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Transpersonal Tarot 101

Transpersonal Tarot GuideStarting a Tarot practice can be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Like everything Metaphysical, there are many differing opinions and interpretations about Transpersonal, or Holistic, Tarot out there, and many different ways that people use different types of holistic tools. In Holistic Healing, the tool is not the focus, it is, rather, how we use it. So, in this case, and the way I teach Tarot use, your tarot card deck (or a traditional playing card deck) is the “tool”, or “instrument” that you will be using to assess and understand the state of your mind, body, and spirit.

In my Transpersonal Tarot Reading Course, you learn how to use this tool, your Tarot Deck, as a way to expand your self-awareness, consciousness, spiritual understanding, and receive opportunities for inner guidance and introspection in order to make better life decisions. In addition to this, you learn how to use cards as a tool for personal growth, self-improvement and spiritual development.

Notice here that I have mentioned nothing about being psychic.

How do the cards work?

Transpersonal Tarot works hand in hand with your energy and the Law of Attraction. Tarot Cards work off of our energy, and the energies that we are putting out into the Universe. To explain the Law of Attraction simply, it is the Universal Law that states “Like Attracts Like”. This law is governed by thought energy, our beliefs, emotional feelings and responses, and ultimately the decisions we make and actions that we take within our day to day lives.

The reason why Tarot Cards can be such an empowering and valuable tool is because they offer us an opportunity to examine the energies that we are emanating (which is what each of them represent), and what we will be likely attracting into our lives, either currently or over time, if we continue to put out those same energies, thoughts, emotions and actions.

I view Transpersonal Tarot as a form of Spiritual Coaching, or Counselling, paired with Holistic Self-Healing, and when we use Tarot Cards in a Holistic way, we become more aware of who we are and why we are the way we are (aka. Self-Awareness), we become aware of the bigger picture of the Universe and the beauty of Human Existence (The Story of The Fools Journey), and we gain an increased appreciation and respect for “Free Will” and “cause and effect” (aka. The Law of Attraction). And by doing so, we are addressing all aspects of our being – mind, body, and spirit. Transpersonal Tarot is a journey into The Self, it is your own personal counselling session, if you will, and is a tool that we can use every day, to successfully relieve stress, and live an empowered and mindful life by design.

The term ‘Transpersonal’ simply means “areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity”, and Transpersonal is exactly that, using the Tarot as a tool to address the health, well being and growth of all parts that make up a person – mind, body, and soul.

Interpreting your Cards

Now, not everything that I teach in my course is going to be covered in this post, but below I will share a simple guide and basic interpretations of your Tarot Deck that you can use to start exploring, understanding and using your cards as a tool for self-empowerment, healing, and growth.

To download your free beginners guide, click here.

Interested in exploring a deeper understanding of the Tarot, or becoming a certified Transpersonal Tarot Reader and Coach, click here.

Kerry. xx


Holistic Tarot

Use Tarot to deepen your relationship with your Guides

connecting with your guides using the TarotI’ve been working on strengthening my relationship with my Guides using the Tarot, and can I just say how incredibly enlightening it has been!✨

The Tarot is such a powerful tool to expand your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice, not to mention a tool to channel and receive loving guidance from your Spiritual Support family and Higher Self – so why would you not start a conversation?

I’ve always had a little trouble connecting with my Guides on a deeper level (and by this I mean understanding who they are – a passed family member, an Ascended Master, an Archangel, perhaps someone I’ve connected with in a past life, etc, and how they’re working with me on a daily or overall level), until I decided to use my Tarot deck.

I’ve always known they were there and have connected with them many times during meditation, readings, reiki etc but I was craving a deeper, more personal relationship with them. I guess I just needed the right medium!🐝

I’ve opened a Facebook Study Group so that I can share this with you lovely souls, so if you’re craving a deeper connection with your guides, and want to learn how to get to know them and how they’re working with you on your journey – click here to join the private Facebook Group where we can learn and grow together!

Kerry. xx
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Holistic Tarot

Some Valentines Day wisdom from the Romantic Fool

Valentines Day_self loveHappy Valentines Day friends!🌷

While you’re out reminding your loved ones just how much you care for and cherish them today, don’t forget to remind yourself!

There is no deeper love than the love we hold within us.

Welcome the Romantic Fool into your heart today, and enjoy the delirious intoxication that he brings to your senses, allow him to transform the grey of life into brilliant colours! 🎨When love is in your heart, you will see the goodness in everything.

Remember that no matter where the Romantic Fools arrow strikes, this is not the true source of your happiness, rather it is a mirror for the igniting of deep self-love in YOU! And that’s where genuine contentment lies.

Fall in love with yourself today, and you just may fall in love with life!!
Kerry. Xx
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Animal Medicine

Prairie Dog Medicine

prairie_dog_medicinePrairie Dog medicine teaches that strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind.

There is a lot of anger and angst in the world at the moment, and while I choose not to engage or participate, Prairie Dog medicine has come to me this morning to remind the greater collector that pushing too hard can create resistance, and this resistance does not allow for interaction.

In order to access gifts of inspiration and renewal, we must be at peace with ourselves and rested enough to recognize the blessings being offered. 🙏

My intention for this morning’s reading was to identify the energy for the upcoming month, and how best to work with it – not for myself, but the greater collective, all of us as ONE. 💛

Let Prairie Dog medicine remind us this month that, just as Native American warriors knew, there is a time to charge forward and a time to become invisible.
Do not be so proud and strong in the ego, that you lose your way, become consumed by the fight and forget when to retreat.
Retreat is not failure.
May we all find some peace in our hearts this month.

~ Kerry. Xx
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Holistic Tarot

Debunking Tarot Myths

tarot_not evil_wherehumrests

Hey, Guys! Today I want to talk about a topic that comes up quite often when discussing Tarot.
Some of the cards in a traditional Tarot deck, particularly the three depicted above, are often perceived as “evil”, “dark”, and even “sinister”… it’s no wonder people still hold such a negative opinion of the Tarot.

Well, to be brutally honest here, there is absolutely NOTHING evil about these cards or the Tarot in its entirety. IN FACT, these cards represent change, opportunities to rebuild, and the temptations that we find ourselves facing!

So, if they’re not evil, what are they then? 💁🏻 From a Holistic perspective;
~ THE TOWER represents the need or opportunity to rebuild, our foundation remains strong but what lies ahead of you is the chance to construct something better.
~ DEATH represent the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Simply put, Death implies a change – this change could be implied for a situation, a perspective or opinion, emotional changes or physical healing.
~ THE DEVIL represents the conflicts and temptations that we face on our journeys that may create hurdles or detours for us along the way.
~ THE HANGED MAN (not included in the above image) represents the need to take on a new perspective, or from taking on a new perspective a sense of enlightenment has been achieved. This card also represents us abandoning our ego and embracing our connection with our Higher Self and Source energy! 🙏

It is my personal opinion that when these cards appear in a spread, they come as a solution, an opportunity to overcome whatever undesirable solution we may find ourselves in – but as a reminder of Universal Guidance that with all our struggles in life, something even better is waiting on the horizon! ✨🙌

Interested in learning more about Holistic Tarot, and how to use it as a powerful coaching and self-healing tool?? Get in touch with me and let’s connect!! 💕
~ Kerry. Xx
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Holistic Tarot – ‘7 Chakra Health Check’ Spread

chakra-tarot-spread-wherehumrestsHey Guys!! Did you know that you can use your Tarot deck to check on the health and energetic state of your chakras??

Holistic Tarot is such an incredible wellness tool to use as part of your holistic practice, or to bring into your Sacred Healing Biz!! Using this spread before a chakra healing session (or any holistic healing session) with a client can give you energetic insight into the state of their chakras!

Just another reason why I absolutely adore using my Tarot as a holistic wellness tool! 💕

The Holistic Tarot Certification course opens again for enrollments just after Thanksgiving!! Are you ready to shine your light??? 💫

Add another level to your holistic practice and self-healing. Don’t miss out Lovelies! You can check the course curriculum out here, or book below!
~ Kerry. xx
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Holistic Tarot

Just go with the flow!

img_4275This morning I was compelled to do a reading to share from my “Myths & Mermaids” oracle deck. The more I work with this deck, the more in love I am with it.🐬
I’ve had a few conversations this week with people who are feeling a little overwhelmed by everything on their “to-do list” – so much to do and so little time!! Sound familiar?
This time of the year can become especially manic with everyone starting to plan for the holidays and wanting to make sure they get everything done. In fact, I experienced this just a couple weeks ago!!

I’m the type of person who wants to do everything, and I want to do it NOW!! And because of this, I have to remind myself of two things;
🐚 It’s okay to do things one at a time, so that my full potential, focus and care is going into each activity.
🐚 I need to do things at a pace that is right for me.

If I don’t, I end up feeling frazzled, stressed out and that I’m not accomplishing anything 🙅🏻

Today’s card is reminding us to do just this – to GO WITH THE FLOW and allow things to take their natural course.
This doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and wait for things to happen, no. What it does mean is allowing yourself to do things at a pace that is right for YOU, that you are comfortable with, and allowing yourself to move along with the flow of the process. 🌈

Learn to trust the process, not fight it and you may just find yourself more content, relaxed and peaceful. You may also be pleasantly surprised by the final outcome 😉🌟
Don’t get so caught up in the doing of things that you miss life happening around you. Take it one day at a time, be present and appreciate the work you are doing. Living each day according to a “to-do list” creates unnecessary stress and we can become so consumed by ticking things off the list that we miss out on what we really desire, and what we ARE actually achieving in the process. Set goals instead of tasks! When we become overwhelmed and stressed by our tasks, we are not enjoying what we’re doing. 🌟
~ Namaste, Kerry.
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~ Cleanse my Mind, Body, and soul. Part 1~

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits that a good detox has on your body; cleansing the body of toxins, regulating our moods and boosting our energy. But why do we stop with just the body? We may not always realise it, but our mind and soul collect just as many toxins as our physical body.

Think about hIMG_3186ow many things run through your mind every day, making sure that you have enough time to get everything done, something didn’t work our quite the way you wanted it to at work, a friend let you down, you’re late to fetch the kids from school and then you get stuck in traffic. Regardless of what your daily life looks like, we often have so much going on in our minds that we rarely every just switch off. So these thoughts accumulate, they go around and around and we go to bed tired, we wake up tired, and so the busy mind starts again.

And then we look at our environment, we are surrounded by energy, and because we are energetic beings it is so easy for us to ‘pick-up’ the yucky, energetic gunk around us. A conversation with a friend who is going through a hard time, it leaves her feeling lighter and consoled but leaves you feeling drained. This is because you have taken on that energetic gunk that she offloaded. It can be even simpler than that, you may be in a meeting room or lecture hall full of people, those people all have their own energetic gunk going on, and you may pick up on some of it (energetically speaking). We pick and drop off energy all day, every day, regardless of where we are and who we’re with.

Think of this energetic gunk as cobwebs, the longer we leave them there, the more dust and bugs they begin to collect ~ our body is the same, this energetic gunk starts collecting, restricting the natural flow of energy, and we can start to feel pretty damn awful!

When I made the decision to follow my dreams and pursue a career in holistic healing, I made a promise to myself to spend a little time each day alone, just me time. Not so easy. I really didn’t find it very easy setting time aside, to be honest, it felt more like a chore than anything else. But I pushed on, and the more I did it, the better I felt. It almost became a habit, and as the days went on, the more time I wanted to spend engaging in a holistic practice of some sort, whether in meditation, spending time with my crystals, doing breathing exercises, yoga, connecting with my spirit family and higher self through tarot and oracle decks, reading or simply soaking in the tub. I started seeing the value in it, and couldn’t understand why I made such a big deal out of it.

When I was getting my Reiki Masters, it was like the light bulb turned on, self-care was probably the most important aspect of any holistic healer and/ or coach. If I am all gunked-up with negative energy, and not taking the steps to ensure that I am cleaning my whole body (mental, emotional and physical), then I cannot be a clear channel through which beautiful, healing energy passes through. I wouldn’t make a very good reiki practitioner!

But this goes even further, as a holistic healer and coach, it is my goal to lift people up, to carry and guide them through their path to self-growth and healing. In order for me to be that emotional, mental and spiritual support that my clients need, I need to ensure that I am in check with myself. So, I do one thing (sometimes more) daily to ensure that I am functioning to my very best ability – mentally, physically and emotionally.

My favourite exercise is something that I have started doing at least twice a week ~ the MBS (Mind, Body, and Soul) Detox and Cleanse. It does wonders for me and gets rid of all the energetic gunk that may be mine, picked up from others, or simply absorbed for my environment. It’s like a new, clean and balanced me every week!

Regular MBS Detox and Cleanse (I like to think of as a whole detox) goes a long way to restoring our body’s natural flow of energy, resulting in us feeling more balanced, happy and energised. Those negative emotions and behaviours, like mood swings, stress, anxiety, insomnia, will start to dissipate. You will sleep better, eat better and feel 100 times better!

So what is this MBS Detox and Cleanse that I’m talking about and how do you do it?? You’ll have to come back tomorrow and read Part 2. 😉

~Love & Light~watermark 1 PNG


~ The Spring of my Journey ~


Today, instead of posting a daily reading, I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday.

It was a bit of a challenging day for me, personally. I had set myself the task of actually writing what had to go into the ‘my story’ section of my website, something I had been putting off and totally not excited about. You see, talking about myself whether written or spoken is not something that has ever come easily to me, in fact, I put it off most times or change the subject. It has definitely been one of the most difficult challenges that I have had to overcome. So, I sat down to my morning ritual, and my animal medicine cards called to me. A Bat medicine card jumped out of the deck before I had even begun to start shuffling properly. Bat Medicine it was, to guide me through the day.

Bat Medicine – Reminding me that in order for my rebirth, the old me needs to pass, I need to let go of all that is holding back that person, face my fears so that my authentic self can blossom and shine. Bat, together with the Rabbit (from our public reading), pretty powerful energies to guide me through this challenge 💪🌞 It took me most of the day, but I got it done… 😅

Sitting in bed last night I suddenly felt my vibration shift radically, it made me feel quite nauseous and I was suddenly completely exhausted. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I usually feel this vibration after I have done an MBS Detox and Cleanse, maybe not quite as long, or intense, though.

And then my dream… 💭

I dreamt that I was in the ocean, in the company of my loved ones and friends, when the deceased body of a young, blonde girl surfaced. She didn’t look like me, but I knew it was. I was completely shocked and crying heavily as I carried her body onto the shore and gave her body to someone whose face I couldn’t see very well, but all the while I had this incredible sense of calm. 😳 Crazy right? Yes, and no…

This was a message, an affirmation that the passing of the old me has happened. My writing about my story, and how I got to this place, has released the old energies and have allowed for my rebirth to take place!

Often there are times that we see, feel, and hear guidance and mesages that, if taken too literally, can scare the heck out of us (like a bat, or death)! The beauty of tarot, dreams, meditation, visions, or any medium through which we communicate and receive guidance from our higher-self and spirit family, is that it is only ever for our highest and greatest good. 

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I am always learning, healing and growing. Those who are too scared to face what they fear the most, may you find comfort and see how beautiful and courageous you are.

~Love & Light~watermark 2 PNG