Energetic Anatomy of Children – The Crown Chakra

Ending off this series with the last energy center that makes up our 7 Basic Chakra system, our Crown Center or Crown Chakra. This center is where we begin to develop a relationship with a Divinity, with our Higher Consciousness, and is the center from where we form our purpose for life. This Thousand Petal Lotus governs our thought, consciousness, information processing, and our intelligence, focusing on our belief systems and our connection to life, others, and a Higher Source.

Crown Chakra development in ChildrenBroad overview of the Seventh energy center, and its developmental characteristics.

  • DEVELOPMENT – Early adulthood, onwards
  • Body Location – Crown (Cranium), top of head
  • Birthright – The right to know and to learn
  • Element – Thought
  • Purpose – Understanding
  • AKA Crown Chakra

The task of this center is to understand our thoughts and belief systems, and to process information – this involves the examination of consciousness and the manifestation of this consciousness. Through consciousness we create thought, and thereby creating the totality of our reality. Experiencing and expanding consciousness is an internal experience, and begins with a discovery of greater meaning and spiritual yearning for a union that is greater than ourselves. Spiritual abuse, or denying someone their natural experience of spirituality by enforcing certain belief systems can create confusion, inner conflict, and even a disconnect in this center.

Disturbances to the development of this center:

  • Withheld information
  • Education that hinders curiosity
  • Forced religiosity
  • Invalidation of one’s beliefs
  • Blind obedience (no right to question or to think for oneself)
  • Invalidation of one’s beliefs
  • Misinformation, lies
  • Spiritual abuse

Imbalance in this center can later manifest as:

  • Spiritual/Religious cynicism
  • Learning difficulties
  • Rigid belief systems
  • Apathy
  • Excess of energy in lower centers, due to energy being forced down from the Crown – materialism, greed, domination of others
  • Overintellectualisation
  • Spiritual addiction
  • Confusion
  • Dissociation from body
  • Loss of meaning, or purpose
  • Loss of connection – from life, others, or with the Divine
  • Excessive worry
  • Closed-Minded
  • Depression
  • Hypersensitivity to light, sounds, and environmental stimulus
  • Musculoskeletal System Disease
  • Skin Disorders
  • Chronic Exhaustion
  • Cognitive delusions
  • Migraines

While the Crown Chakra only matures in early adulthood, and enter into the world as an independent 20-something – every interaction throughout the maturity stages of the six prior Chakras influences the connection that we have with our Crown, and our world, and our connection with a Higher Source. Western culture is founded on the belief system that spirit and matter are separate and different. The Earth is treated like an inanimate object to be used wastefully, at our own lack of discretion. Science examines the world rationally and methodically, corporations are built to enhance their economic prowess often with little regard for the spiritual well-being of their employees or their environment. Those who do give spirituality a high priority are often considered fringe members of society – although this is slowly beginning to change, we still see very little emphasis placed on the spiritual well-being in schools and work environments creating a conflict between ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’. Religion has become indoctrinated with power and mis-use of the Divine in such a way that many prefer to ‘steer clear’ of it than have any involvement or association, which is sad because the word religion comes from the Latin, Religare, which means “to re-connect”, its purpose to facilitate a reconnection with spirit, with soul, and the vital and eternal aspects of life.

Along our journey from birth to wherever we are right now, we encounter obstacles and difficulty. The traumas and abuses, or mis-uses, that we experience as a child, the lack of consciousness with which we operate at, the blind spots of our cultures or religions – all of these serve to limit us, to twist our path off its basic right, and warp our inner and outer beliefs. At each level of energetic maturity we encounter a kind of realisation, as we grow up we simultaneously meet energy coming down from the top. The journey upward allows us to access higher levels of organisation and understanding, a shift in perspective, and transformation. The Journey downwards allow us to bring light to that higher consciousness, we bring a higher awareness into our lower energy centers. The Crown Chakra is not merely a state of understanding, it is a state of being. When we have fully arrived at this level, without denying or skipping over the developmental levels of the Chakras below, we have arrived at a fully conscious state of being – stable, loving, compassionate, and conscious adults. When we are about t bring consciousness to our power, we not only have activity, but directed transformation – and these qualities become a part of our ability to manifest.

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