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Today, instead of posting a daily reading, I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday.

It was a bit of a challenging day for me, personally. I had set myself the task of actually writing what had to go into the ‘my story’ section of my website, something I had been putting off and totally not excited about. You see, talking about myself whether written or spoken is not something that has ever come easily to me, in fact, I put it off most times or change the subject. It has definitely been one of the most difficult challenges that I have had to overcome. So, I sat down to my morning ritual, and my animal medicine cards called to me. A Bat medicine card jumped out of the deck before I had even begun to start shuffling properly. Bat Medicine it was, to guide me through the day.

Bat Medicine – Reminding me that in order for my rebirth, the old me needs to pass, I need to let go of all that is holding back that person, face my fears so that my authentic self can blossom and shine. Bat, together with the Rabbit (from our public reading), pretty powerful energies to guide me through this challenge 💪🌞 It took me most of the day, but I got it done… 😅

Sitting in bed last night I suddenly felt my vibration shift radically, it made me feel quite nauseous and I was suddenly completely exhausted. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I usually feel this vibration after I have done an MBS Detox and Cleanse, maybe not quite as long, or intense, though.

And then my dream… 💭

I dreamt that I was in the ocean, in the company of my loved ones and friends, when the deceased body of a young, blonde girl surfaced. She didn’t look like me, but I knew it was. I was completely shocked and crying heavily as I carried her body onto the shore and gave her body to someone whose face I couldn’t see very well, but all the while I had this incredible sense of calm. 😳 Crazy right? Yes, and no…

This was a message, an affirmation that the passing of the old me has happened. My writing about my story, and how I got to this place, has released the old energies and have allowed for my rebirth to take place!

Often there are times that we see, feel, and hear guidance and mesages that, if taken too literally, can scare the heck out of us (like a bat, or death)! The beauty of tarot, dreams, meditation, visions, or any medium through which we communicate and receive guidance from our higher-self and spirit family, is that it is only ever for our highest and greatest good. 

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I am always learning, healing and growing. Those who are too scared to face what they fear the most, may you find comfort and see how beautiful and courageous you are.

~Love & Light~watermark 2 PNG

  • Your Mum xx

    I Love You ❤

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