Usui Reiki Master Level Certification Course


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Course


When we receive the Usui Reiki Master attunement, we move from the space of being a student into the space of being a teacher. A true master knows that their learning is never complete. Becoming a Reiki Master represents a deep commitment to and respect for the Usui system. By choosing to become a Reiki Master, you are not only showing this dedication to the practice, but you are showing this same dedication and commitment and dedication to your own self-discovery and development.

Once you have completed this course, you will be a certified Reiki Master, in the field of Holistic Arts. This Week Online Usui Reiki Course;
~ is a self-paced Online Course, with printable PDF option
~ Includes weekly OR bi-weekly Skype sessions with myself, Kerry Campbell.
~ Personalised printable certificate of completion stating that you are a have qualified, professional Master attuned to the Usui Reiki method of healing
~ includes Master Attunement, attunements are arranged during the course of study, at a time when I feel that the student is ready, and when the student feels that they are ready. Attunements are not affected by remote/distant performance as they are an exchange of energy and the person does not have to be physically present to receive the attunement.
~  includes tons of online support during your studies,  as well as a private Facebook Student Group Forum!

You must have received your Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced attunements in order to complete the Master course.

Course Enrollment options;
~ Once off payment of R6000 / US$555
~ Two payments of R3000 / US$277.50 over two (2) months
*Please note: a 5% handling fee will be charged when paying via Paypal. ROAR**



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