My Principles

Holistic healing is an approach to health and wellness that takes into consideration the whole person. The ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness and in order to achieve this wholeness, we need to consider all aspects of our lives, and our relationship to them; Our body, our relationships, our environment, Love (for our self and others) and living our life purpose.

Our entire body is hardwired to feel every emotion, and if we choose to suppress these emotions, they manifest physically in the body as illness and dis-comfort. Depending on the nature of these imbalances, the manifestation of this illness may occur in days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. However, the current 5th dimension energies that we are living with, these manifestations are happening a lot quicker.

5th dimension energies! What on earth am I talking about?!? Have a look here.

the Healing Process

The objective of healing is to determine where the system is off-balance, understand the reasons behind the imbalances and to create the internal and external environment necessary for re-balancing and, ultimately, healing the system. Healing goes beyond treating only the physical symptoms but instead uses them as a guide to address the root cause of the problem. Physical symptoms can be alleviated by taking medication, but unless the whole person is treated, the actual root of the problem still exists.

Holistic healers, spiritual coaches, mediums, hypnotherapists, yogis, clairvoyants, reiki practitioners, holistic tarot and crystal healers, wellness teachers, etc., are the vehicles through which the healing takes place. They invoke the client’s internal healing abilities (energy, intuition, gut feelings and sometimes physical dis-comfort) and guide the client through their path of healing.


holsitic healing quote_wherehumrests

“True healing can only come if you are prepared to do the work!”

In order for true healing to take place, the spiritual or life lessons attached to the dis-ease, dis-comfort or illness need to be processed. This could mean childhood trauma, beliefs, and values that have been passed down to us from our parents (inherited judgment), events or situations that keep us stuck and, ultimately, neglecting to take responsibility for life and our actions. This may result in the inability for physical healing to take place.



I think my family must be so tired of hearing me saying this, but this for me is the MOST important principle in my practice, and for holistic healing! Illness should not be resisted, but seen at the necessary pathway towards self-growth and empowerment. If we resist it, and only treat the physical symptoms, they will come back! Illness marks the end of a cycle; the old, yucky energy moving away, giving space to new loving, happy energy to move in. And why would you want to miss out on that?? So welcome it, breathe it in to your heart space, allow it, feel it, thank it for taking place and allowing you to learn, surrender to it and then…

***LET IT GO***

So, if you’re still here with me and are ready to learn more about how YOU can begin your journey to self-growth and empowerment, if you want to let your authentic self SHINE, and are ready to become the you that you’ve always known is deep inside, you can view what I offer on the drop down menu, or you can head over to my blog to learn more, whichever you choose…


Come fly with me.

Note: There are many types of holistic healing therapists and practitioners out there who specialise in one or more of these therapies. It is my belief that you should speak to the practitioner that you are interested in BEFORE you make an appointment with them so that you can get an understanding of what they do and whether or not they are a fit for you. You will know this by the gut-feeling that you get by speaking to them, do they make you comfortable and easy, or do that make you want to run for the hills! 🙂