced, it is because we have neglected a certain area of our life, (or perhaps not dealt with past emotional pains or traumas that tend to restrict the flow of energy through our chakra centres), which in turn affects our happiness and balance in that area of our life, and in all others.
~ In order for our lives to feel whole and well, it is important to revisit each of these chakras daily to access where you are focusing your energy and to make sure that you are not only paying attention to one or two areas. Our goal (in general) is to nourish and care for each of our 7 Chakras equally, to gain more balance and harmony with our lives.

The goal of Vibrational Crystal Healing (or any energy healing for that matter) is to provide a steady flow of positive energy into each area of our life (each area is represented by one of the 7 chakras), and to also provide a safe exit for the flow of negative energy to filter out of our body and spiritual anatomy, when it no longer serves a positive purpose.

With this in mind, healing crystals are our beautiful tool, provided by mother nature that helps us energise, benefit from, then filter out, similarly to how our physical bodies process food. We take food and water in through our mouth, the food travels through our digestive system and our body takes from the food what it needs to function (i.e. energy) and store. Once it has absorbed what is useful, our body works to eliminate the waste. Fact: Without food and water, our bodies would die. Fact: Without the elimination of the waste, our bodies would die.

With Vibrational Crystal Healing, we are working to make sure that our Spiritual/Energetic Anatomy is functioning in a similar way to our physical body, using energy from our environment as it’s source of “food”. We take in energy through our etheric body (aura), our chakras (energy centres) absorb it, takes energy from it, processes it, and then releases what it no longer needs, or what is no longer beneficial to it (negative energy).

This practice of Crystal Healing, in my view, is a form of both active and mindful meditation. Food does not provide fuel to our spirit, thoughts, or emotions… Energy within our environment does. That is why it is so important to be aware of the energy in your environment, as well as your spiritual anatomy and how it is functioning.

Learning how to block out, take in, process, and let go of this energy is crucial to our Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health. If we ignore our Spiritual Anatomy and the energy within and around our bodies, stress is quite often the result. Stress is one of the most common contributors to all types of disease.

Crystal Healing is a gentle, non-invasive, empowering practice that everyone can benefit from! If you knew that there was a simple and inexpensive way that you could ease your mental mind, centre your emotions, focus your thoughts, express your creativity, boost your physical energy and feel more connected to the earth and the Universe, improve your relationship with yourself and with others, connect with your spirit and cut down on the toxic negative energy and stress that eats away at your health, why wouldn’t you try picking up a healing crystal!?

How do Healing Crystals help to balance the chakras?

Now, moving onto the crystals, their properties, and how to use them… I find that healing crystals work in a number of ways…

They work as;
~ Amplifiers of Energy
~ Transmuters of Energy
~ Purifiers of Energy
~ Storage for Energy

PLUS, they are all SO beautiful, just the sight of them has a positive effect on your mind and mood! Each crystal has its own energy and vibration frequency, just like each of our chakras.

Some interesting facts about healing crystals;

You can easily identify which crystals are associated with the different chakras by their colours. For example, stones that are red in colour (red Jasper, Garnet, red Tiger’s Eye, Ruby, etc) mimic the lower vibration of a balanced red base (root) chakra (your survival centre), in the same way that some of the exceptionally “high vibe” crystals are clear (white) in colour (clear quartz, selenite, Apophyllite) and match the vibrational frequency of our crown chakra (our spiritual house).

A crystal’s structure and energy remain constant, it never changes, due to their perfect and precise crystalline structure. This is unlike our body’s energy centres, which are constantly changing.

By bringing a red healing crystal into the area of your red base (or root) chakra or aura, you are introducing a pure (and similar level) vibration to that chakra, but in its pure, optimally vibrating essence. The crystal’s vibration will then (in theory) interact with the energetic spin of the corresponding chakra, correcting its energy flow, bringing it back into balance – like a tuning fork. It is the same process for each and every chakra in the chakra system.

Pair an ever changing chakra with a similarly vibrating healing crystal (often the same colour as the chakra) and you can bring the chakra back into proper balance, for optimal protection, energy intake, absorption, and release. (*This idea is further explained by MINIMAL ENTROPY, VIBRATION, and SACRED GEOMETRY.)

Energetic changes within your chakras can be felt!

This theory is not just something that is read about. It is experienced. Don’t be surprised if you feel energetic changes, tingling, heaviness, visualizations, sounds, temperature change or small vibrations within the areas of the chakras, and throughout the body, while you work with healing crystals. This is a normal and common experience! If these sensations ever become too much, simply and gently remove the crystals from the body. The more you work with your healing crystals, the more ‘in tune’ to your body and the energetic changes you will become.

By placing crystals on your specific chakra points, we are also putting forth the intention to heal that area of the energetic system, and in turn, the corresponding area of our life will also strengthen, balance, energise and improve.

Crystals are natural amplifiers. By bringing a particular crystal into your chakra area or aura, you are bringing attention to that chakra, you plant your positive intention and you become fully aware and focused on this area of your life. You are connected to this area mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By taking the simple step of bringing awareness to the area that needs healing and balance, half of the healing process has already been done. Once you are fully aware of what needs to be brought back into balance, you will begin to make conscious choices during your everyday life to manifest the changes you know that you need.

This is a very powerful and effective way to mindfully meditate. Meditation provides your consciousness with time and space for focused thought, introspection, stress relief, as well as physical and mental relaxation. Can you imagine the kind of positive effect this simple daily practice of mindful meditation with your crystal healing and chakra balancing could have on your overall health?!? Heck yea! Take that STRESS! 😉

As a Vibrational Crystal Healing practitioner, it is my job to educate clients and students (YOU) about this theory of self-healing, so that you feel empowered enough to take the knowledge and experience that I share home with you. You are then able to come up with a life-long self-healing practice of your own that works for you, in a completely natural, practical and empowering way.

If you are interested in learning more about healing crystals or are interested in becoming a crystal healing practitioner, give me a shout below. 🙂 If you would like to book a crystal healing session with me, select the ‘Book Now’ button.
~ Namaste, Kerry. x
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