All systems and methods of healing, coaching and education that I offer are a form of alternative energy medicine, they are not a substitute for conventional medical treatments, nor are the holistic tools that I use, such as essential oils, healing crystals, tarot cards, meditation, etc. These methods of healing are not meant to substitute or replace conventional psychological and medical treatment or diagnosis.

If you, or someone else, have a serious physical or psychological health concern, please visit your doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed medical practitioner, and make complementary alternative medicine part of a complete health care program. I do not diagnose conditions and never guarantee any healing in any case. I do not subscribe drugs and will not interfere with medical/psychological or pharmaceutical issues. 

The healing methods, guidance and workshops that I offer are practical, pleasant, natural and totally safe for anyone, and can be given along with any conventional or alternative treatment. I believe that in order for my services to be effective in your life there may be a certain amount of personal development and self-healing that is required. My healing methods work with the chosen tools (reiki, crystals, essential oils, tarot, etc.) and with other methods to assist you, and others, in facilitating your own healing.

None of the methods that I use require tissue manipulation or massage, and does not ever involve undressing (with the exception of shoe removal), or sexual contact of any kind under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse this practice under the pretext of spiritual, holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported to authorities promptly.

Any information and personal details that are discussed during a session with myself is private and is respected with the utmost confidentiality. If any news of child or elder abuse is brought my attention at any time, this information will be reported in full to the authorities, immediately, without exception.

A Tarot reading is no substitute for medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric counselling. A reading cannot provide you with diagnosis, treatment, or answers about serious money or psychological problems. However, as a supplement to services from the appropriate professional, a reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of the problem. Sometimes a conflict or block in life is so severe that it must be solved with a professional immediately, before you are ready to look at deeper issues. Yet the insight gained in a Tarot reading can reveal the behaviours and patterns within that led to the gridlock.

My services are offered as part of my practice as a Holistic Healing Practitioner and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual guidance. My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves, to commune with their Higher Spirit directly and to assist with Earthly self-healing, balance and improved whole (holistic) health.

Please note that these sessions are for intuitive guidance only. I ask that you use common sense above all else in your decision-making processes. Do not make any legal or medical decisions based on information received. I am not responsible for decisions made based on these sessions.

 ** The views and opinions expressed on this website, and all blog posts, are my own. I am not affiliated with any one person or oganisation. All views and opinions are expressed without prejudice.**

Professional Services offered to clients, and my personal philosophies of Holistic Tarot, how I believe the Tarot works

I offer the following services to my clients;

  • Intuitive crystal counselling
  • Reiki and Energetic Treatments
  • Chakra and Crystal Sessions
  • Distant Energy Work
  • Card Counselling Sessions
  • Holistic Wellness and Parenting Coaching
  • Holistic Education Certification Courses and Workshops

Holistic Tarot / Card Counselling
I believe that Holistic Tarot is a form of Spiritual Counselling, and another tool that we can use for personal growth and self-development. It is a combination of traditional tarot teaching, along with essential oils, healing crystals, meditation, affirmations, self-reflection work (like journaling) and intuitive interpretation of the messages received from your spiritual family and higher self. Like with crystal healing or aromatherapy, the tarot and oracle decks are tools through which energy flows.

I use holistic tarot, together with you, your guides, angelic family and higher self, to work through areas you may be struggling with, any life / spiritual questions you may have, to ‘check-in’ with your energetic body and chakra status and to formulate holistic action plans for your self-development ~ Spiritual Counselling paired with Holistic Self-Healing action plans! The most powerful sources of information come from within and the cards assist us with making contact with our higher-self to bring this information to a conscious, and physical level.

I use the representation on the cards, as well as my intuitive interpretation, as a tool through which your spiritual family and higher-self communicate loving messages and guidance to you.

How do my readings differ from a ‘traditional’ Tarot card reader?

All readings (whether in person, Skype or over email) are performed from a judgement-free zone. My main focus is on spiritual growth, self-awareness and personal development. I use both an intuitive and analytical approach to connect with your present self, higher self, and spiritual team. I believe that Tarot and Oracle have the remarkable ability to assess the energetic nature of a situation and empower us with the tools to work within that space, working similarly to the way in which healing crystals do. With this in mind, I do not seek answers from readings, but rather a direction for my clients to proceed so that they can learn to empower themselves, practice an open-mind, restore balance to the areas of their life where there were previously imbalanced and, ultimately, to achieve self-completeness. I encourage all to take the information received during these sessions and use it to your advantage; be open to the insight and let it empower you forward.

If you are unsure of any of the above outlined philosophies or services, please feel free to get in touch with me. I encourage and embrace questions about what I do and what I teach.