Walking the Path of the Medicine Wo/man

Shaman is an ancient term for a healer and a person of medicine – a person who conveys beauty and health. Today it is essential that we recover this model of the human that is dedicated to service and healing and stewardship of the planet. We have to break out of the folklore and establish that the new shamans are the innovators, the people who are reflecting on problems such as how to solve global climate change by addressing it in our personal lives; how to deal with violence in the world by healing violence in our lives. Shamanism is a spiritual practice, not a religious one.

Walking the path of the Shamanic Healer is not a career choice nor is it for everyone.  It is a calling for those with the strength of spirit and purity of heart to face their darkest fears and heal their deepest wounds so that they may facilitate that healing for others and the Earth. This 12-month mentorship program is a fully integrative experience that will not only take you on your own shamanic journey, but will guide you along the path of re-awakening the ancient wisdom and healing technologies that have been laying dormant within you. This training will unlock aspects of the mind you have never explored, reprogram the mechanisms of your physical anatomy, liberate your emotions and free your spirit!

Have you experienced the Shamanic Calling?

There are three stages of becoming a Shaman: the Calling, Training, and Initiation process.

In the past, you were trained by a mentor or an older Shaman but in today’s world, most Shamans won’t know how to recognise their calling to even begin their training. Most people undergoing a shamanic calling won’t understand what is happening to them and will, therefore, feel overwhelmed by fear. But it’s through training that the Shaman-in-making becomes a master of the sacred; of being able to effectively find, protect, and use the creative but intense energies of the sacred for therapeutic or other beneficial purposes.

Here are some of the signs you might experience if you’re being called to the Shamanic path:

You feel a strong connection to nature

Shamans understand “the web of life”; that everything on Earth is deeply interconnected through the web of Spirit. Nothing embodies this understanding better than nature, how it nurtures us, and how we nurture it in a mutually dependent relationship.

You enjoy solitude and find it hard to fit in with others

Shamans in most cultures were solitary individuals (often living in the outskirts of the village), and they were often considered eccentric or “different.” However, they were respected because of the wisdom they shared. Because of their unique gifts and sensitivities, Shamans could never fit into typical society because they acted as the bridges between this world and the unseen worlds.

You’ve experienced a near-death, out-of-body or mystical experience

Typically, a shaman would have experienced a complete “death and rebirth,” and often this can present itself as a temporary illness or traumatic experience of some kind that ignites an existential crisis. It’s through overcoming and healing from this terrifying ordeal that the Shaman-to-be surrenders everything they know as true for whatever wisdom they’re meant to learn.

You’ve felt a subtle healing energy in your hands

Many Shamans are born with the capacity to act as “curanderos”, as masters of living energy. In other words, they have the ability to control and manipulate the energy in their bodies and the bodies of others. Carrying healing energy is often manifested as having good circulation of blood in your hands, a trait that has resulted in many Shamans being labelled and prescribed as mentally ill by modern medicine.

You feel a calling to help, heal or ease the suffering of others

Ultimately, Shamanism can be seen as a practice of balancing or self-correcting our relationship with others and the natural world around us. Whenever a Shaman sees suffering, they’ll feel a strong desire to heal it in order to re-establish that lost harmony within the web of life. The fact that you’re here today, setting out on your journey to embrace your path as a Medicine Woman, a shaman, is a sign you’ve been guided to learn about your roots and connect with this ancestral form of healing. 

The shamanic training mentorship is a 12-month journey of deep self-exploration, radical transformation and unlearning. This training can be completed in-person, online and on a 1:1 basis if preferred.

Your investment includes:
– All training content and materials
– Weekly group training sessions
– Recordings of sessions in a private Facebook Group – accessible for 12 months after completion of training
– Facilitation of journeys
– Scripts of all journeys – available after completion of training
– Weekly 1:1 sessions for 12 months (if training is completed before the 12 month period – you will still have the option to continue your 1:1 sessions for the remainder of time. For example, if training is completed within 10 months, you will still have access to an additional 2 months of 1:1 sessions with me)
– 10 Munay Ki Rites
– Pi Stone used for Munay Ki initiation
– Crystal Egg (Rose Quartz/ Amethyst/ Smokey Quartz or Green Aventurine) used for 13th Rite
– Gift upon completion of training

Does not include: 
– Additional recommended materials or tools covered in the training (if any)
– Additional ceremonies, retreats, or private functions attended 

Soul Investment – $4000US
– A 20% Non-refundable deposit is required upfront to confirm both your spot and commitment to the training – this will count as your purchase via my store. I am more than happy to accommodate a payment plan. Payment plans are available on request, please contact me to discuss. 

I have worked with Kerry for a number of years, first starting as a Life Coaching client, and then completing training in Reiki and Shamanic Practice. Even though it has been (hands down) the most rewarding and life changing work I have ever done, it is not a straightforward or easy path, making Kerry’s role as guide, facilitator and trainer all the more vital. She holds you with the utmost love and integrity, whilst never allowing you to feel too sorry for yourself (haha). She adds fun and light and joy to some of your darkest moments and helps ground you in those times you need a bit of focus. Her vast experience in the field of energy work is an amazing asset to her school and her students – and I hope that she never stops adding more rays of sunshine and lightworkers to the world. May you one day be blessed by her work. Haux Haux.” – Tanya, South Africa.

I began working with Kerry at School of Energy a year ago when I embarked on the “Walking the Path of the Medicine Woman” journey. Kerry is an old soul with such a calming, angelic demeanor – yet a strong center and such deep wisdom. She has a way of guiding you to your truth, assisting you in having incredibly profound realisations and breakthroughs that you DIDN”T EVEN KNOW YOU NEEDED! As our shaman’s path of initiation was coming to a close, I began studying with her to receive my Lightarian Reiki™ Masters program. My heart has been cracked wide open and I am finding my alignment, truth, and my center. Kerry holds so much knowledge and so much love – it has been a blessing and an absolute honor to work with her. I could not recommend her more!” – Tara, USA.

“The last two years have been transformational for me. I have seen, done and experienced things I have never been exposed to before, it hit me at my core. I had experienced many hardships and losses, which left me feeling alone, isolated, confused, scared and lost. Slowly I starting putting some practices in place to help me understand everything and help me cope. Along the way the way, I always felt I needed a mentor or a teacher help me put things into perspective and help me put my ‘puzzle’ together. Shortly after wards I came across the “School of Energy” on Instagram. My Angels had answered my prayers! A school that could help me understand my energy and how to work with it. I started my first program with Kerry and it was just MIND BLOWING. We worked through the core teachings of me being able to understand everything in my life and put things into perspective – this was truly life changing. It brought about a radicle change in me… and for this I am very greatful. There is no greater power than being able to connect to yourself and understand yourself. I was able to complete my program during the Covid19 pandemic, which has had such a tremendous impact on me dealing with the current state the world at this time. I also saw what a positive impact it had had on me and my family and my home. It has been a truly phenomenal experience. I have acquired so much knowledge and have been equipped with so many healing tools it’s amazing. It has awakened in me another amazing side I never knew existed. Thank you Kerry at the School of Energy for empowering me and teaching me to be my own healer. I am so grateful that I can go out and now help others self-heal! Your knowledge and teachings are phenomenal and are highly commendable! Thank you for sharing this gift with us. I highly recommend working with Kerry, she’s simply magic!” – Michelle, Portugal.

Terrifying, electric and liberating! I have never in my life experienced such deep and profound healing. Kerry makes everything relatable to the day-to-day experience, while passing on such deep wisdom that cuts through the b-s! I am humbled and exalted!! This program shook me to my core – but boy am I glad I committed to myself and continued to show up!” – Khala, UK.