Animal Medicine

Discover your Animal Guides; Animal Totem Reading

A question that I commonly get is ‘how do I find out what my spirit animal is?’ And there are a few ways of going about doing this (sitting in meditation and invoking Animal Medicine is one method). But what most don’t realise is that we very rarely just have ONE spirit animal, or animal guide, working with us.

Much like our other guides, we have more than one Animal Guide working with us at all times, some throughout our lives and others through various situations and stages of our lives – and understanding which of these animal guides are our main totem animals, or power animals, and how their medicine influences us and our lives we are more easily able to navigate our Earth Walk, and draw on the medicine and power of each of our power animals.

I’ve often posted about the various experiences and major transformations that have come as a result of invoking one of my totem animals, Hummingbird, and closely working with her medicine (energy) to overcome some of my greatest challenges.

Animal Totem ReadingSome of the areas that our animal guides help us along our path are;

  • Understanding our greatest spiritual challenges
  • Show us the path to our goals
  • Remind us when to speak and when to listen
  • Teach us about our Earth and how to stay grounded
  • Protect our male and female energies, independently and together
  • How to receive abundance
  • How to invoke our inner courage and warrior spirit, and
  • Teach us how to honour Source and access higher dimensions

If you would like to find out what your animal totems, or power animals, are, simply click here to book your reading now.

Because of the depth and energy required to do these readings, I only offer a limited number of these readings each year. Each reading comes with a comprehensive report on each of your totem animals, their medicine (energy or spirit), the aspect of yourself that they are working with you, as well as how to invoke and use their medicine in your everyday life.

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In Light, Kerry. xx

Animal Medicine

Beaver Medicine; reminding us about Community.

beaver-animal-medicine“Beaver, teach me to build my dreams, including others too. One mind, one thought, hearts as one, lessons learned from you.” 🌰

Beaver is pushing is this week to put our ideas into actions, to complete those projects that we’ve been putting off! 🏃🏻BUT he wants us to remind ourselves that, sometimes, in building our dreams, working towards our goals ~ teamwork is necessary. 🙌💛

This may not always be easy, and we may feel the need to protect that which we put our love and energy into… But beaver wants us to remember that limitation is the end of productivity. Instead of seeing it as limiting, seek to find the support and love that will lift you up and encourage you along the path to fulfillment. ⚠️

Seek to find solutions where there are problems, look to settle any indifferences with colleagues, teammates, friendships… Look internally to see if the limitations are as a result of your own pride or ego… And offer solutions that strive for Group Mind. 🙏🏼
Group Mind is built on harmony, without individual egos getting in the way. Each person within the group honours and appreciates the talents and abilities of others, and know that they each hold a special piece of the puzzle. ✨

In working well with others, a strong sense of community is achieved, and unity ensues. 🌟 Following a conversation within my team, 🌸Blossoms Utd🌸, last night, this message and loving guidance from Beaver medicine resonates deeply with me today! 🙌

Sometimes we get caught up in the race to finish line that we forget two things; how we get there and who is waiting for us at the end, who is there to celebrate our wins with us. I am so grateful to have the incredible team that I have, my tribe, my people ~ we are all so strong in our individual talents but we all have one goal in common, and that’s what makes us strong, powerful and one. 💛🙏🏼✨ Have you found your tribe? Your soul community? People who lift you up and love you, embrace your authentic you and only wish to see the best for you?
~ Namaste, Kerry. 💛

If you are currently experiencing a difficult situation or emotion and would like to chat to me, email me at or you can book a reading directly from my site. I would be more than happy to help!
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