Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Animals

This sweet little lady, Amelia… Giving me all of the love after a regular Reiki session!

I can’t tell you how incredible it has been to see her transformation. 🐱💕I often share videos of her on my stories, but I’ve never actually posted about her. So, while she lies curled up next to me while I work this morning, I figure it was time.

This sweet little grey tabby went from being a teeny little lap kitten to terrified of every human, loud noise, rustle of a shopping bag, etc., overnight. I still don’t really know what happened to her but after that my heart broke for her. She would hide from everyone, and run away as soon as you entered a room.

About two years ago I started giving her Reiki, from a distance at first and then gradually over time she would let me approach her to give her hand on treatments. Slowly but surely, with regular sessions and consistent reassurance that she was safe and we loved her, she was calming down and would at least not run away from us and hide. It took a little longer for her to trust my hubby and let him stroke her – which makes me think that what ever happened to her involved a male.

Today, after many sessions of Reiki, lots of patience and love, our affectionate little lady is back. 💗 She loves cuddles, talks to us all the time, and if you’re really lucky she even gives little nose ‘boop’s occasionally! 😻🔊Sound on for the sweetest kitty chats with out “MiMoo”. Swipe to see more.

Reiki is incredibly beneficial for animals, and highly successful in treating stress-related issues. Animals are incredibly receptive to the healing energy, and will typically tell you when they’ve had enough, so no guessing how long (or how much) they need!

If you’re interested in learning Reiki so that you can assist your furry friends, I’ve just added a section on it to my Reiki 1, 2 & Advanced Certification Course. Feel free to shoot me an email – – with any questions!

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