What are Healing Crystals?

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Today I want to talk about sparkly healing crystals!! Yay!! I want to address a topic that comes up quite often.

What are Healing Crystals, and do they have magical powers?

healing-crystals-wherehumrestsHealing Crystals are simply gemstones that are found in nature, taken from the earth and used for their unique metaphysical and vibrational properties during crystal healing sessions, meditation, or as pieces to have within your environment, used as a holistic tool to improve the energy of your space.

They acquired the name ‘crystals’ from their unique, natural formations during creation in the ground. Crystals are natural energy transmuters and amplifiers, and their perfect geometric crystalline structure makes them amazing tools for helping to “tune” the vibrations of our chakras.

They also help us to calm and focus our mind, and help us to attract more of the energy that we want in our lives. Clear Quartz, for example, acts as a natural “storage device” and can be used to amplify our thought energy (our intentions), making them an amazing tool for working with the Universal Law of Attraction!

Now, this is all WAY advanced stuff, and I go over all of this in more detail in the crystal healing course I offer, but I hope this at least gives you an idea of what healing crystals are and how they are commonly used.

Raw chunks of crystal and stone are often placed in machines that sand and polish them into smooth pieces, which are often referred to as “tumbled stones”, and this is the type of healing crystal that seems to be most popular among practitioners and self-healers. Personally, I love my tumbled crystals!

Do crystals have magical healing powers? I get asked this a LOT and I’m to be very honest and say that the way that I use healing crystals and resonate with how they work is my own way, so I am bit bias here… I personally don’t believe in “magic”, at least in the conventional way that the term is most often used, but some people do. However, I do believe that belief (and intention) is the most powerful force in the Universe, so, with that in mind, if someone truly and deeply believes that crystals have magical healing powers, perhaps maybe for them, they do!

I am more of a practical user of crystals, but I am a HUGE believer in miracles, Universal Source and the power of intention, positive thought, energy and the strength and will of the human Spirit. I believe the real power of healing is within us, and we use healing crystals as a pure and brilliant vibratory tool that aids us in bringing more balance to the natural vibrations within our energy body. I also resonate with being able to use them as tools for energy transmutation (basically purifying energy – recycling negative vibe energy into positive vibe energy, similar to a water filtering system), and the ability to help us amplify our strong and positive intentions that we set forth to bring upon our own emotional and spiritual self-healing.

I view Conscious Beings as their own healers, and the crystal as a natural tool that mother nature and the Universe has provided us with to aid us in our journey to finding more balance, joy and health. I really do believe that the only way there is for you to get a correct answer to this question is for you to use crystals yourself, learn about them, and discover how they work for you, and how they fit within your own unique and beautiful belief system. I will share with you exactly how I use healing crystals and my personal theories of why they work in another post, but for now I will let YOU be the judge as to whether or not my theories and ideas are a good match for your own self-healing practice!

If you are interested in learning more about crystals and crystal healing, or would like to book a session with me, select the appropriate button below.
~ Love & Light, Kerry. x
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“Healthy” vs. an “Unhealthy” Chakra

healthy-chakra-wherehumrestsHello, Lovelies!!

So a question that I get asked a lot by newbies  – What is a healthy or “balanced” chakra vs. an unhealthy or “imbalanced” chakra?

Here is an example each of your chakras, both in what would be considered a “balanced” and “imbalanced” state;

Root Chakra, Balanced – I have a healthy physical body and I feel safe and supported in my life. I feel beautifully connected to my body, my human life and the Earth.
Root Chakra, Imbalanced – I have an unhealthy physical body and I do not feel safe or supported in my life. I feel disconnected, ungrounded and cut off from the world.

Sacral Chakra, Balanced – I have a healthy and respectful sex drive, and I enjoy expressing myself in creative ways that bring me and others joy. I feel energetic and productive.
Sacral Chakra, Imbalanced – I feel disconnected from others sexually and I have a lack of desire to be intimate with my partner. I feel sluggish, uncreative and unproductive. I don’t feel the need to make an effort with myself or my appearance.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Balanced – I think highly of the person I am and the ability that I have to be successful and abundant in all areas of my life. I have a strong healthy will and a strong healthy sense of personal power. I am motivated and pursue my goals in a healthy and proactive way that brings me joy, success and personal fulfilment.
Solar Plexus Chakra, Imbalanced – I have low self-esteem and I base my self-worth on the opinions of others. I am insecure and am not confident in my abilities to accomplish my goals and dreams so I tend to not put forth effort and ideas, due to the fear of failing. I constantly seek and need recognition from others to feel appreciated. I feel powerless to build the life that I desire and I often settle for less than I deserve. I am unmotivated and feel unfulfilled.

Heart Chakra, Balanced – I am kind, loving and respectful towards others and have healthy, respectful, win-win relationships. I have healthy self-esteem and I can say that I truly love, respect and appreciate the person I am! I deal with loss in a healthy way, and I allow myself to forgive myself and others.
Heart Chakra, Imbalanced – I am unkind and disrespectful towards others, and people can be unloving and disrespectful towards me, I am in an unhealthy, imbalanced relationship and I am less than joyful most of the time. I don’t particularly care for the person I am and I tend to experience more negative emotions than good. I don’t deal with disappointment or loss well and tend to hold grudges.

Throat Chakra, Balanced – I communicate well with others and I handle conflict with respect and honesty. People respect me and speak to me in a way that is kind and appropriate. I have no problem expressing my true feelings, thoughts, ideas and creativity in a healthy way. I am a good listener and I allow others to express themselves in a healthy and respectful way when they are around me.
Throat Chakra- Imbalanced – I do not communicate well with others. I tend to hold in my true feelings and I don’t like to voice my own ideas or opinions. I may yell at others and speak to others in a disrespectful way. I tend to gossip and I may not be the best listener when others are trying to communicate with me.

Third Eye Chakra, Balanced – I see the beauty in the World and I tend to be someone who tries to find the opportunity and positivity in all situations, and the good in all people. I trust my intuition and I let it guide me when appropriate. I allow myself to be a dreamer and I am open to the possibility of my dreams materialising in my life! I see and honour the light that is within myself and also see and honour the light that is within others.
Third Eye, Imbalanced – There tends to be very little activity within this chakra when it is off balance, but areas where you may notice issues are; the inability to recognise patterns (of life situations and events), the ability to focusing on tasks and goals, and obsessive behaviours.

Crown Chakra, Balanced – I have a strong connection to Spirit and to the Universe. I believe in the love and support of a Source that I resonate and with and believe in, and I am open to receiving love, guidance and inspiration from the Universe and a larger source of love and wisdom that exists at least partially somewhere outside of myself.
Crown Chakra, Imbalanced – There tends to be very little activity within this chakra when it is off balance, but areas where you may notice issues are; Limited beliefs, and find it difficult to understand or respect the beliefs of others, feelings of depression, addictive behaviours, feelings of apathy, chronic worrying, and chronic exhaustion.

*Important Note— I do not believe that the two top chakras within our 7 chakra system (Third Eye and Crown) have to be open and balanced within everyone, in order for a person to feel happy and fulfilled.

Many people naturally feel more balanced and self-complete within their lower chakras, and they feel balanced without having a spiritual connection to the universe and the Divine. These types of people are often men and women who are business people, who enjoy nature and being out in nature but don’t resonate with the thought of a universal source, God, or higher Spirit.

I have to say that I think this is perfectly healthy and good for some, after all, we are all here to live different journeys! 😀 If you feel happy without these areas of your life being active, then that is YOUR journey and your balance and it is just right for you and what you need personally.

However, if you feel as though you are lacking in these areas and wish that you did have these chakras open and active, then we can work to bring more energy, connection and personal fulfilment into these areas of your life.

As always, If you have ANY questions or feel that there are areas in your life that you would like to work on, please do reach out to me and let’s have a chat! Helping others reach their full potential makes my heart SING!! 🙂
~ Love & Light, Kerry. x
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The Chakras 101 – Part 2

Hello Lovelies! Yesterday, we looked at the “7 main areas of your life”and how they work together to like a “Roadmap to Wellness” to maintain balance in our lives. Today, let’s have a look at what would be considered an imbalance within our 7 chakras.

Here is an example for you! A man or woman who is feeling grief over a loss of a family member or pet would want to work to mend and strengthen their “Heart Chakra” since this is the centre for emotion and relationships… It would be important to experience their emotions in a healthy and complete way, and then gradually heal, release and move on. But some people struggle to move on from this type of pain, and their lives become very sad, unmotivated and sometimes even depressive space.

It is important to acknowledge these difficult times as normal human experiences, and just as important to learn how to work through them and grow into a stronger, and more complete version of ourselves. THIS is self-healing and soul growth!!

If a person resists this healing process and stays stuck in this emotional pain, this becomes the energetic imbalance of the heart chakra that we would need to work on bringing more health and balance back into, in order for this individual to be able to return back to an overall healthy and balanced state.

Some people have a very difficult time believing in themselves and their own inner strength, moving from a place of suffering to self-healing. Many believe they need to seek help from others because they simply couldn’t do it on their own. In some extreme cases, this may be true. There are licensed medical professionals in place to aid those in this state, as well as Certified Holistic Healing Practitioners, and I encourage these individuals to seek out these types of additional help and support when needed. Use your best judgment here!

In less extreme cases, I truly believe that each and every person has the ability to find happiness, health, healing, meaning, balance, and love in their lives. It is through the 7 Chakras that we learn to rely on our own personal power, knowledge, intuition and ability to self-heal!

Congratulations on your #1 Step to Holistic Self-Healing! You are now equipped with the bone basics, of your “Road Map to Wellness”, aka. your Basic Chakra System! Below is a breakdown of each chakra and the areas of our lives that they influence. 

base chakra_wherehumrests sacral chakra_wherehumrests solarplexuschakra_wherehumrests heart chakra_wherehumrests throat chakra_wherehumrests third eye_wherehumrests crown chakra_wherehumrests

Take note of the basic meanings. We will talk more about how to use this diagram, and additional holistic tools that work beautifully with it, in future posts!

Tomorrow we will chat more in depth about Healthy vs. Unhealthy chakras (Balanced vs. Unbalanced), so you can begin to pinpoint the areas of your life that are in need of more balance and TLC! Once we know more about our current chakra wellness, we can then move into working with some fun and sparkly tools that can help us during our journey to self-healing! As always, if you have any questions, comment below or get in touch! 🙂
~ Namaste, Kerry. xx
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~ Get those creative juices flowing! ~


There has been so much going on, and I am absolutely loooooving the high vibes at the moment! ✨🙌 I recently started introducing essential oils into my daily practice, which I only use aromatically for now, and I just have to share this incredible combo that has got my MOJO flowing this week! The EOs coupled with my gem water has been amaaaazing!! 🔮💫

It has kept my vibe up and given me the CREATIVE BOOST that’s got me through (what can be a tedious process) website building and kept both my focus and energy game strong!! 💕 The late nights and long days staring at a pic screen are paying off, I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited and passionate (let alone creative) about a project! To see my goals manifest is something so special!!

Read more “~ Get those creative juices flowing! ~”