Essential Oils

Emotional Aromatherapy: Equinox Energiser

I don’t know about you guys, but the changing of seasons has hit me hard!! 🍃We’re moving into winter here in S.A and my energy has taken a hard knock (as it usually does). Even though it happens year after year, the drastic winds of change and push to slow down have a major influence on my body and soul.

On Monday, I felt the intensity and was drawn to diffuse these three blends together and WOW!! They’ve been diffusing in my house ever since!! Whether you’re preparing to slow down, or throwing your windows open for a spring clean – this combo will have you feeling lighter, refreshed and energised!! 🙌🍃✨


🍂Citrus Bliss blend is a powerful “get up and go” blend for when motivation and drive are low!
🍃Purify blend is not only amazing for clearing energies in your home but helps us release emotions and energies that are weighing us down and creating dis-comfort or dis-ease in the body!
🍂Elevation blend does exactly as the bottle States – brings joy, high vibes and balances our emotions especially when we’re feeling down or low. It’s a great companion to Purify when releasing yucky vibes and helps us let go!


I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and tried this Combo, it’s definitely going to be my go to in times of change and transformation (and changing seasons 😜). Do you ever intuitively pair oils?
~ Kerry. Xx
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Food Therapy for the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra food Did you know that choosing foods that have specific vibrations corresponding to your chakras can help raise that chakra’s vibration – healing, balancing and energising it?

One of my best things about energy medicine is that you can address issues in your energetic field before they manifest as physical ailments in your body! There are so many natural ways to do this, and food therapy – eating for your chakras – is just one of them!! 🙌🌿💕

So, if you’re feeling like your Sacral Chakra needs a little TLC, or you battle with any of the emotional/physical discomforts associated with the Sacral Chakra (see first Sacral Chakra post in feed 👇), try including some of these foods into your diet;
~ sweet potato
~ pumpkin
~ carrots
~ oranges
~ any foods related to water or with a high water content
~ foods that benefit the reproductive system or that nourish the sexual/creativity centre
~ fats and oils
~ fish – especially wild salmon
~ nuts & seeds: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
~ melons, mangos, strawberries, passion fruit, oranges, tangerines, and coconut
~ Honey is also super beneficial for this centre

🐝You won’t only be eating for fuel and nourishment, you’ll be eating to support your Chakra too. 🙌😍

Do you have favourite Sacral Chakra foods?
~ Kerry. Xx
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Sacral Chakra: Physical & Energetic Physique

sacral-chakra-ailmentsLast week we learned the basics of the Sacral Chakra, however, imbalances in this centre can manifest as physical and psychological problems.

So how do you know if you have an imbalance in this centre?

Common psychological symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral chakra:
~eating disorders
~ addictions
~ guilt
~ fear
~ insecurity
~ dependency issues (in relationships)
~ low libido, and
~ unbalanced emotions (overly sensitive or completely shut-off from emotions)

Common physical symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral chakra:
~ kidney problems and urinary tract infections
~ chronic lower back pain
~ sexual disorders
~ infertility, gynecological and menstrual issues,
~ dysfunctional menstrual cycles
~problems with the intestines, spleen, and gallbladder

Do you recognise any of these issues in yourself, Lovely?
Well worry not, we all experience these imbalances at one point. Over the next few days we’ll explore some simple self-healing exercises that you can do to bring balance and healing to your Sacral Chakra! Yay!!

Wishing you all a beautiful day!
~Kerry. Xx
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Food Therapy for the Base Chakra

food therapy-base chakraHappy New Year Honies!! ✨

Are you ready to get back into the Chakras?!?! I sure am! I’ve so enjoyed the Holidays but I’m recharged and ready to get back into the swing of things!

Did you know that you can choose foods that have specific vibrations that correspond to your chakras? Thereby helping to raise the chakra’s vibration – healing, balancing and energising it? ❤️ This is also known as Food Therapy for the Chakras!

One of my best things about energy medicine is that you can address issues in your energetic field, before they manifest as physical ailments in your body – and there are so many natural ways to do this!!

So, if you’re feeling like your Base Chakra needs a little TLC, or you battle with any of the emotional/physical discomforts associated with the Base Chakra (see first Base Chakra post here), try including some of these foods into your diet;
red meat, red apples, cherries, beans and pulses, root vegetables, beets and pomegranates.

You won’t only be eating for fuel and nourishment, you’ll be eating to support your Chakras too. Personally, as a non-meat eater, root veggies, cherries and pomegranates are my favourite Base Chakra foods that leave me feeling energized and connected to Earth!
~ Namaste, Kerry. X
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Wellness Toolkit: No more Morning Sickness!

img_4258Hello Lovelies! If you’re Preggy, or already a momma you’ll know that Morning Sickness can be a pretty yucky symptom!
There are some lucky ladies who don’t suffer from it, but for the most here’s a natural, Holistic toolkit to ease Morning Sickness and the nausea that comes with it:
🌿Ginger, Peppermint and Lemon EO’s all alleviate discomfort in our digestive systems and promote uplifted moods. Diffuse or inhale aroma from bottle, but I advise against investing oils during pregnancy.
💎Holding citrine, dioptase, green fluorite, obsidian, sapphire and or tiger’s eye until feelings of nausea and vomiting subside. Laying down with the stones lined up from your sacral to your throat chakras – from just below your navel up to your throat – for 10-15 mins with your oils diffusing will help you manage that awful morning sickness and have you feeling a little more normal and a little less frazzled.

I hope this brings you some comfort and relief so that you can enjoy this special time of your life! 💕🌿✨
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
If you would like me to suggest a personalised toolkit to help you through a stressful time, give me a shout below! 🙂
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~ Cleanse my Mind, Body, and Soul. Part 2…

IMG_3319Last week I discussed the importance of what I call a full mind, body and soul detox and cleanse, and if you have any questions about that or not quite sure what I was talking about, drop me a mail or comment below and I will get in touch!

Today I want to share my personal MBS Detox routine that I set time aside for at least twice a week. If I don’t get a chance to do it, I really start to feel it! My body gets achy, my energy levels drop, I start becoming irritable and cranky, and I just start feeling pretty dreadful. It’s a simple practice that I made a point of regularly incorporating into my week, and like I said previously, I now can’t live without it!!

Before I get into the details, I want to just remind you that this is a practice that I have developed through my own personal self-care and works for my mind, body, and soul. I encourage everyone to find something that works for you and only do what makes you feel 100% comfortable. 

So here’s what I do, it’s really pretty simple and practical. At least twice a week I will use my local gym’s sauna and steam rooms to 1. detox (sauna) and 2. cleanse (steam). Aside from the additional health benefits of steam rooms and saunas, this is my weekly “spring cleaning”.


I begin in the sauna, and as I’m sitting there feeling my body warm up, I intend that the heat from the sauna is bringing all the negative energy and toxins stored in my body, my mind and my energetic body to the surface. Naturally, the heat of the sauna soothes your nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles, in turn relieving the tension from your body and minimizing joint pain.

Close your eyes, lay down (or sit) and relax. Breathe deeply in and out, visualising the warm air entering your body, warming up your insides, circulating your body and loosening all that energetic gunk, dis-comfort or pain that is being stored. Starting from your toes, up your legs, through your torso, into your heart and chest, up your throat into your mind and out down your arms and fingers. Feel the heat lifting and carrying that gunk, the aches and pains out of your body through your feet, hand and skin (perspiration). If there is a particular ache in my body, I say “I release what no longer serves me” when I get to it, this helps the body lift it and carry it away. Do this as many times as you feel necessary, and remember intention is everything here!

Once you feel that you have had enough time in the sauna (listen to your body, it will guide you), cool down completely before the next step. You can rinse off in the shower to help cool down.


Once your heart rate has slowed to normal, and you have cooled down, enter the steam room. Repeat the detox process, but with one little difference. Now, as you breathe in the moist air, your intention and visualisation is that the warm, pure air is cleaning and cleansing every part of your body, mind, and energetic body. Feel the white air fill the now cleansed spaces with love, compassion, and gratitude. Intend that the heavy, wet air that surrounds you is a heavy blanket, covering you and clearing away any energetic gunk that lingers in, and around, you.

When you feel you are cleansed and have had enough time in the steam room, wash off and you are set to go!

If you don’t have access to a steam room or sauna, you can also do this in the shower or soaking in the tub which I do if I can’t get to the gym. There is no rule on how long you need to do it for, but I caution when using a sauna and steam room to use common sense, don’t push your body beyond what feels right and comfortable.

Personally, I love the heat from the sauna, and can spend up to an hour in it, but that is ME! I also use tumbled smokey quartz in the steam room to assist with the removal of energetic gunk, but I will go do another post on how you can incorporate healing crystals and essential oils into cleansing exercises.

**If you have low blood pressure, are pregnant or have cardiac issues, please do seek medical advice before-hand. It is often recommended to have short breaks in between sauna and steam room sessions to cool down, i.e. use the sauna for 10 minutes, exit and cool down and enter for an additional 10 minutes.

Regular MBS detox and cleanse goes a long way to a healthy flow of energy through the body, resulting in us feeling more balanced, reducing negative emotions and behaviours, like mood swings, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Until next time.

~Love & Light~watermark 1 PNG


~ Cleanse my Mind, Body, and soul. Part 1~

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits that a good detox has on your body; cleansing the body of toxins, regulating our moods and boosting our energy. But why do we stop with just the body? We may not always realise it, but our mind and soul collect just as many toxins as our physical body.

Think about hIMG_3186ow many things run through your mind every day, making sure that you have enough time to get everything done, something didn’t work our quite the way you wanted it to at work, a friend let you down, you’re late to fetch the kids from school and then you get stuck in traffic. Regardless of what your daily life looks like, we often have so much going on in our minds that we rarely every just switch off. So these thoughts accumulate, they go around and around and we go to bed tired, we wake up tired, and so the busy mind starts again.

And then we look at our environment, we are surrounded by energy, and because we are energetic beings it is so easy for us to ‘pick-up’ the yucky, energetic gunk around us. A conversation with a friend who is going through a hard time, it leaves her feeling lighter and consoled but leaves you feeling drained. This is because you have taken on that energetic gunk that she offloaded. It can be even simpler than that, you may be in a meeting room or lecture hall full of people, those people all have their own energetic gunk going on, and you may pick up on some of it (energetically speaking). We pick and drop off energy all day, every day, regardless of where we are and who we’re with.

Think of this energetic gunk as cobwebs, the longer we leave them there, the more dust and bugs they begin to collect ~ our body is the same, this energetic gunk starts collecting, restricting the natural flow of energy, and we can start to feel pretty damn awful!

When I made the decision to follow my dreams and pursue a career in holistic healing, I made a promise to myself to spend a little time each day alone, just me time. Not so easy. I really didn’t find it very easy setting time aside, to be honest, it felt more like a chore than anything else. But I pushed on, and the more I did it, the better I felt. It almost became a habit, and as the days went on, the more time I wanted to spend engaging in a holistic practice of some sort, whether in meditation, spending time with my crystals, doing breathing exercises, yoga, connecting with my spirit family and higher self through tarot and oracle decks, reading or simply soaking in the tub. I started seeing the value in it, and couldn’t understand why I made such a big deal out of it.

When I was getting my Reiki Masters, it was like the light bulb turned on, self-care was probably the most important aspect of any holistic healer and/ or coach. If I am all gunked-up with negative energy, and not taking the steps to ensure that I am cleaning my whole body (mental, emotional and physical), then I cannot be a clear channel through which beautiful, healing energy passes through. I wouldn’t make a very good reiki practitioner!

But this goes even further, as a holistic healer and coach, it is my goal to lift people up, to carry and guide them through their path to self-growth and healing. In order for me to be that emotional, mental and spiritual support that my clients need, I need to ensure that I am in check with myself. So, I do one thing (sometimes more) daily to ensure that I am functioning to my very best ability – mentally, physically and emotionally.

My favourite exercise is something that I have started doing at least twice a week ~ the MBS (Mind, Body, and Soul) Detox and Cleanse. It does wonders for me and gets rid of all the energetic gunk that may be mine, picked up from others, or simply absorbed for my environment. It’s like a new, clean and balanced me every week!

Regular MBS Detox and Cleanse (I like to think of as a whole detox) goes a long way to restoring our body’s natural flow of energy, resulting in us feeling more balanced, happy and energised. Those negative emotions and behaviours, like mood swings, stress, anxiety, insomnia, will start to dissipate. You will sleep better, eat better and feel 100 times better!

So what is this MBS Detox and Cleanse that I’m talking about and how do you do it?? You’ll have to come back tomorrow and read Part 2. 😉

~Love & Light~watermark 1 PNG