House Clearing (R.S.A. Only)


House Clearing for houses, townhouses, simplex, flats, or cottages of up to 400Sq M (inside).



As a qualified Reiki Master, I am able to clear the negative energy room by room inside and outside your home or office, removing the bad ki and replacing it with positive, spiritual energy filled with blessings to fill your home and a private safe space to create new lasting memories.

Spiritual energy comes from higher vibrational frequencies or guides and angels that watch over us all the time. Reiki practitioners connect with this good positive spiritual energy and bring it into the home during a spiritual house cleansing. When you ignore the negative energy it allows more negative energy to build up and this can impact all other areas of your life.

Through Reiki, I move positive healing energy through me into the space using Reiki tools, Reiki symbols and other energy healing techniques to get rid of the bad energy and replace it with positive energy bringing about balance in your house. By removing the unfavourable energy, the feelings of being unsettled in your home are removed.

Energetic house and office clearings are offered in Sandton and surrounding areas. Clearings can be booked during the week, mornings only. Only available in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


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