Safety. A Base Chakra topic.

Safety-base chakra propertiesLet’s talk Safety.

Feeling safe in our world is a topic that many people struggle with when working with the Base Chakra.

If you’re unsure of the current energetic state of your Base Chakra, ask yourself these questions and (honestly) be aware of how they make you feel:
🔺Do you feel safe in your life?
🔺Do you feel safe in your home?
🔺Do you worry about the safety of your family?
🔺How protected and cared for do you feel, whether by yourself, your significant other or by a Divination that resonates with you?
🔺Are you afraid of anyone or a particular type of situation?
🔺Do you have a home?
🔺Do you have food and water?
🔺Do you have access to sanitation and the things you need for your personal hygiene?
🔺How safe do you feel out in public?
🔺Are you constantly worrying about what “could” happen?
🔺What kinds of thoughts, fears, or emotions come up when you hear the word “Survival”? Do you feel comfortable or uneasy? At peace or threatened?

If any of these questions elicit a negative response in you, spend some time understating why you feel that way and then work to bring healing into that area.

🔺Base Chakra Affirmation: ‘I am grounded. I am connected to my body. I feel safe and secure. I am grounded, stable, and standing on my own two feet. I nurture my body with healthy food, clean water, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature. I am open to possibilities. I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to grow and transform. I trust myself. I love life’. 🙏🏼❤️
~ Love & Light, Kerry.
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