Stop-Itch!! Natural remedies for mosquitos

Hello Lovelies!!! A darling friend of mine who is living in Switzerland asked me this week if I had any suggestions for mosquitos because they’re being eaten alive… Well of course I do!! 😜🌿
Seeing as it’s almost mozzie season for us in South Africa too, I thought I would share two essential oils – one to keep them bugs at bay, and the other to soothe bites if those buggers get through!! 💛
img_3869I know many of us easily spray the chemical options, but there really are natural options that are not only MUCH healthier for us and our littlies, but kinder on our environment too! 🌾✨🙏🏼

🌿 Doterra’s TerraShield Blend is AMAZING to diffuse in the house during the hotter months, to apply topically (diluted for kiddies), but my personal preferred way to use it is as a body spray! Super handy to keep around when entertaining outdoors,  for when the kids are playing in the garden, hiking and camping (especially near water), and just at home.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the 100ml body spray:
~ 1 x brown or blue glass spray bottle
~ 100 ml filtered water
~ 10 drops Doterra TerraShield eo Blend
~ 10 drops Doterra Lemon eo

🌿 Apart from being all kinds of dreamy, Lavender eo is an analgesic, a natural antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic!! It’s all kinds of amazing! To ease mosquito bites, other insect bites, and even Eczema, just apply the oil topically. (Always dilute with fractionated coconut oil or olive oil for kiddies before applying.) Depending on the oil brand that you use, it should give you itch relief for a couple hours! However, there are MANY brand on the market that are diluted with alcohol… which is why I use Doterra oils. I am not affiliated with them in any way, they are just a brand I perfer to use. If you are going to use other oil brands, make sure you choose brands that are 100% organic

Okay, do you understand yet why I have all kinds of feels for essential oils?? 😜🌿💗

If you have any questions regarding essential oils and how to incorporate them as part of your self-care routine, comment below or get in touch, I’d love to chat! Oh, and it’s Friday!! Don’t forget to Smile! 😍
~ Namaste, Kerry
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** If you need to buy oils, you can order directly through my shop tab, if you are in South Africa, please get in touch with me before placing your order! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention babes! I will look for an equivalent here in Switzerland asap (needs to be asap or I might just be eaten alive!). And as for the bite relief I will for sure try Lavender eo because I really do deserve a good nights sleep 😉

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