Tarot Spreads to Balance the Chakras – Sahasrara Chakra

Chakra Tarot Reading - Crown ChakraTarot Chakra Challenge – Final Day!! Have you enjoyed this challenge? What have you discovered about your energy centers, and the associated areas of your life? I’d love to hear from you! .

Today, you are going to be connecting with your Sahasrara, or Crown, Chakra! 👑 Your Crown Chakra, the last Chakra of your 7 main Chakras is represented by a violet or pure white light. Your Crown is located just above your head.

Often referred to as the center of Enlightenment, this Chakra represents;
🌈your connection to the Universe, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom,
🌈your spirituality,
🌈your relationship with our higher self, God, or whatever we feel connected to spiritually,
🌈universal inspiration from outside sources,
🌈your Life/Soul Purpose,
🌈 your Alignment, consciousness and Inner Peace.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the different areas of your life that this center influences, let’s use your Tarot cards to assess and balance this center, and the associated areas of your life!

Shuffle your cards whilst reading over the prompts below. Close your eyes and take a few moments in the quiet to allow yourself to be open to receiving love and guidance from your Divine.

Tarot Spread to balance Crown ChakraOnce you feel that you have connected and are ready to proceed, deal a card in each position. Take a minute to note any immediate impressions that come to you. Then spend some time exploring the messages within.

Card 1 – Card that describes the current state of my Crown Chakra.
Card 2 – I’m what way/s are my life lessons guiding my Higher Purpose and Transformation?
Card 3 – How can I explore (or feel) a deeper connection with the Divine, and Divine Love?
Card 4 – Best way for me to open/balance/heal my Crown?
Card 5 – Outcome of opening/balancing/healing my Crown?

Some of my other favorite tools to use when working on this energy Center:

👑Ylang Ylang eo and Whisper Blend
💗Spirit Quartz And Labradorite crystals
👑Affirmation: I am what I am. Divine Love and Inspiration flow freely through my. I am aligned with my Higher Purpose.

If you have enjoyed this challenge, and would like to learn more about Transpersonal Tarot and Oracle Card Reading, and even become a certified Tarot Reader, click here. I’d lve to chat to you and get you started on your beautiful Transpersonal Tarot journey!

Enjoy! Kerry. Xx

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