Card Counselling Session – Full Spread


5+ Card Spread Reading


These are spreads that contain 5+ cards and cover a more in-depth and detailed look at the cards, themes, and energies at work.

Some examples of spreads available for this reading option are:

  • Month Ahead Spread – 5 card spread to help you navigate upcoming energies.
  • The Cross – 5 card spread to offer objective guidance on a specific issue.
  • Energetic Pathways spread – 5 card reading designed to highlight the different choices that you have in front of you, as well as their possible likely energetic outcome so that you are able to make empowered and mindful decisions.
  • Health Spread – 5 card spread to assess the overall state of health of your mind, body, spirit, and how you can integrate these energies to work towards a state of overall health, balance, and wellbeing.
  • Romance spread – 5 card spread to assist you in understanding the current or upcoming energies at work in a romantic relationship, what you can do and the possible future outcome.
  • The Fates Spread – 8 card spread designed to help you understand a specific problem or situation; the root of the problem, energies that have influenced it, are currently influencing, possible decisions and possible likely outcomes.
  • Celtic Cross – 10 card spread designed to help you gain a wider perspective of your life; current influences, obstacles, goals, past, present and future energies, fears and possible outcomes.
  • Full Moon Spread – 7 card spread to assist you in identifying energies currently at play in your life, what energies are blocking you, how to overcome these blockages, how to manifest what you want with the new moon cycle, any guidance or advice that you need to know, and future possible outcomes. This is a more detailed version of the 3 card Full Moon spread above.

Note: All readings are done remotely (via distance). You will receive a PDF report with everything that came up in the reading, the findings, guidance, action plans, etc and a high-resolution image of the card/s that were pulled so that you have this to look back on and use the information long after our sessions. Please allow up to 48 hours from payment.


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