Strength: Forgiving those who aren’t sorry.

strength-forgiveness-wherehumrestsHappy Sunday Lovelies! I recently had a conversation with a client about emotional strength and releasing feelings of hurt, resentment, and anger towards those who have wronged us. It’s something that personally was a HUGE step in my self-healing and self-empowerment journey, and something I want to share with all of you!

✨ At some stage in our life, someone close to us is going to let us down, wrong us, disappoint us and even hurt us, and a lot of us find it very hard to move forward from that. Yes, we may “get over it” but we rarely ever truly forgive them of that wrong doing.

By keeping this type resentment inside us only breeds further negative emotions (that we may not even be consciously aware of) that manifest into tension, physical discomfort and illness, and even additional difficult situation (that then lead to more anger and hurt and frustration)… a vicious cycle right? What if I told you that you can put a stop to that, right now??

Many of us believe that in order to forgive someone, and move on from a situation, we need to have those uncomfortable conversations with them! NOT TRUE! If you’d like to learn how to;
~ change your mind set
~ empower yourself
~ learn how to effectively release hurt
and self-heal so that you can live a happy, balanced life comment below or get in touch with me me. ⭐️
~Namaste, Kerry. x
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