Natural Healers Society

Welcome to the Natural Healers Society, a community of South African heart-centered Holistic, Home and Natural Healers who focus on community, natural solutions and empowerment!

Chances are you’re here because you:

  • Are interested in natural alternatives for healing, health, and wellness
  • Are curious about how to start making the switch to a more chemical and toxin-free home
  • Are interested in supporting your emotional, mental and physical needs and wellbeing
  • Are interested in supporting the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of your friends and loved ones
  • Enjoy using holistic tools as part of your daily wellness practices, like crystals, Tarot or Oracle cards, etc.
  • Are familiar with, or interested in learning about, the energy system, like the Aura and Chakras, and are interested in learning more about how they influence your overall health and wellbeing
  • Are interested in possibly getting certified in a Holistic Healing modality, like Crystal Healing or Reiki
  • Are interested in potentially building a Wellness, Spiritual or Holistic-based business
  • Would LOVE to learn more about how you can become a wellness coach or educator
  • Are looking for support on your wellness journey from others who are having similar experiences to you
  • Would like to expand your knowledge of holistic tools, like essential oils, so that you know more ways in which to use your oils effectively and responsibly
  • Are interested in learning how you can earn a residual income to support your business and family, leaving you more time to do the important things!
  • Are looking for a community and space for growth, education, support and training and others who are on the same journey as you!

Being part of the Natural Healers Society means receiving community, real connections, education, training, resources, and a TON of support at every stage of your essential oils, and transformational, journey!

By joining the Natural Healers Society, not only do you get access to the highest quality, pure Essential Oils brand but you also get:

  • access to a growing community of hundreds of men and women who, like you, are on their own journeys of health and wellness
  • a TON of free training and support
  • FREE access to certification courses in a variety of Holistic Healing modalities
  • FREE ’21 Day Smart’ Business Training
  • FREE Social Media Training
  • FREE access to all team ‘secrets’, business training and proven growth strategies, team trainings and masterclasses, online workshops, team resources
  • a MENTOR to support you through your journey, as well as personal connection with established Blue Diamond Leader and Founder of Natural Healers Society
  • the ability to become a MENTOR yourself and offer all of this to every person you enroll into our community!!

How do I join the Natural Healers Society?

Simply reach out to your Mentor, or the person you have been chatting to about our amazing community, and either join as a Wellness Advocate (to be able to build your dream business) or as a Wholesale Customer!