Use Tarot to deepen your relationship with your Guides

connecting with your guides using the TarotI’ve been working on strengthening my relationship with my Guides using the Tarot, and can I just say how incredibly enlightening it has been!✨

The Tarot is such a powerful tool to expand your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice, not to mention a tool to channel and receive loving guidance from your Spiritual Support family and Higher Self – so why would you not start a conversation?

I’ve always had a little trouble connecting with my Guides on a deeper level (and by this I mean understanding who they are – a passed family member, an Ascended Master, an Archangel, perhaps someone I’ve connected with in a past life, etc, and how they’re working with me on a daily or overall level), until I decided to use my Tarot deck.

I’ve always known they were there and have connected with them many times during meditation, readings, reiki etc but I was craving a deeper, more personal relationship with them. I guess I just needed the right medium!🐝

I’ve opened a Facebook Study Group so that I can share this with you lovely souls, so if you’re craving a deeper connection with your guides, and want to learn how to get to know them and how they’re working with you on your journey – click here to join the private Facebook Group where we can learn and grow together!

Kerry. xx
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