Crystals for Pregnant and Postpartum Mommas

img_3482There are sooooo many beautiful people I know who are pregnant or at home with new little bundles right now, and how appropriate it being Spring 🐥💗 Since pregnancy is in full bloom, I thought that I would share a few crystal healing tricks to help some of the common ‘preggy problems; worry and anxiety, morning sickness, water retention, leg and back pain, you name it! 👶🏼👣 Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some tips and tricks, so keep your pretty eyes on the lookout…

Today I want to share a crystal that helped me tremendously during my pregnancy ROSE QUARTZ, the big momma in the centre of the image above.
Known as the ‘love stone’, rose quartz has a gentle, feminine energy that helps us dissolve emotional stresses to become more gentle, forgiving, compassionate, kind and tolerant.

💗 Rose quartz used during pregnancy promotes healthy hormone production, promoting self love during a time when many of us can feel insecure, overwhelmed, and sometimes worried. Oozing with gorgeous feminine, maternal energy, it’s a real feel good stone for expecting and postpartum momma’s.
💗 Wearing rose quartz during, and after, pregnancy allows the soothing and calming energy to consume you, helping you to care for yourself during this time (which is SO important).
💗Placing (raw or tumbled) rose quartz on your pregnant belly helps build a strong bond between you and your baby, and strengthen the connection with your unborn child.
💗Placing rose quartz around bath tub, lighting a few candles and diffusing Lavender eo, will create a soothing sanctuary for tired, preggy minds, bodies, and souls, that will leave you feeling calm and beautiful.
💗Placing a rose quartz lamp in baby’s room will create a soothing, loving environment where both you and baby will feel calm, loved and safe!

🌸 If you have a beautiful preggy friend, share this with them, it may be exactly what they need! Wishing all momma’s a beautiful pregnancy, and special bonding time after baby is born 💕
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~Love & Light, Kerry 💕


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