Emotional Decoding™ Facilitator Training

Emotional Decoding™ is a revolutionary therapy program for Accelerated Healing and Trauma Recovery that guides the person on a profound and life changing healing journey, enabling them to heal trauma and resulting chronic conditions that have built up over the years due to the consequences of trauma and associated nervous system dysregulation. The only integral therapy program of its kind!” Dr. Normstrom, PhD, CSC, RMT.

Announcement! Shared Tuition is now open to all applicants! See Tuition structure below.

Through my years of work and study, and being certified in a wide range of healing practices and modalities, I began to notice a repeated pattern of lack in many of these practices and/ or modalities. After sometime of working with each, I began to notice the same pattern or feeling that ‘something was missing’ from all of these teachings and practices, and this wasn’t purely my own feeling. The more I began speaking to others about this, the more I began to realise just how many people were feeling and thinking the very same thing. We absolutely loved and respected the various teachings and practices, but it just didn’t feel like the changes or healing that came from them was permanent or was able to achieve the kind of transformation that we were seeking – for ourselves or our clients. 

I knew that radical transformation was possible, that deep, impactful change was not only achievable, but that that changes that came from them were not only profound but lasting too. That the ripple effects of this transformation would have a ripple effect that would not only penetrate far and wide, but supersede time and generation. In my work with plant medicines and nourishing my relationship with Plant Spirit, I knew that these things were possible. I had journeyed to many planes were this deep and intricate web of life, the very matric upon which we formulate and create our worlds, was ever-present. I have sat in counsel with the many plant teachers, where they have shown me the simple, yet often completely overcomplicated, solutions to the binds that keep us locked in cycles of pain, suffering and disconnect. 

The more I continued to work with and utilise these modalities and practices that I had learnt, the answer became so crystal clear. The reason that so many people, myself included, are only able to find temporary peace or balance through these applications and practices, but continue to feel like something is missing – is because something IS missing.

 All of these modalities, applications and practices contribute in their own way to The Healing Process, however, they are only part of a particular step within the healing processThe Healing process is a process that I created as a result of witnessing the natural progressions (the natural stages) that a person moves through on their journey of recovery, healing or self-mastery.

Announcement! Shared Tuition is now open to all applicants! See Tuition structure below.

Here’s what I mean by them only falling part of a particular step in the healing process; 

  • Most mindfulness practices were designed to teach us how to practice mindfulness, awareness, peace and balance, examples of these practices might be meditation, yoga, breathwork, etc. These practices were designed to help us INTEGRATE, to put into practice the discoveries we are making in our healing journeys. As you will learn in modules to come, integration falls part of the SELF MASTERY stage of the healing process, and self-mastery is the FINAL stage of the healing process. Before self-mastery is able to be achieved, we have to allow ourselves to go through the preceding stages. Therefore, in order for these practices to be used to their full capacity and be 100% effective, we need to complete the steps that come prior to integration.
  • Most healing practices and modalities, like Tapping, energy work, TRE, CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, Somatic Healing, and many psycho-based therapies, are designed to speak to the first three stages of the healing process; Reconnect, Reclaim, Release. And, in my experience, any kind of discovery, processing, and healing that takes place, no matter how profound the breakthrough is, the impact will not be lasting if there is no successful integration of the discoveries made during these processes for the effects to be lasting. However, none of these practices teach, or even make mention, of integration as part of their curriculum or application. 

These discoveries are what led me to curate this program. This program is not to replace or make redundant anything that you have learnt up to this point, it is to bring all of that prior knowledge into a central base, and elevate it. 

The Emotional Decoding™️ system, and you as the facilitator, are the bridge that links the discoveries of the original wounds, emotions, and mind into how we process them in the brain, store them in the body and integrate them into our lived experience. In other words, Emotional Decoding™️ is not simply a new program to teach or facilitate healing, it is a program of integration. 

In this program, I am going to share with you my own techniques, scripts, meditations, practices and exercises that I have spent years crafting, and even a phrase or two that I have coined, to assist my clients and students in achieving the desired results of each stage.

Emotional Decoding™️

The goal of transformative work and personal development is not to make you into someone different, but rather to allow you to be more of who you are, more freely. I have often found myself irked when health and wellness practitioners lead those seeking help and guidance to band-aid solutions.

When parts of ourselves are forced to be repressed, disharmony is created within our bodies, and it can manifest in so many different ways. Depression, anxiety, perfectionism, physical illness, mental illness, mood swings, an inability to connect deeply with others – any host of things can be the result of shoving down or rejecting your humanity. 

These symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right.

These thoughts are the minds way of reminding us about the rules we’ve created for ourselves.

These feelings are the emotions desperately trying to communicate with you.

Your external circumstances are trying to show you what you choose not to see within.

Emotional Decoding™️ isn’t about changing the person – it’s about allowing the hidden and forgotten parts of the person to resurface, while re-writing the coping mechanisms that have been learned to get by in a world that couldn’t hold you. It’s about healing the disconnect between yourself and your highest potential, and bringing them back together.

Here is my point of view about a few common beliefs:

  • It’s not healthy to live in survival mode. Your nervous system wasn’t made to constantly be on high alert.
  • Living with high levels of anxiety isn’t normal.
  • Living with emotional and mental health conditions isn’t normal. 
  • Constantly being burnt out, depleted, overwhelmed, and highly stressed isn’t the norm.
  • Triggers and trauma are not simply something you learn to deal with, manage or accept as part of your experiences.  
  • Anxiety and Depression are not chronic mental health conditions. 
  • You don’t simply need to learn to “cope” with stress.
  • You certainly do not need to accept that pain and suffering is a way of life. 
  • If we want to experience true and lasting healing, we must integrate all aspects of the self; body, mind, emotions and spirit, the ego and the heart, the masculine and the feminine.

Every experience we have in life is held in the body, right down the cells. Trauma too. But trauma is held differently in the body, to how it is processed in the mind and stored in the brain. We think we live in our bodies. But how do many of us really inhabit full-body awareness? Mental health clinicians know that trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression can catapult clients into a myriad of symptoms, including insomnia, irritability, emotional dysregulation, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, depressed body feelings, and more. It’s easy to think, and is widely practiced, that these symptoms can be healed by working with isolated systems, or conditions, alone. 

The truth is that we live and dream in the body. Symptoms are of the body. Yet, we rarely consider the stories that the body is trying to communicate with us as clues for healing. We perceive the world around us through our body responses. Not sleeping well, ruminating thoughts, worries about family or the future, grief and trauma all have devastating health effects. When the body is under attack, we can’t heal the body with the mind alone.

How does this training differ to others? 

The Cartesian split of the body-mind is alive and well in our dominant culture. We “think” that we can overcome problems with cognitive reasoning alone. Western psychology has a bias towards mind over body, rather than a trust of the body’s intelligence. Emotions, sensory feelings and body cues have been marginalised when connected with body awareness, mental health and emotional regulation. This may play a role in why holistic techniques are yet to be widely integrated into mainstream psychotherapy. 

Yet, the holistic awareness of body-mind-emotions is a critical part of the haling path, and fundamental in overcoming mental ailments and physical challenges our clients struggle with.

Deep cultural, inherited beliefs impact how we view and engage with the body. When working with the body, we need to respect and learn about these cultural imprints as part of understanding our own, and the client’s, biases. The recognition that emotions are intelligent opens the first door that healing is more than thinking. 

The past couple of decades has brought global awareness to how our mental activity (thinking patterns) influences the body, our experiences and overall health. The recognition is now that our experiences are interconnected with our brain states, emotional patterns, what we believe, and how we inhabit our bodies.

The mindfulness wave has brought us tools to inquire, calm the busy mind, and listen to the undercurrents of our heart. It also has highlighted the global need for stress management and relief, the value for quiet, the pathway to self-actualisation, and health. We have also discovered the power of the present moment – the only time in the past-present-future continuum that we can actually create change is in the now. 

The spiritual awakening wave put us back in touch with ancient teachings; from yoga to plant medicines, the rise of energy work and shamanic practices offered us an alternative space to explore the interconnectedness of our beings. Opening doors and offering pathways that lead to reconnecting us with technologies and age-old wisdoms to find peace and clarity through the heart, to restore the natural balance of our beings, and repair our relationships with our Earth – our home. We now need to integrate these revolutions from the past few decades and the discovery of these different approaches into our lived experience of the body. 

“Today, after several decades of suppression and neglect, psychedelics are having a renaissance. A new generation of scientists, many of them inspired by their own personal experience of the compounds, are testing their potential to heal mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. Other scientists are using psychedelics in conjunction with new brain-imaging tools to explore the links between brain and mind, hoping to unravel some of the mysteries of consciousness.” A book excerpt from Michael Pollan’s “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence”

After helping hundreds of men and women heal, I have created a proven process that works for individuals who are:

– Seeking the truth of what happened to you so that you can finally get the answers and clarity you need to move forward. We can’t heal if we don’t know our truth or if we’re too scared to accept it, this is particularly true with childhood sexual trauma.

– Seeking a path of healing that will finally lift the veil on who you’ve been told you are and what you believe you can do in the world, to heal the shame and self-doubt that is created by trauma.

– Looking for empowerment that comes from deep within you so that you can feel emotionally balanced and free from the heavy burden that has weighed your heart down for so many years.

– Excited to rapidly re-create your core beliefs by learning to listen and feel your body’s innate wisdom so that you are not stuck in your head trying to heal at a conceptual level. I’ll also teach you practices to more deeply regulate and stay connected so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

– Committed to becoming the best version of yourself, forgiving yourself, loving yourself and transforming your health.

If you feel that this training is calling to you heart, and you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, please select the exchange offering from the options below, and then book a call with me so that we can set up a time to meet and discuss your journey. Training sessions are weekly, and will be held in a Zoom group format, or 1:1 by request. Please see below for more information, curriculum overview and what is included in your exchange.

Curriculum Overview:

Module One – Foundations:

  • Section 1 – The Dynamics of Health and Healing – Understanding the Human Body
  • Section 2 – The Healing Process
  • Section 2 – Masculine and Feminine Aspects
  • Section 3 – The Body, Emotions & Heart, and the SoulBrain
  • Section 4 – The Evolution of the Child
  • Section 5 – The Five Types of Trauma
  • Section 6 – The Anatomy of Trauma

Module Two – Decoding the Body: ReConnect

  • Section 1 – The language of the body
  • Section 2 – The mind-body-emotion link
  • Section 3 – Body Awareness
  • Section 4 – The 11 Essential Systems
  • Section 5 – The Myofascial Network
  • Section 6 – Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective
  • Section 7 – Perception, the senses and how we process information

Module Three – Decoding the Emotions: ReClaim and Empower

  • Section 1 – Emotions and emotional healing
  • Section 2 – Emotional Awareness
  • Section3 – The Architecture of Triggers
  • Section 4 – The Core Wound

Module Four – Decoding the Mind: Release and ReProgram

  • Section 1 – Trauma Identities
  • Section 2 – Trauma Banks
  • Section 3 – The Rules: Beliefs, Behaviours, Patterns and Habits
  • Section 4 – Resistance to Change

Module Five – Self-Mastery: Integrate

  • Section 1- Mastering the relationship with the Self
  • Section 2 – Laying a new foundation
  • Section 3 – Types of Integration
  • Section 4 – Integration > Rejection

Module 6 – Practitioner Level
– Creating a safe space
– Ethics and Free Will
– Practitioner Basics
– Effective Communication
– Rapport & Trust
– The Art of Listening
– The Art of Questioning
– Subconscious Speech
– Leading into elevated states and guiding a journey
– The power phrases
– Taking a client through the Emotional Decoding™️ process
– Actionable Integration
– Guiding a client through the Healing Process – Stages 1 through 6


Note: if you are a South African resident, the below information applies to online training groups, if you are wanting to attend this training in-person, please click here.

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By choosing to pay your tuition in full, a portion of your tuition is allocated towards training social workers, school counsellors and teachers in vulnerable schools and communities in South Africa.

Shared Tuition:

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**Please note that due to the nature of group training programs, and all sessions being Live teachings (not pre-recorded), the training may take longer than the designed 10 months. More information on this will be explained in the Information session. Where weekly/ monthly payments are selected, payments will continue each month for the duration of the training.

Your exchange includes;

– 1 x 2-3hr training session per week (online) (Session duration is adjusted according to the size of the group)
– Recordings of training sessions available for download via a shared group drive
– 2 x 30-45 min check-in per month (online or telephonic)
– Reasonable daily access via WhatsApp/ Messenger (or platform of choice) to assist with processing and integration of each week’s training.
– All written training content (provided in PDF format)
– All additional reading materials
– Any exercises, practices and at-home activities to aid sessions and enhance your journey.
– Instruction, demonstrations, scripts, applications, forms, diagrams, or additional learning materials to support the therapies, tools, exercises, meditations, supplements, etc., that are included in the practitioner level so you are effectively able to guide clients through the process.
– Access to private case study materials of individuals going through the process.
– A 12-month license (renewable annually thereafter) to use the Emotional Decoding™️ name in your personal practice, as well as teaching materials should you wish to apply to be an approved educator.
– Listing as an approved facilitator for your region on the School of Energy website.

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