Your journey to Self-Healing

Elevate your Life Course - self-healing courseWhy learn about self-healing and holistic (and natural/chemical free) methods of health and wellness?
Or how to use energy healing tools to benefit your, and your family’s, health and wellbeing? 💁🏻‍♀️ I’ll tell you why, Beauty! 🦋

Life is stressful.
For us.
For our partners.
For our kids – no matter how big or small they are.

Our daily lives require a LOT from us – whether we’re being a mom, a sister, a daughter and caretaker, a business woman, helping others, or simply being a friend.
Even our kids have to navigate the pressures of school, friendships, growing up, and figuring out who they are!
And then we can throw in all of the social, environmental, and technological noise – are we ever really quiet?
Do we ever really stop?
When we do, it’s usually because we’re unwell or burnt out, right?
Have you ever felt down or apathetic for no reason?
Felt unmotivated and uninspired?
I used to. ALL the time!

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It’s never too late to make the changes you…

“I am so lucky that our paths crossed when it did, because you have helped me in so many ways. The Elevate your Life course has been such an eye opening experience. I’ve learnt a lot from the questions that I had to ask myself. And even though sometimes I felt fear of the answers to those questions I pushed through and felt so much stronger at the end. I go back to my notes every so often and it reminds me of where I want to go and who I am and who I want to become! I will be forever grateful for this course!”

When I started learning about the simple ways that I could regain my calm, create a healthy, happy environment for myself and my family, as well as learn how to use simple and practical tools and methods to restore balance and wellbeing for all of us, I felt EMPOWERED AF!!💪🙌

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Crystal Education Series: Part 1 – Moonstone and Opalite

Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Something that really irks me about the world of Crystals is when I see synthetic, or man-made, crystals and gems being sold as the real stone, or another stone entirely. A few cases of this have come into my space recently which have inspired me to write this post and put together an educational series that you can refer back to when purchasing your beloved crystals. It’s not typically something that I talk about, but I feel like this time, I need too. Over the next few days, I will cover some of the common crystals/gems that are sold, and some other instances where certain crystals are dyed and sold as others (if you’re thinking Turquoise… you’d be correct!)

If you are as passionate about your crystals as I am, then follow along and be sure to refer back to this series from time to time to ensure that you are making empowered and informed purchases. And hey, if you are purchasing crystals from somewhere and you know that they are selling synthetic, or altered, crystals as the real deal… call them out on it!

To kick things off, I am going to talk about Moonstone and Opalite. And no, they’re definitely not the same stone.

DISCLAIMER: Before I jump into things, I want to make it very clear upfront that my intention for this series is not to bash man-made/synthetic crystals. I do not have an issue with synthetic/man-made crystals, I respect all who love them and subscribe to their properties. My only issue is with those who sell man-made/synthetic crystals under the guise that they are the real thing.  My intention for this series is to educate those who are interested in crystals as I believe that everyone has the right to make informed and empowered decisions, about anything, and having the right information about things, enables this to happen. If you find yourself irked or offended by my words, I ask you to perhaps understand what within yourself I have triggered.

The Truth about Moonstone and Opalite

Moonstone vs Opalite It really saddens me to see Opalite being more and more commonly sold as Moonstone and in some cases Opal, when this stone couldn’t be further from the real thing. If you have ever worked with Moonstone, you’ll know what I mean!

Opalite is a man-made, glass stone that has a milky, iridescent surface, with a yellow-blue glow to it. It is made from Dolomite and metal to create its opalescent appearance. Natural Opalite can occur very rarely when volcanic ash is fossilised. Rare specimens have been found in Africa and Brazil.

Opalite is also commonly sold as;
– Moonstone
– Tiffany Stone/Opalised Fluorite
– Ice Cream Opal
– Opal
– Purple Opal
– Opal Moonstone
– Sea Opal

Healing Properties

Opalite is said to:
– activate the Third Eye
– enhance communication on a spiritual level
– balance yin-yang energies and align them with the Higher Self
– boost self-confidence and enhance self-worth
– help resolve hurts from old wounds
– encourages persistence
– improves strength and personal willpower
– activates all Clairs
–  and the list goes on…

In all honestly, researching the healing properties of Opalite for this post was harder than I had anticipated. Opalite information is vast in its availability, however, it was damn hard to find a consistency in the healing properties. They all seemed to differ and list different properties.

In my years of working with and learning about crystals, I have had many a conversation with others about this very topic – and we all seem to hold a similar feeling about it. Moonstone is probably my favourite crystal, ever! And even as a young girl, I was able to spot when the Moonstone in the shops wasn’t really Moonstone, often confronting the shop assistant/owner. Many reputable crystal shops/sites that I work with and respect, typically don’t keep information about Opalite on their sites and don’t stock Opalite to see either. In fact, the Crystal Store that I buy a large portion of my crystals from keeping one single Opalite bracelet in her store purely for educational purposes, with a very clear sign next to it that read, “This is NOT Moonstone”. None of the crystal books that I have had, replaced and replenished, over the years list Opalite either.

Moonstone, on the other hand, has long been associated with the energy of the moon and its affiliation with Goddess energy! Moonstone is both a powerful healer and a gentle calmer.

Moonstone is a feldspar-based crystal that comes in a variety of colours, many showing a blue-colour flash.

Moonstone is found in white, peach, cream, yellow, brown, blue, green, and the commonly loved, rainbow colour variants. Not all moonstone holds the gorgeous blue flash that we associate with Moonstone, however, this stone has some pretty special healing properties. Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for women, especially young girls who are making their transition into womanhood, as it helps connect with the Sacral, feminine energies and encourages one to trust and fully step into their intuitive power.

Moonstone can be used to;
– balance, activate, stimulate and enhance Goddess energy
– release energy blocks
– promote wisdom, passion, insight, and creativity
– promote a youthful nature
– promote confidence and peace of mind
– break cycles/repeated patterns.

How to tell them apart

Holding the two together, the difference is really rather obvious. However, if you are not able to, here’s a quick reference guide on identifying both (see images below for reference):


Colour: Opalite has a very obvious blue-hue with a yellow/orange glow when held up to direct light. This glow is less obvious indoors but is still visible.

Appearance: Opalite has a very milky, flawless appearance, and is completely transparent when held up to light (whether natural or artificial).


Colour: Colours vary, however, common Moonstone is typically white, cream, beige, or stone coloured with black blemishes in the stone of natural, unpolished specimen. The blue flash is obvious in polished Rainbow Moonstone varieties.

Appearance: Moonstone has a very obvious dense, ‘stone’ appearance, with the flaws of the stone (natural cracking) being very noticeable. Depending on the cut and size of the stone, most Moonstone will be translucent when held up to natural light, with the natural flaws visible.

You may be asking, “Well, what does it matter?”
I’ll leave you with this…

If you really wanted a pair of Diamond earrings, and you searched and searched until you found the perfect pair. You made your rather pricey purchase, only to find out when you got home that your beautiful Diamon earrings were, in fact, Cubic Zirconia, or worse… glass.

My next post will be on The Truth about Goldstone and Sunstone. See you then!
Kerry. xx

P.s. If you found this post beneficial and informative, feel free to share it and help me spread the word! The more people we get talking about this topic, the better chance we have to put an end to it! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram so that you don’t miss out on any of my posts and daily education! <3

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A healing toolkit for your Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra healing toolkitHello Lovelies!! I have to admit, I’ve really been enjoying working on my Solar Plexus Chakra the last few days, I’ve definitely needed it! Have you? ☀️

Here’s a powerful Chakra wellness toolkit that you can use to bring more balance and healing to your Solar Plexus centre.

Sparkly Citrine and Lemon essential oil used together to give us the self-confidence, empowerment and motivation we need when working on the areas of your life that are associated with this Chakra (see prior posts in feed👇) and to bring healing and balance to these areas!

🌿Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses and energises making it the perfect companion Crystal for this fiery center!! 🔥🙌

You are now equipped with simple self-healing exercises and Holistic tools to bring healing and balance into your Solar Plexus Chakra! 😘

If you are ready to learn more about your Chakras, Crystal Healing or how to expand your self-healing practice, get in touch with me, Lovely! 💛
~ Love & Light, Kerry. Xxx
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Holistic Tarot

Intuitive Crystal Readings

crystal reading Crystal Readings available again!

Whether you have a specific situation that you are currently having a hard time dealing with and would like spiritual guidance, or are interested in a general reading to assess your current energetic state and become more familiar with crystals and how they work for you, this kind of reading will offer you physical, emotional, and spiritual support and guidance. ✨

If you are interested in a reading or would like to know more, get in touch with me by clicking on the button below or clicking here.

Have a sparkling weekend, Loves.
~ Kerry. xx

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Black Onyx

Black OnyxGood Morning Loves!! 🖤 I was recently gifted the most beautiful chunk of Black Onyx (pictured) by a dear friend, and I wanted to share all of the gorgeous properties this amazing beauty has… it’s like Smokey Quartz on steroids!!!

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone, absorbing and transmuting negative energies 🖤

Not only is this Crystal great for times of stress, confusion or grief as it develops emotional and physical strength & stamina… but it is wonderful for meditation, healing old wounds, assisting with wise decision-making and helps with self-discipline!

This powerful stone encourages happiness and good fortune to those who work with it, allowing you to master your destiny!! 🙌🖤

I would highly recommend this baby as a part of your Crystal collection!
Namaste 🙏 Kerry. Xx
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African Turquoise

African Turquoise - Where Hum RestsHave you heard about African Turquoise?? Often mistaken for common Turquoise, African Turquoise is its own incredibly unique stone.

A teal, speckled form of jasper, this African stone offers amazing qualities and energies and is considered the ‘Stone of Evolution’ in Africa!

This particular type of Turquoise brings about, and assists with, major shifts and transformation in our lives! Its encouraging energy opens our minds to the possibility of new (things, opportunities, thoughts, mindsets, ways of life, paradigms..) and helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis, within ourselves and within humanity. Traditionally, African Turquoise was used by tribe members during initiation periods to access the knowledge and guidance of the ancestors during these times of change and growth, initiating the pathway to a clear and focused mind.

Use African Turquoise to work with your Third Eye Chakra when seeking guidance and knowledge from your Higher Self, and when wanting to understand your true soul purpose.

It encourages those on personal development and self-empowerment journeys and offers balance and confidence necessary to keep pushing on when the process gets a little tough (as we all know it can at times!).Carrying African Turquoise with you, or wearing it, will renew your spirit, boost the flow of energy within and around you, and help you more clearly see your life path – strengthening all bodies (energetic, physical, mental and emotional) while you grow, transform and ascend.
~ Kerry. Xx

If you would like to learn more about healing crystals, or how to become a certified crystal healer, shoot me a message!
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Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra Now that you’ve learnt a little more than the basics about your Sacral Chakra, here are some other sparkly Crystal babies that you can use to bring more balance, energy and support to this centre.

Sacral Chakra crystals are often orange in colour, but do come in a variety of other colours, as you can see from the picture.

Sacral Chakra crystals support our emotions, enhance creativity, help us release our fears and accept ourselves and our self-worth;
🏵Pink Banded Agate
🏵Orange Carnelian
🏵Grey Banded Agate
🏵Orange Calcite

These are just some of my favourite Sacral Chakra crystals that I like to work with.. but there are many, many more that I haven’t even mentioned. Always work with what resonates with you and what makes you feel good!
~ Namaste, Kerry. Xx
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A Healing Toolkit for your Sacral Chakra

Hello Beauty! Here’s a powerful Chakra healing wellness toolkit that you can use to bring more balance and healing to your Sacral Chakra.

Orange Carnelian and Cassia bring self-assurance and courage when working on the areas of your life that are associated with this centre (see prior posts in feed 👇) allowing us to allow healing and balance to these areas! 🌿

Orange Carnelian, also known as the “feel better stone”, helps us naturally replenishes our energy and helps us to unlock our personal power.

Cassia, the oil of self-assurance, brings joy and courage to the heart and soul, helping us let our inner light shine! ✨

You are now equipped with simple self-healing exercises and Holistic tools to bring healing and balance into your Sacral Chakra! 🙌😘

If you are ready to learn more about your Chakras, Crystal Healing or how to become a holistic health practitioner, get in touch with me, Lovely! 💛
~ Love & Light, Kerry. Xxx
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Essential Oils

Why use essential oils for holistic healing?

essential oils for holistic healingWell because they’re awesome!! 😜 Seriously, though, I often get asked why I use essential oils as a tool for holistic healing, and how they work?

🌿Essential Oils are Mother Nature’s Medicine!! They have countless uses, and have been used specifically for emotional aromatherapy for thousands of years! I believe they are the best tool you can use for immediate stress relief, mood management and emotional health and wellbeing!!
🌿Nowadays, essential oils are used for a variety of purposes, from minor first aid to lifestyle and beauty products, and even alternative medicine.

Personally, I use, and teach about, essential oils for;
🌾Chakra Balancing – along with reiki, healing crystals, sound healing, etc.
🌾Space Clearing and adding good vibes to your Environment
🌾Mood Management
🌾Emotional and Spiritual Self-Healing
🌾Spiritual Development

If Holistic Healing, using Essential Oils and healing crystals, growing your spiritual development, or living a more holistic life is something you are interested in, for your own self-healing, or to pursue a career as a holistic healer, let’s connect!
✨Living the life you dream of is within your reach, Lovely, you just have to give yourself permission to take it!
~ Love & Light, Kerry. X
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