Change: A time of Beautiful Transformation

crystals-for-change-wherehumrestsHello Lovelies! Change can be such a beautiful experience, but can also be completely terrifying. 🙈

There are so many beautiful people that I know at the moment going through these changes, so it’s only appropriate that this came up in my crystal reading this morning. ⚫️⚪️

At times we’re afraid of making changes because we don’t know what will happen. Take comfort knowing that the changes you are going through are for the best. You’re walking through a gate into a NEW LIFE! ✨

Don’t worry about your future, it’s all going to work out just fine – that’s why you are now going through these changes! ⭐️
These changes come, in part, because you’re growing older. It’s okay for you to change, change is a part of life. You’re letting go of things that no longer work well for you, and you’re bringing in the new. 🌱 These changes may seem to make friends and family act differently, but in the end, everyone will seem closer, you’ll make new friends and form new relationships through this process, people that serve your higher good will be attracted into this new space you are creating for yourself. 💛
It is important now, more than ever, to take are care if yourself (mind, body, emotions and soul, nourish your spirit and participate in loving acts towards yourself because even though change is good, it can create stress that affects your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Seek comfort and support from someone close to you at this time, someone you can talk to and who will hold your hand during this time. 💛

Your beautiful crystals and essential oils can provide a HUGE amount of support during times of change.

Crystals used in this grid; 
⚫️ Black Obsidian ~ A grounding stone that helps us to “see our dark side”. When working with black obsidian during times of change, we are able to take a long, hard look at ourselves, and then smile. Working with black obsidian during these times will assist with the release of negative emotions that we may experience, like irritability and tension. Wearing black obsidian, or carrying it with you, will keep you grounded and protected from negative energies too.
⚫️ Apache Tears ~ A type of obsidian, but a powerful emotional healer. Working with Apache Tears during times of change assist us with the clearing of emotional blockages, assisting with behavioural changes, help detx the body of negative energetic gunk, and help us deal with difficult emotions like grief and forgiveness, allowing us to physically shed tears uninhibitedly.
⚫️ Snowflake Obsidian ~  Another type of obsidian, this time helping us overcome feelings of fear and vulnerability that come with change. Working with Snowflake Obsidian assist us with seeing all aspects, including ourselves, situations and others, clearly so that we can actively participate in the tranformation from negative to positive, balancing our mind, body and spirit.
⚫️ Clear Quartz ~ The Master Healer, and the feel better stone! Offering us clarity when things seem hazy and unclear, clear quartz brings radiant energy into our space, releiving negativity and promoting healing!

Essential Oils for Change: 
⚪️ Breathe EO Blend and White Fir EO used together in times when we begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the process of change (especially emotionally) will assist us regulating our breath, calming and grounding us and promoting inner peace, stability and emotional balance.
⚪️ Lavender Essential Oil stimulates our Third Eye, helping us to “find the silver lining” and see the bigger picture, to view life a new, honest and whole perspective in times of change.
⚪️ Elevation Essential Oil Blend lifts out spirit, revitalises us, and boosts our confidence!

Change is not always an easy journey, but if you approach it in the right way, are loving and nurturing towards yourself and find a space / person where you feel safe, and work with your healing tools to manage your moods and bring comfort and promote healing, the process will be a beautiful one. If you can learn to enjoy life’s changes, you may just enjoy life itself a little more. 💫  If you are interested in receiving a personalised reading, you can book below. To purchase any of the oils mentioned above, visit the Shop tab on my Menu above. I hope these tools bring you some support and love during these times of change. If you would like to learn more about how to use these tools for your own self-healing, get in touch with me, I will be more than happy to walk you through this personal development journey.
~ Love & Light, Kerry 💕
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~ The Spring of my Journey ~


Today, instead of posting a daily reading, I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday.

It was a bit of a challenging day for me, personally. I had set myself the task of actually writing what had to go into the ‘my story’ section of my website, something I had been putting off and totally not excited about. You see, talking about myself whether written or spoken is not something that has ever come easily to me, in fact, I put it off most times or change the subject. It has definitely been one of the most difficult challenges that I have had to overcome. So, I sat down to my morning ritual, and my animal medicine cards called to me. A Bat medicine card jumped out of the deck before I had even begun to start shuffling properly. Bat Medicine it was, to guide me through the day.

Bat Medicine – Reminding me that in order for my rebirth, the old me needs to pass, I need to let go of all that is holding back that person, face my fears so that my authentic self can blossom and shine. Bat, together with the Rabbit (from our public reading), pretty powerful energies to guide me through this challenge 💪🌞 It took me most of the day, but I got it done… 😅

Sitting in bed last night I suddenly felt my vibration shift radically, it made me feel quite nauseous and I was suddenly completely exhausted. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I usually feel this vibration after I have done an MBS Detox and Cleanse, maybe not quite as long, or intense, though.

And then my dream… 💭

I dreamt that I was in the ocean, in the company of my loved ones and friends, when the deceased body of a young, blonde girl surfaced. She didn’t look like me, but I knew it was. I was completely shocked and crying heavily as I carried her body onto the shore and gave her body to someone whose face I couldn’t see very well, but all the while I had this incredible sense of calm. 😳 Crazy right? Yes, and no…

This was a message, an affirmation that the passing of the old me has happened. My writing about my story, and how I got to this place, has released the old energies and have allowed for my rebirth to take place!

Often there are times that we see, feel, and hear guidance and mesages that, if taken too literally, can scare the heck out of us (like a bat, or death)! The beauty of tarot, dreams, meditation, visions, or any medium through which we communicate and receive guidance from our higher-self and spirit family, is that it is only ever for our highest and greatest good. 

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I am always learning, healing and growing. Those who are too scared to face what they fear the most, may you find comfort and see how beautiful and courageous you are.

~Love & Light~watermark 2 PNG


~ Monday Mandala : Crystal clear intentions ~


A crystal mandala (or crystalgrid) to set the tone for the week 😀 This was made intuitively as guidance for myself, and anyone else that it calls too! And wow! Our direction is coming through loud and clear ~ balance, clarity (of mind) and crystal clear intentions are what we need to strive for this week 🔆 When do we not need that on a Monday? 😉

Clear Quartz, Jasper, Howlite and Agate provide us with an earthy, grounding combination of protection, balance, and clarity of mind! Could you ask for anything better to set the week off?? 🙌 #mondaymotivation ✨⭐️

Clear Quartz is a powerful healer, amplifying intentions and energy, and protecting from negativity. “I am focused in all that I do”. 💛

Howlite opens and prepares out mind to receive guidance and wisdom from our higher self and spiritual family. Maximizing the flow of energy through our physical bodies, Howlite assists us with clarity of the mind and the elimination of stress & anxiety. “I am pure & clear” 🐚

Jasper, known as the supreme healer, this grounding crystal helps us with focus, motivation, and organizational skills. This powerful stone absorbs all that icky stress and negative energy, bringing balance to our bodies, mind, and emotions. “I am grounded and focused on the task at hand”. ❤️gate brings a delicate energy that helps us achieve balance and stability, improving our mental functions providing clarity. The gentle giant works behind the scenes to overcome any negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. 🌈

Agate brings a delicate energy that helps us achieve balance and stability, improving our mental functions providing clarity. The gentle giant works behind the scenes to overcome any negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. 🌈

what vibe do you get from this grid? I’d love to hear your what you have to say!

Wishing you all a focused and abundant week ahead! Go out, set your intentions and then watch them manifest ⭐️⭐️ ~Love & Light ~ ❤️💛💚💙💜💗watermark 2 PNG

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~ Gratitude Matters ~


… Name 5 things you were grateful for today and end your day with a #grateful heart. If we go to bed with gratitude in our hearts, we will wake with a grateful heart too. 💙 Gratitude matters!! This simple practice is so “simple” and taken for granted, but can have immeasurable effects of your heart and your life. ⭐️ A grateful heart is a contented heart. A contented heart is a simple heart. And a simple heart leads to a simplified life. 🌿 💕

Gratitude opens the door to simplicity. By choosing #gratitude for something or someone, you will care for them, enjoy them, and waste less energy feeling unfulfilled and seeking more. 🙏🏼✨ We live in a time that preaches discontentment, wanting and needing more that pleases and satisfies temporarily, only to seek further fulfillment. If you choose gratitude in your current existence, you will find that you become less influenced by these empty promises, and find fulfillment and pleasure in the things and people that matter the most – you, your life and your loved ones. 💙 Design the life you deserve, live authentically. 💕🙏🏼💫

~Love & Light, Kerry ~watermark 1 PNG