I am Solar Plexus Chakra!

solar plexus chakra Hello Beauty!☀️Today we begin the next chapter of our Chakra series – to learn a little more than the basics about our Solar Plexus Chakra! 🌞

I’m always so grateful that the information and holistic education I share is able to reach so many 💕🙏 If you’re enjoying our Chakra series & learning how to bring balance and healing to these areas of your life, I would love for you to pass it forward & share the love with your friends! So please tags them below and let’s jump in. 🐝

Our Solar Plexus Chakra, our third centre is located just above our naval and represents;
✨our personal power house,
✨our self-confidence,
✨our self-esteem and will power,
✨our motivation and ambition,
✨our beliefs and value systems,
✨our ability to respect FREE WILL,
✨personal boundaries (ours and the boundaries of others),
✨our motivation,
✨our career,
✨our ability to manifest abundance,
✨and our independence.

So how do we know if our Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced or could use a little TLC?
🐝Balanced ~ You think highly of the person You are & your ability to be successful & abundant in all areas of your life. You have a strong will & a healthy sense of personal power. You are motivated to pursue your goals in a healthy & proactive way that brings joy, success & personal fulfilment”.
🐝Imbalanced – You have low self-esteem & base your self-worth on the opinions of others. You generally feel insecure & unconfident in your abilities to accomplish your goals & dreams, you avoid offering your effort & ideas due to a fear of failing. You tend to seek & need recognition from others to feel appreciated. You feel powerless to build the life that you desire & often settle for less than you know you deserve. You struggle to feel motivated and often feel unfulfilled.

If our solar centre becomes unbalanced, we tend to feel stressed all the time & powerless to gain control, leaving us mentally & physically exhausted. We may have “gut” feelings but are not sure of what or where they come from, contributing to your distress & discomfort.

If any of these triggered something in you don’t worry, Lovely, next we’ll learn simple self-healing exercises to bring you more balance & healing.
~ Kerry. X
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