The benefits of Energy Work for Children

benefits of reiki for childrenMy favourite clients are my little clients, and their parents (ofcourse!) 👧🏼💞🌱🌞Kids are so open to energy work and holistic tools that the effects are seen almost instantly! When looking at the benefits of energy work for children, it’s a no brainer!

Diet, screen time, environmental and noise pollution, physical activity, time outside, etc. are some of the things that play a massive role in child wellbeing, behaviour, and physical health. I see so many parents who are distressed over their child being tearful, frustrated, irritable, moody, aggressive, unable to concentrate, and so on.

Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Emotional and Vibrational Aromatherapy are just a few of the holistic methods that are incredibly beneficial to the growing mind, bodies, emotions, and spirits of children and babies, as it restores the natural balance within the body and offers support for those areas that a child may be having difficult with but they may not yet be able to communicate.

Learning how your child energetic, emotional, and mental anatomy functions offers insight into their physical wellbeing and behaviour. I love offering treatments to children, but my greater joy is empowering their parents to do it for them (the children) by teaching the parent how to do the work themselves.

Energy work is safe and non-invasive, and the benefits of energy work for children are endless;
⁃ More grounded, stable and balanced emotions
⁃ Less irritable and moody
⁃ Improved concentration
⁃ Improved appetite
⁃ Proactive and receptive
⁃ Less likely to show signs of over-excitability and depression
⁃ Improves concentration
⁃ Enhances relaxation and sleep
⁃ Calms and promotes balance
⁃ Enhances self awareness and self esteem
⁃ Reduces build up of excess energy, reducing headaches, anxiety, aggression, lashing out, etc
⁃ Reduces fatigue, lethargy, and boredom
⁃ Promotes creativity and creative expression, and much more!

Energy work in children has been helpful in working through stressful issues like; ADD/ADHD, abuse, emotional trauma, inattentiveness, irritability, other emotional issues, hyperactivity and defiance.

Don’t believe me? Check out the short clip of my own daughter’s massive room spring clean following an energy balancing session – completely proactive! Up on my Instagram – . Energy sessions are a regular in my house – especially during the school breaks!

Both Parents and Children who learn different energy work and self-healing options benefit not only from being able to receive daily treatments, but experience the empowerment that comes from taking charge of their health and wellbeing! If you would like to learn how to offer this type of healing to yourself and your family, please get in touch with me or click here to go directly to my courses. I’d love to chat to you and get you started on your Transpersonal Healing journey! 🍄🦋💞

Kerry. Xx

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