Crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Crystals for the Solar Plexus ChakraHappy Wednesday Light Lovers!

As we’ve already learnt, different healing crystals and gemstones can help restore Chakra energy flow and balance.

☀️So when you’re feeling like your Solar Plexus Chakra needs a little TLC, here are some sparkly Crystal babies that resonate with this centre;
🌼Tiger’s Eye
🌼Yellow Aventurine
🌼Yellow Jasper
🌼Lemon Quartz
🌼Yellow Tourmaline An open, balanced energy centre enables us to feel confident and empowered. Our sparkly crystals help us when this centre gets a little off-balance and we become emotionally unsteady, lethargic, and sometimes even aggressive. Each of these Solar Plexus Crystals

An open, balanced energy centre enables us to feel confident and empowered, and our sparkly crystals help us when this centre gets a little off-balance and we become emotionally unsteady, lethargic, and sometimes even aggressive.

Each of these Solar Plexus Crystals holds their own metaphysical properties and work with us is different areas of our lives influenced by this centre.

Wanna know more about how to balance your life (and chakras) with these gorgeous babies?
Get in touch with me. 🙏🌷
Love & Light, Kerry. Xx
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Self-Esteem: A Solar Plexus Chakra Topic

self-esteem; a solar plexus chakra issueHappy Saturday Loves! It’s been one hellova week, but let’s jump back into learning about our beautiful Solar Plexus Chakra!!

☀️Self-esteem is completely ruled by this center, and there is a simple lesson that was taught to me on self-esteem, and now I want to share it with you.

 Self-esteem can be viewed in two ways;
– “SELF-esteem” – meaning YOU feel how you feel about yourself based on YOUR own opinion of yourself, and there are those who have;
– “THEM-esteem”, meaning YOU feel how you feel about yourself based on the opinions of how OTHERS feel about you.

So my question for you today is to simply take a moment and ask yourself:
~ Do you have self-esteem, or do you have them-esteem?
~ If you have low self-esteem, why do you think poorly of yourself?
~ Are these thoughts really true, or are you being your own bully?
~ Do you have high self-esteem, and if so, what are some of the things that make you AMAZING?!?
~ If you have them-esteem, who’s opinions are you most worried about, and why?
~ Is it really necessary for you to be worried about the opinions of others or how they view you?
~ Do you really need the approval of others to be happy?
~ Are you a “people pleaser”, and if so, why do you work so hard try to please others? What are you gaining from pleasing them?‍♀️

I know it’s hard at times to be brutally honest with ourselves, but understanding what makes us feel, and act, certain ways about ourselves is the first step to taking our power back!! YEA BABY!! Empower yourself today, every atom of your being will thank you! ☀️
~ Kerry. X
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Black Onyx

Black OnyxGood Morning Loves!! 🖤 I was recently gifted the most beautiful chunk of Black Onyx (pictured) by a dear friend, and I wanted to share all of the gorgeous properties this amazing beauty has… it’s like Smokey Quartz on steroids!!!

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone, absorbing and transmuting negative energies 🖤

Not only is this Crystal great for times of stress, confusion or grief as it develops emotional and physical strength & stamina… but it is wonderful for meditation, healing old wounds, assisting with wise decision-making and helps with self-discipline!

This powerful stone encourages happiness and good fortune to those who work with it, allowing you to master your destiny!! 🙌🖤

I would highly recommend this baby as a part of your Crystal collection!
Namaste 🙏 Kerry. Xx
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Flower Therapy for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Flower Therapy for the Solar Plexus ChakraMorning Lovelies!! Are you ready to start working on our gorgeous Solar Plexus Chakra?!? I sure am! 🙌🌕✨

As we know, flowers can have super healing effects on our chakras! 🌻With their simple elegance, vibrant colours and natural, grounding energy, flowers have a mystical way of not only raising our spirits but raising the vibrational energy of our subtle bodies too! 🌼Subconsciously, we are often drawn toward the flowers that most closely match our current state of being.

Each flower has a unique colour and Vibrational frequency that resonates with one, or more, of the seven chakras in our body.🌼

Flowers also help us balance our feminine energies, which is SUPER important when working with our Solar Plexus Chakra!! 🐯

Open eye Meditation with a particular flower can help us open and align that particular chakra that may need healing. ⭐️If you want to bring more balance or healing into your Solar Plexus Chakra, opt for YELLOW flowers to be in your space;
~ Calla Lillies
~ Peonies
~ Daffodils
~ Iris
~ Hibiscus
~ Frangipani
~ Freesia
~ Black-eyed Susan
~ Yellow Roses, and
~ Sunflowers are great choices!
You can also use a photograph or painting of the desired flowers.

🌻Learning about our Chakras, and simple healing exercises, isn’t a complicated subject, in fact, it’s more natural and simple than you think! 💛What are some of your favourite Chakra healing exercises, Lovely? I’d love to hear from you!
Love and Light, Kerry. Xx
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I am Solar Plexus Chakra!

solar plexus chakra Hello Beauty!☀️Today we begin the next chapter of our Chakra series – to learn a little more than the basics about our Solar Plexus Chakra! 🌞

I’m always so grateful that the information and holistic education I share is able to reach so many 💕🙏 If you’re enjoying our Chakra series & learning how to bring balance and healing to these areas of your life, I would love for you to pass it forward & share the love with your friends! So please tags them below and let’s jump in. 🐝

Our Solar Plexus Chakra, our third centre is located just above our naval and represents;
✨our personal power house,
✨our self-confidence,
✨our self-esteem and will power,
✨our motivation and ambition,
✨our beliefs and value systems,
✨our ability to respect FREE WILL,
✨personal boundaries (ours and the boundaries of others),
✨our motivation,
✨our career,
✨our ability to manifest abundance,
✨and our independence.

So how do we know if our Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced or could use a little TLC?
🐝Balanced ~ You think highly of the person You are & your ability to be successful & abundant in all areas of your life. You have a strong will & a healthy sense of personal power. You are motivated to pursue your goals in a healthy & proactive way that brings joy, success & personal fulfilment”.
🐝Imbalanced – You have low self-esteem & base your self-worth on the opinions of others. You generally feel insecure & unconfident in your abilities to accomplish your goals & dreams, you avoid offering your effort & ideas due to a fear of failing. You tend to seek & need recognition from others to feel appreciated. You feel powerless to build the life that you desire & often settle for less than you know you deserve. You struggle to feel motivated and often feel unfulfilled.

If our solar centre becomes unbalanced, we tend to feel stressed all the time & powerless to gain control, leaving us mentally & physically exhausted. We may have “gut” feelings but are not sure of what or where they come from, contributing to your distress & discomfort.

If any of these triggered something in you don’t worry, Lovely, next we’ll learn simple self-healing exercises to bring you more balance & healing.
~ Kerry. X
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Why your Crystal Grid isn’t working

Is your crystal grid not working?

Hello Loves! I want to talk to you about something that is SUPER important when working with your crystals, whether for self-healing, in crystal grids, for client healing sessions and even for protection – PROGRAMMING YOUR CRYSTALS.

💎As you know, crystals and gems have so many healing properties and ways that they help us in the different areas of our lives, it’s important that when using them for a specific purpose – like in grids – that we program them for the specific purpose in which we want them to work for us.

☀️Without programming them, they will more likely attune themselves to the energy that you are reflecting. For example, citrine works with our Solar Plexus Chakra assisting our self-esteem and personal power but is also known as the “money stone” and helps us attract wealth and abundance. When working with citrine in a Crystal grid to attract more abundance into your life, making sure you programme these stones to do just that, you’ll become frustrated and question why they aren’t working.

If you’re interested in learning more about crystals, or want to become a certified Vibrational Crystal healer, drop me a note below.
Have a sparking day Loves!
Kerry. Xx
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African Turquoise

African Turquoise - Where Hum RestsHave you heard about African Turquoise?? Often mistaken for common Turquoise, African Turquoise is its own incredibly unique stone.

A teal, speckled form of jasper, this African stone offers amazing qualities and energies and is considered the ‘Stone of Evolution’ in Africa!

This particular type of Turquoise brings about, and assists with, major shifts and transformation in our lives! Its encouraging energy opens our minds to the possibility of new (things, opportunities, thoughts, mindsets, ways of life, paradigms..) and helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis, within ourselves and within humanity. Traditionally, African Turquoise was used by tribe members during initiation periods to access the knowledge and guidance of the ancestors during these times of change and growth, initiating the pathway to a clear and focused mind.

Use African Turquoise to work with your Third Eye Chakra when seeking guidance and knowledge from your Higher Self, and when wanting to understand your true soul purpose.

It encourages those on personal development and self-empowerment journeys and offers balance and confidence necessary to keep pushing on when the process gets a little tough (as we all know it can at times!).Carrying African Turquoise with you, or wearing it, will renew your spirit, boost the flow of energy within and around you, and help you more clearly see your life path – strengthening all bodies (energetic, physical, mental and emotional) while you grow, transform and ascend.
~ Kerry. Xx

If you would like to learn more about healing crystals, or how to become a certified crystal healer, shoot me a message!
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Flower Therapy for the Sacral Chakra

flower therapy for the sacral chakraAs we learnt in the Base Chakra, flower therapy (or flower healing) can have super healing effects on our chakras! With their simple elegance, flowers have a mystical way of not only raising our spirits but raising the vibrational energy of any room too.

Subconsciously, we tend to draw toward the flowers that most closely match our current state of being. Each flower has a unique colour and vibrational frequency that resonates with one or more of the seven chakras in our body.

Open eye Meditation with a particular flower can help us open and align that particular chakra that may need healing.

If you want to bring more balance or healing into your Sacral Chakra, buy or plant ORANGE flowers;
~ Day Lillies
~ California Poppies
~ Chrysanthemum
~ Marigolds
~ Lillies
~ Tulips and my personal favourites
~ Ranunculus

Learning about your Chakras and simple healing exercises doesn’t need to be a complicated subject, in fact, it’s more natural and simple than you think!
What are some of your favourite Chakra healing exercises, Lovely?
I’d love to hear from you!

Love and Light, Kerry.
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Healing properties of Sea Shells

healing properties of shells

We all love them, and have certainly collected many of them in our lives, but did know that the beautiful sea shells that we collect and use to decorate our lives have healing properties, like our sparkly healing crystals, that offer another level to our self-healing practices?

With their birthplace being concentrated in sea salt (we’re talking about the ocean here), and sacred geometry being an integral part of their make-up, shells have long been used by ancient tribes around the world as protectors from negative energies, and as tools to stimulate intuition and spiritual connection.

Because of the Moon’s influence on the ocean, sea shells also hold the energy of the Moon. Many shells, particularly sea snails and the nautilus (shown in image), form on a spiral, a powerful symbol of the Pagan Great Mother Goddess.

Shells have been used for centuries by many ancient, and modern day tribes, for a number of purposes – healing, protection, spell work, self-love practice, currency, and spiritual  & psychic awareness and growth/enhancement to name a few. For example, sea shells can contain and enhance Reiki with their shape, size, and structure, allowing a gentle but powerful healing energy that works with the healer to cleanse, balance and harmonise the aura and chakras!

Specific types of sea shells, like healing crystals, have specific healing properties. Abalone, for example, is commonly used to contain herbs and crystals, worn and used as a protection amulet to assist with general energetic protection and to ease feelings of anger, depression, fear, and sadness. Abalone has also been used to attract inspiration and creativity to those who carry it, wear it or even meditate with it.

healing properties of shellsBut what about the other types of sea shells?

There are very many types of sea shells from all over the world, but here are a few of the shells that I was taught the metaphysical meanings of.

🐚 Abalone Shell – communication, peace and beauty (self-love).
🐚 Clams, Muscles & Oysters – Purification, love and good fortune. Small clam shells were given as talismans (or tokens) of love.
🐚 Pearls (not a shell, but have an energetic bond with shells and ocean healing) – Pearls resonate with the Heart Chakra, and aid healing in this centre. They are said to take on the energy or the emotion of the wearer, positive or negative, and therefore should be cleansed often. However, charging Pearls with Heart Chakra crystals, or other high vibe stones, will assist with strengthening the body and heart, encouraging feelings of love, beauty, gentleness, comfort and inner peace. On a phsyical level, Pearls can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, assist with digestion and reduce the change of stomach ulcers.
🐚 Mother of Pearl (not shell specific) – Traditionally used to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination (much like the shell of the Abalone), more modern uses include attracting prosperity, protection from negative energy and transmutation of negative energy. Mother of Pearl is helpful when treating high blood pressure, improving vision and accelarating wound healing (post-op or general).
🐚 Cone Shells – Traditionally used for protection. Personally, I use them to channel and direct energy (think single terminated quart points) in Reiki, Crystal healing sessions and in crystal grids.
🐚 Pansy Shell (Sand Dollar / Sea Biscuit) – My personal favourite!! If you’ve ever held a Pansy shell in your hand, you’ll notice how fragile its shell is, yet how strong its vibration is. Pansy shells hold the wisdom and information that we need in order to make necessary changes for healing, growth, spiritual expansion and transendance. Pansy Shells, formed around the 5-pointed star of sacred geometry, teaches us; to be gentle in our approach in life regardless of environmental conditions, to go with the flow and be flexible in our thinking and to work on changing belief systems that are detrimental to us, replacing them with new healthy belief systems without blaming ourselves or others. When we have faith we connect with the strength within and anything is possible. (There is a really great article here that explain the medicine of a Pansy Shell in more detail.)
🐚 Cowrie Shells – Used to maifest prosperity and abundance, particularly finanacial. According to African legend, if you are attracted to cowrie shells you could be family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth. It has also been said that Cowrie shells hold Goddess protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. Throughout Africa, and South and North America, the cowrie symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity, and is still believed to teach stories of humility and respect to all those who possess them.
🐚 Limpet Shells – Courage, confidence, physical strength.
🐚 Moon Shells – Psychic awareness, purification, and peace.
🐚 Whelk Shells – Use for making dramatic, positive changes in your life.
🐚 Olive Shells – Cleansing and healing.

I encourage you to form your own relationships with your sea shells, as you would your healing crystals, and use your intuition to see how they ‘speak’ to you. Here is a simple way you can connect with your sea shells:
🐚 Cleanse and charge your sea shells the way you would your crystals
🐚 Hold one shell (one type) in your left hand, your receiving hand, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to relax (you can meditate before hand and set your intention to energeticall connect with your shells, or you can fall into a semi-meditative state, either method have worked for me in the past, but do what feels right for you)
🐚 With your eyes closed, and shell gently placed in your left hand, notice any of the below sensations;
~ How does your body feel physically, do you feel any sensations in a particular area or part of your body?
~ Does the shell elicit any sensations in your subtle bodies, perhaps a particular chakra?
~ Does the shell elicit any particular thoughts or visions?
~ Does the shell bring up any particular memories, or emotions?
~ How does the shell make you feel overall – safe, insecure, calm, lucky, energised, etc?
Noticing these kinds of sensations will give you some insight into how that perticular shell can, or wants to, work with you.

I hope you enjoy discovering the magic of your sea shells! If you have any questions about the healing properties of sea shells or how to incorporate them into your personal or professional practice, shoot me a message below.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. x
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What are Healing Crystals?

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Today I want to talk about sparkly healing crystals!! Yay!! I want to address a topic that comes up quite often.

What are Healing Crystals, and do they have magical powers?

healing-crystals-wherehumrestsHealing Crystals are simply gemstones that are found in nature, taken from the earth and used for their unique metaphysical and vibrational properties during crystal healing sessions, meditation, or as pieces to have within your environment, used as a holistic tool to improve the energy of your space.

They acquired the name ‘crystals’ from their unique, natural formations during creation in the ground. Crystals are natural energy transmuters and amplifiers, and their perfect geometric crystalline structure makes them amazing tools for helping to “tune” the vibrations of our chakras.

They also help us to calm and focus our mind, and help us to attract more of the energy that we want in our lives. Clear Quartz, for example, acts as a natural “storage device” and can be used to amplify our thought energy (our intentions), making them an amazing tool for working with the Universal Law of Attraction!

Now, this is all WAY advanced stuff, and I go over all of this in more detail in the crystal healing course I offer, but I hope this at least gives you an idea of what healing crystals are and how they are commonly used.

Raw chunks of crystal and stone are often placed in machines that sand and polish them into smooth pieces, which are often referred to as “tumbled stones”, and this is the type of healing crystal that seems to be most popular among practitioners and self-healers. Personally, I love my tumbled crystals!

Do crystals have magical healing powers? I get asked this a LOT and I’m to be very honest and say that the way that I use healing crystals and resonate with how they work is my own way, so I am bit bias here… I personally don’t believe in “magic”, at least in the conventional way that the term is most often used, but some people do. However, I do believe that belief (and intention) is the most powerful force in the Universe, so, with that in mind, if someone truly and deeply believes that crystals have magical healing powers, perhaps maybe for them, they do!

I am more of a practical user of crystals, but I am a HUGE believer in miracles, Universal Source and the power of intention, positive thought, energy and the strength and will of the human Spirit. I believe the real power of healing is within us, and we use healing crystals as a pure and brilliant vibratory tool that aids us in bringing more balance to the natural vibrations within our energy body. I also resonate with being able to use them as tools for energy transmutation (basically purifying energy – recycling negative vibe energy into positive vibe energy, similar to a water filtering system), and the ability to help us amplify our strong and positive intentions that we set forth to bring upon our own emotional and spiritual self-healing.

I view Conscious Beings as their own healers, and the crystal as a natural tool that mother nature and the Universe has provided us with to aid us in our journey to finding more balance, joy and health. I really do believe that the only way there is for you to get a correct answer to this question is for you to use crystals yourself, learn about them, and discover how they work for you, and how they fit within your own unique and beautiful belief system. I will share with you exactly how I use healing crystals and my personal theories of why they work in another post, but for now I will let YOU be the judge as to whether or not my theories and ideas are a good match for your own self-healing practice!

If you are interested in learning more about crystals and crystal healing, or would like to book a session with me, select the appropriate button below.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. x
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