Tools to Empower Kids

Tools to Empower Kids

What kind of tools or resources do your kids have at their disposal when they’re sad, hurt, confused, grumpy, scared, apprehensive, or not feeling well? Do they know how to use these tools?

Do you teach them how to communicate their feelings and emotions, and allow them to understand what they’re feeling or thinking? Do you offer them tools to help them when they can’t find their words?

Have you ever considered how your kids perceive emotions, physical health, mental health, mood management, boundaries, personal space, actions and consequences, or their own wellbeing – and how these influence the different areas of their life – by how you approach, and manage, these areas of your own life?

It’s easy to forget they weren’t born with all the tools and knowledge that they need to navigate their world, and themselves. This comes with growth and experience – and who better to learn from than their parents?

Yesterday my daughter came home excited about her school botany project, because she knew exactly which plant she was going to tell her class about, and she knew all the ways that we depend on, or use, this particular plant in our every day life. She was referring to Lavender, and couldn’t wait to get started listing how Lavender benefits our health and healing, sleep, skin care, relaxation, bites and burns, and even cooking and cleaning 😉🌿

Essential oils are just one of the many tools available to her that she feels confident reaching for and using in her own self-care routines, as well as every day life – whether for her anxiety, if she has a mozzie bite, needs a little help concentrating on her homework, or just wants to add them to her bath at night, because I’ve always made them accessible to her and educated her on how they work with her body. When our children feel empowered, they feel in control and confident to make decisions🦁!

P.s. Have you heard that DoTERRA is finally coming to South Africa?? 😍😍 If you’re interested in finally being able to get your hands on these incredible tools, give me a shout! 💓

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