Distant Healing

Distant Healing is reiki performed when the patient is not able to be physically present. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance, this form of healing can be very effective and beneficial to those are in hospital, unable to attend a physical session or are across country.

Individuals may or may not be aware that this transfer of energy has been undertaken for them, but will still benefit from the treatment as it comes from the love and concern that their friends and relatives have for them.

A day and time is arranged between the client and myself for the distant healing treatment and the connection is confirmed before the start of the distant reiki treatment.

In your own sacred space (or somewhere you will be undisturbed) you lie down and the energetic connection takes place as I connect with your energy and hold the energetic connection. Each person’s experience is different and unique.

At the end of the treatment, I will discuss any impressions (visions and feelings) and downloads (messages form your guides, angels, the archangels, etc.) that came through during the distant healing in a comprehensive report after the session is over, a call can also be arranged.

Cost: R450 / $60 (30 – 45 minutes).
*Please note: a 5% handling fee will be charged when paying via Paypal.**

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