Base Chakra Crystals for Chakra Wellness

Crystals for the Root Chakra

Hello Honeys!! Now that you’ve learned a little more than the basics about your Base Chakra, here are some gorgeous Crystal babies that you can use to bring more balance, energy, and support to this centre.

Base Chakra crystals are usually dark in colour and support Grounding, Protection, Contrast, Releasing and Mood Management;
🎈Hematite 🎈Obsidian
🎈Red Jasper 🎈Red Tiger’s Eye
🎈Apache Tears 🎈Smokey Quartz
🎈Dalmatian Stone🎈Mookaite
🎈Black Tourmaline

🙌😍These are just some of the crystals that I like to work with when working with my Base Chakra.. but there are many more that I haven’t even mentioned. Always work with what resonates with you, Lovely!
💛 What are your favourite Base Chakra crystals to work with?
~ Namaste, Kerry. Xx
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