Sacral Chakra: Physical & Energetic Physique

sacral-chakra-ailmentsLast week we learned the basics of the Sacral Chakra, however, imbalances in this centre can manifest as physical and psychological problems.

So how do you know if you have an imbalance in this centre?

Common psychological symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral chakra:
~eating disorders
~ addictions
~ guilt
~ fear
~ insecurity
~ dependency issues (in relationships)
~ low libido, and
~ unbalanced emotions (overly sensitive or completely shut-off from emotions)

Common physical symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral chakra:
~ kidney problems and urinary tract infections
~ chronic lower back pain
~ sexual disorders
~ infertility, gynecological and menstrual issues,
~ dysfunctional menstrual cycles
~problems with the intestines, spleen, and gallbladder

Do you recognise any of these issues in yourself, Lovely?
Well worry not, we all experience these imbalances at one point. Over the next few days we’ll explore some simple self-healing exercises that you can do to bring balance and healing to your Sacral Chakra! Yay!!

Wishing you all a beautiful day!
~Kerry. Xx
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