Conscious Parenting

When Personal Development and Self-Healing count the most

Did you know that most women experience a spiritual awakening either during pregnancy or after giving birth?🤰🏻✨

When we become mothers, we go through major shifts on an emotional and physical level, but it also happens on an energetic (or spiritual) level.

Becoming a mom, even while we are still pregnant, there’s a shift in our awareness, not only of this new life that we are growing and protecting, but we become aware of who we are, how we function, what we believe in, who we connect to and resonate with as Divinity, how we feel about ourselves and what kind of person we are. 💕☀️👸🏻

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Heart Chakra: Physical and Energetic Physique

Heart Chakra properties Hello Beauties!!🌷Today we continue with our beautiful Heart Chakra – earlier this week we explored some of the areas of our lives that our Heart center has an influence on.

Today, let’s have a look at some of the common physical and mental (psychological) effects that imbalances in this center can create. 💚

Common psychological symptoms of an unbalanced Heart Chakra: relationship difficulties, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, co-dependency, feelings of apathy, difficulty with forgiving (yourself and others), hopelessness, difficulty trusting, not being able to commit to people / situations / tasks / projects, and feeling detached from yourself, others and your world.Physical imbalances in the heart space can manifest as; pneumonia, asthma, breast problems, respiratory problems, upper-back pain (between the shoulder blades), shoulder &

Physical imbalances in the heart space can manifest as; pneumonia, asthma, breast problems, respiratory problems, upper-back pain (between the shoulder blades), shoulder & upper arm pain, premature ageing, decreased lung capacity and poor quality of breath, poor circulation and a low immune system.

Do you recognise any of these issues in yourself, Lovely? I don’t share this information to scare you, please don’t think that! My goal is to educate you so that you can make empowered decisions for your health and wellbeing! We all experience these imbalances at one point or another, but in the next few days, we’ll explore some simple self-healing exercises that you can do to bring balance and healing to your Heart Chakra! Yay!! ✅🙌💚

Follow along, and bring your friends too! If you’ve just joined us, you can check out the three lower chakras in the feed below 👇

Wishing you all a beautiful day! Kerry. Xx
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I am Heart Chakra!

Hello Beauty! Today we begin the next chapter of our Chakra series – to learn a little more than the basics about our Heart Chakra!

I’m always so grateful that the information & education I share is able to reach so many,  if you’re enjoying this series I would love for you to pass it forward & share the love with your friends!

Our Heart Chakra, our fourth centre is located above our heart & lungs, and represents;
our ability to love & be loved,
to maintain a healthy balance in relationships,
empathy, compassion & the ability to forgive,
our morals & values.

So how do we know if our Heart Chakra is balanced or could use a little TLC?
☘️Balanced ~ You have no difficulty in acting kind, loving & respectful towards others & have healthy, respectful, win-win relationships. You have healthy self-appreciation & can say that you truly love, respect & appreciate the person you are! You are able to deal with loss in a healthy way, & allow yourself to forgive (yourself & others).
☘️Imbalanced – You’ve noticed that you act unkind & disrespectful towards others, & people can be unloving & disrespectful towards you. you may be in an unhealthy, imbalanced relationship & you often feel unhappy/sad. You don’t particularly care for the person that you are or have become, & tend to experience more negative emotions than good. You don’t deal with disappointment or loss well & tend to hold grudges.

If the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel detached from the world around you. Each breath we take connects us to our physical & spiritual world, and, if unbalanced can lead to a disconnection from the people we love, love for ourselves, & love for the Earth. Difficult relationships can heighten this and we can lose hope – we lose sight of beauty, love, empathy, & compassion.
If any of these resonate with you, or you wish to learn more, follow along as next we’ll learn simple self-healing exercises to bring you more balance & healing to this centre.
Love & Blessings, Kerry. X

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Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Meditation Hello Beautiful Souls! We are at the end of our Solar Plexus Chakra journey, and now that you have the basic knowledge and tools to heal, balance energise this centre, here is a simple Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation that will have you feeling more connected and energised.

You can use your beautiful Solar Plexus crystals & essential oils to assist this meditation! ✨

Find a comfortable space to sit or lay quietly & close your eyes.
☀️Focus your attention on your breath, take four deep breaths in, opening & extending your chest and exhale with a long ‘aaaah’ sigh.
☀️Find your attention on your Solar Plexus Chakra, your chakra of self-confidence, ambition, personal power, ego, manifestation, abundance, will, self-esteem and clairsentience.
☀️Notice its colour, how does it look today? Is it a bright, warm sunshine yellow, or a darker, muddy mustard colour? How does it feel today? Do you feel abundant, confident and have healthy boundaries in your life? Or are you feeling powerless, lacking motivation, or very rigid in your opinions – living in your ego? Whatever you notice, don’t judge yourself in this moment, only observe.
☀️Now imagine your Solar Plexus Chakra begin to start spinning in a clockwise direction, imagine the lotus petals of this Chakra open up & a vibrant yellow light filling into the center of this Chakra as it continues to spin, faster & faster, clearing out all the negative energy blocking it & replacing it with only brilliant, healing energy.
☀️Repeat the following (in your mind or out loud) “I am strong. I am powerful. I am confident”.
☀️Stay in this space for as long as you feel the need, trust your intuition here. You will know when your Chakra has had its fill.
☀️Once you feel that your Chakra is done, notice it’s spinning slow down as the yellow light begins to pull away, & the lotus petals close up and over your Chakra.
☀️Bring your attention back to your breath, your body & your environment and when you are ready open your eyes.☀️Chanting “RAM” (Raaaaahhhmmmm) during the above meditation is an alternative to the affirmation, or you can include it after your affirmations before closing your Chakra.

Have you been following this series? I’d love to hear from you!
🌷Kerry. Xx

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Self-Esteem: A Solar Plexus Chakra Topic

self-esteem; a solar plexus chakra issueHappy Saturday Loves! It’s been one hellova week, but let’s jump back into learning about our beautiful Solar Plexus Chakra!!

☀️Self-esteem is completely ruled by this center, and there is a simple lesson that was taught to me on self-esteem, and now I want to share it with you.

 Self-esteem can be viewed in two ways;
– “SELF-esteem” – meaning YOU feel how you feel about yourself based on YOUR own opinion of yourself, and there are those who have;
– “THEM-esteem”, meaning YOU feel how you feel about yourself based on the opinions of how OTHERS feel about you.

So my question for you today is to simply take a moment and ask yourself:
~ Do you have self-esteem, or do you have them-esteem?
~ If you have low self-esteem, why do you think poorly of yourself?
~ Are these thoughts really true, or are you being your own bully?
~ Do you have high self-esteem, and if so, what are some of the things that make you AMAZING?!?
~ If you have them-esteem, who’s opinions are you most worried about, and why?
~ Is it really necessary for you to be worried about the opinions of others or how they view you?
~ Do you really need the approval of others to be happy?
~ Are you a “people pleaser”, and if so, why do you work so hard try to please others? What are you gaining from pleasing them?‍♀️

I know it’s hard at times to be brutally honest with ourselves, but understanding what makes us feel, and act, certain ways about ourselves is the first step to taking our power back!! YEA BABY!! Empower yourself today, every atom of your being will thank you! ☀️
~ Kerry. X
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Flower Therapy for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Flower Therapy for the Solar Plexus ChakraMorning Lovelies!! Are you ready to start working on our gorgeous Solar Plexus Chakra?!? I sure am! 🙌🌕✨

As we know, flowers can have super healing effects on our chakras! 🌻With their simple elegance, vibrant colours and natural, grounding energy, flowers have a mystical way of not only raising our spirits but raising the vibrational energy of our subtle bodies too! 🌼Subconsciously, we are often drawn toward the flowers that most closely match our current state of being.

Each flower has a unique colour and Vibrational frequency that resonates with one, or more, of the seven chakras in our body.🌼

Flowers also help us balance our feminine energies, which is SUPER important when working with our Solar Plexus Chakra!! 🐯

Open eye Meditation with a particular flower can help us open and align that particular chakra that may need healing. ⭐️If you want to bring more balance or healing into your Solar Plexus Chakra, opt for YELLOW flowers to be in your space;
~ Calla Lillies
~ Peonies
~ Daffodils
~ Iris
~ Hibiscus
~ Frangipani
~ Freesia
~ Black-eyed Susan
~ Yellow Roses, and
~ Sunflowers are great choices!
You can also use a photograph or painting of the desired flowers.

🌻Learning about our Chakras, and simple healing exercises, isn’t a complicated subject, in fact, it’s more natural and simple than you think! 💛What are some of your favourite Chakra healing exercises, Lovely? I’d love to hear from you!
Love and Light, Kerry. Xx
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Holistic Wellness

Affirmations for Self-Healing: Divine Guidance

affirmations for self-healing and personal development I haven’t shared one of these for a while and Hump Day is just as good a day as any other to do so! So, today’s affirmation is about releasing confusion and seeking clarity from Divine Guidance.

Every day we have the ability to find some way of asking our spiritual support system for clarity. Adjust the affirmation below to your own needs by specifically naming what it is you are confused about.
~ Are you conflicted about whom to trust, you might be seeking clarity on how to be understood and heard by others, are you unable to make a choice when you are presented with more than one choice, or perhaps you feel frustrated by the lack of choice in your life?

Asking for clarity opens the way for everything the Universe wants to deliver to you, without clarity you wouldn’t be able to notice or receive the messages that are continuously being delivered to you.

Meditate on this affirmation, and allow yourself to be open and receptive to the answers: “God and Spirit (or Universe, My Higher Self, the Angels, My Spiritual Support Family, Buddha, Jesus, etc), I seek your guidance today. I ask for clarity of mind and heart. Please help me release myself from my confusion which is born of the past and let me see everything as if for the first time. Shower your blessings upon me and surprise me with joy. Today, I seek clarity and guidance from my Higher Self so that I may make decisions that are right for me”. 🙏🏼

You are Divinely connected, Lovely. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance.
~ Kerry. xx
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Courage: A Sacral Chakra Topic

sacral chakra workshop - courage Let’s talk Courage! This topic has been knocking at my door today so clearly I needed to post about it.

Associated with our Sacral Chakra, courage is a big topic since FEAR is what holds us back from living a happy, fulfilled life that is in line with our most authentic selves and deepest desires.

If fear didn’t hold you back, what are some things in your life that you would do or do differently?

Make a list of these things, and understand that the first things that come to your mind are the things that your heart truly wants! ✨
This list may be overwhelming (it may include LIFE CHANGING things like a move, a job change, a religious shift, unfriending toxic friends, adopting a child, changing your gender or sexual preference, or a divorce, for example, or it may be small things like eat more leafy greens, drink more water, spend more quality time with your partner, take an art class, play more with your children), but try to make a point to take these things into consideration, and also understand the fears that may be keeping you from doing and having what it is that you really want. ✨

Baby steps are super important and can make the thought of facing your fears and making healthy changes much less scary. If you do find yourself becoming overwhelmed, the following affirmation can assist in releasing your fears;

“Today I will let go of all fear. I will realise that fear comes from how I perceive myself, and not myself. My ego is a perception that I have created and by letting go of my ego I am able to embrace the truth inside me, which is fearless. EGO is simply another word for Edging Greatness Out. Whenever my ego overshadows my spirit it creates tension in my body. By overcoming this fear, I will embrace this sensation of fear by feeling it and then I will take the courageous step to doing that which I fear! I will not fight my fear or my ego; I will witness them, I will experience them, I will observe myself without judgement. Today I will observe my fear and my witnessing of it will transform”.

Don’t fear your dreams lovely.
If you are interested in learning more about yourself, how to overcome your fears and how to bring more balance and healing into your energetic anatomy – check out my personal development courses!
Kerry. Xx
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Essential Oils

Why use essential oils for holistic healing?

essential oils for holistic healingWell because they’re awesome!! 😜 Seriously, though, I often get asked why I use essential oils as a tool for holistic healing, and how they work?

🌿Essential Oils are Mother Nature’s Medicine!! They have countless uses, and have been used specifically for emotional aromatherapy for thousands of years! I believe they are the best tool you can use for immediate stress relief, mood management and emotional health and wellbeing!!
🌿Nowadays, essential oils are used for a variety of purposes, from minor first aid to lifestyle and beauty products, and even alternative medicine.

Personally, I use, and teach about, essential oils for;
🌾Chakra Balancing – along with reiki, healing crystals, sound healing, etc.
🌾Space Clearing and adding good vibes to your Environment
🌾Mood Management
🌾Emotional and Spiritual Self-Healing
🌾Spiritual Development

If Holistic Healing, using Essential Oils and healing crystals, growing your spiritual development, or living a more holistic life is something you are interested in, for your own self-healing, or to pursue a career as a holistic healer, let’s connect!
✨Living the life you dream of is within your reach, Lovely, you just have to give yourself permission to take it!
~ Love & Light, Kerry. X
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Holistic Tarot

Debunking Tarot Myths

tarot_not evil_wherehumrests

Hey, Guys! Today I want to talk about a topic that comes up quite often when discussing Tarot.
Some of the cards in a traditional Tarot deck, particularly the three depicted above, are often perceived as “evil”, “dark”, and even “sinister”… it’s no wonder people still hold such a negative opinion of the Tarot.

Well, to be brutally honest here, there is absolutely NOTHING evil about these cards or the Tarot in its entirety. IN FACT, these cards represent change, opportunities to rebuild, and the temptations that we find ourselves facing!

So, if they’re not evil, what are they then? 💁🏻 From a Holistic perspective;
~ THE TOWER represents the need or opportunity to rebuild, our foundation remains strong but what lies ahead of you is the chance to construct something better.
~ DEATH represent the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Simply put, Death implies a change – this change could be implied for a situation, a perspective or opinion, emotional changes or physical healing.
~ THE DEVIL represents the conflicts and temptations that we face on our journeys that may create hurdles or detours for us along the way.
~ THE HANGED MAN (not included in the above image) represents the need to take on a new perspective, or from taking on a new perspective a sense of enlightenment has been achieved. This card also represents us abandoning our ego and embracing our connection with our Higher Self and Source energy! 🙏

It is my personal opinion that when these cards appear in a spread, they come as a solution, an opportunity to overcome whatever undesirable solution we may find ourselves in – but as a reminder of Universal Guidance that with all our struggles in life, something even better is waiting on the horizon! ✨🙌

Interested in learning more about Holistic Tarot, and how to use it as a powerful coaching and self-healing tool?? Get in touch with me and let’s connect!! 💕
~ Kerry. Xx
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